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10 Min Abs Workout to get defined ABS | 3 week weight loss challenge

We have a complete abs workout today. You will feel the burn, but it will be worth it. Now, you are not alone in your fitness journey. Join the rest of the community on Instagram, YouTube, or Discord. The full three-week schedule is on the website at Choleting.com. Well, please, like, follow my channel, turn on notifications, and leave me comments, I would really appreciate it, and let's get started! We have 18 exercises, 20 to 30 seconds of reps, 5 to 10 seconds of rest, Sit on the Mat Fitness We'll start with Krungs and Bikes. Extend with your lower back flat on the mat, then crouch, touching your elbow to your opposite knee. Then repeat on the other side. Remember to engage your abs. Take a short break here. Next we have the reverse crunch, by lifting your hips off the floor using your abs. Then come back down and do a half figure eight with your legs. Next, we have the reverse crunch again and do the same thing on the other side. We basically draw the infinity sign and do the inverse Krang between them. You guys are capable, keep it up! Great job guys! Get into a high plank position. And you're going to lift one leg up like this, and bring it in like this and crunch. Make sure you're engaging your abs, you should feel pressure in your abs. Without any chance of rest here, let's switch to the other leg. You are doing a great job! Now, get into plank position and we'll do plank with hip dips nice and easy, go at your own pace, you'll get stronger over time, like the rest of us! So don't give up! Rest here for a long time, then we have the heel touch and reach. So lie flat on the floor with a bend on your knees. Make sure you engage your abs, press one side of your foot, then the other, then reach yourself forward and do a crunch, take it gently and slowly squeeze your abs, you will feel this in your abs and obliques. Next, raise your knees up, bend your right knee, and keep your left leg as straight as possible. You can reserve a little bend at your knees if you are not flexible. Next, your right elbow touches your left knee, then lower your left leg down, then come back and repeat. You're definitely going to feel the burn with this exercise, so take breaks if you need to. Now to the other side. Keep practicing my loves, you are capable! 10 seconds of rest now, and get into a sitting position, we have figure eight next. Bend back slightly, making sure to keep your back straight and engage your abdominal muscles primarily, then draw a figure 8 with your hands. Start with your legs resting on a mat for 10 seconds, then lift your feet off the ground to make it more challenging. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged the entire time. Great job guys! Now lie flat on the floor and we will do a roll-up or raise yourself like this to the high canoe position. Make sure you use your abs here and keep your back straight when you're in the high boat position. If you can do this exercise, you can also do roll-ups or crunches. We're halfway through the exercise, guys! Just five minutes. Now, flip yourself into a high plank position and tap your opposite knee with your hand. If you need to take a long break, just pause the video, but don't give up! Keep going! Well done! Now sit down and put your hands by your side, we are doing some leg in and out, inhale as you extend your legs out, exhale as you bring your legs in, and engage your abdominal muscles. Only 2 exercises, guys! We have high and low planks, followed by some jump planks. If you want a version with an intense impact, you can combine them at the same time, as we did in the previous exercises. Just take it as necessary. It's totally okay if you need periods of rest too. Great job guys! Now lie on the mat with your knees bent, and we have krangs in a circle shape. Instead of cranking forward, crank the crank in a circular motion, alternating between counterclockwise and clockwise. Four more exercises, guys. The leg drop and stretch is next. Raise your legs up and then lower them slowly. You'll feel this in your abs, bend your knees, lift them again, and repeat. Make sure you don't arch your back here. Keep your back flat on the floor, because you do not want to hurt your lower back. You can do a little crunch to make it easier and not strain your neck. Keep it up guys, we're almost done, now it's time for some fun! We're going to crunch forward, squeeze your abs and bring your elbows toward your knee, and repeat. Make sure you squeeze your abdominal muscles and feel the burn. It's worth it, guys! Okay, flip into high plank position and we have some Spiderman planks. Try to get your knees to touch your elbows, work on your oblique muscles. Just two more workouts, guys! Don't give up! The last exercise is mountain climbers diagonally. It's like mountain climbers, only we bring the knee toward the opposite elbow. Share your abs, and let's get this over with! That's the drill, guys! Do your abs love or hate you now? Leave me comments if you want to shout at me, and make sure you hit like! I'll see you at the next exercise! Goodbye!

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