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hi guys welcome back to my channel so today we'll be targeting the muffin tops and the love handles that a lot of you commented saying you want to get rid of so I'll be including exercises to help you burn the fat and at the same time shape and tighten the area this wacko is only 10 minutes so no excuses let's go let's get ready for our very first exercise off this workout push jump to get our heart pumping and our body warmed up to begin the fat burning processes of the love handles and the muffin top this is basically standing a bike with hopping hands together in front of your chest hop up as you raise your left knee up and at the same time twist your upper body to the left touching your right elbow with your left knee then repeat the same on the opposite side as we hop up and down for every single rep we're alternating size for 45 seconds not only is this a fun exercise to get the fat-burning going it also works the side of your waist and your lower belly every time you crunch them up to raise the knee and twist the body [Music] good work guys first exercise done let's get to our second exercise standing side Bend we'll first start on the right side [Music] hence behind your head raise your right knee to the side as you bend your body also to the right to try to touch a right elbow with right knee here with every single Bend we're squeezing the side of our belly as hard as we can targeting the love handles repeat on the side for 22 seconds and switch side to switch chat is trying to be especially energetic here because you guys said he sounded so dad in my last two workouts also remember to work your core to hold the balance let's keep the burn going [Music] and not the one done take a quick breather and we'll move on to a third exercise same side skater [Music] keeping both knees bent bringing left foot behind you and hop to the left bringing your left leg to the front and your right leg behind you at the same time lean forward to try reach your right foot with your right hand and hop to the left bring your left leg to the front and reaching your left hand to your left alternate between sides for 45 seconds this is another great combination of fat burning together with working the love handles each time we bend down and the faster you hop to each side the more intense the burn will be keep hopping guys we're not stopping almost there [Music] let's lie down on the mat rest a bit good news we don't need to get up for the fourth exercise because it's ankle touch knees bent feet on the floor arms by your side crunch up so that your head neck and shoulders are off the floor then squeeze the right side of your waist as you bend sideways to the right and touch your right ankle with your right hand alternate between sides for 45 seconds focus on crunching your belly and making sure is flat on the floor while you've been to each side to touch the ankles so we can really target getting rid of the love handles here keep it up guys we're almost halfway there [Music] good job portal only six more to go you're doing amazing let's keep it going SIF is plank hip dip get into elbow plank position holding in your belly forming one straight line from head to heel then working your midsection rotate your hip to one side dip your body almost to the floor then keeping your core tight we'll take your hip to the center and then dip to the opposite side keep alternating sides for 45 seconds this is hard I know guys but don't drop to the floor hold it up you can do this this is helping us target the most stubborn muffin tops and love handles so let's push it you know you can do this I know you can [Music] good work see I told you you can do it let's keep the fun going with our sick exercise at 5:00 [Music] lie down on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground your hands behind your head lift your shoulder blades off the ground punching your lower abs bring your right knee in towards your chest and at the same time straighten your left leg out turn your upper body to the right so that your left elbow is touching the right knee off to the side for 45 seconds make sure your whole upper body is moving and not just your elbow so you're working the ABS again our goal here is to finish this exercise and not drop our body down to the mat until the timer is up we can get it done guys no pain no gain if it's burning is working almost there push it [Music] that was such a good burn NIC is cycling hip dip it's not easy but it's going to be worth it so let's get our butt up get into side plank and let's do this [Music] starting on the right side here I'm doing a straight arm side plank but it was too hard you can also do an elbow side plank instead holding your body up by working the side of your abs so that you're forming one straight line from head to toe then drop your hips down to as the ground and lift them right back up into side plank this is super hard but every single hip dip is giving our love handle and intense burn so keep pushing only a couple more seconds to go remember what you are here for [Music] and we got another one done next one that we can sit back down on the mat for Russian – its punch [Music] hips and knees bent hands together in front off your chest punch you're apt to lift your legs off the floor then work the side of your waist to twist your torso to one side as you punch your outer arm out then twist your torso to the other side and punch alternate between sides for 45 seconds only less than three minutes ago the harder you punch the more it burns and remember to keep your legs off the floor the whole time so you're working both the side and also the lower part of the muffin top push it and stay strong guys it's too late to quit now so let's finish it strong [Music] all right here we go the ninth exercise already site crunch [Music] lie back down on your back bend both knees listen turn out your right leg so that your right ankle is resting on your left leg just above your knee fingers behind your head and lift your shoulder blades off the floor punching your belly especially decides to twist your torso towards the right so that your left elbow touches your right knee we're so so close to the end and we're absolutely killing it so far so keep working and burning the love handles [Music] and finally we're on to a very last exercise one of the best fat-burning cardio exercises while targeting the love handles first start in the high plank position jump both feet up with your right foot bending forward placing it next to your right hand and left leg extended at the back this is one breath jump and alternate between sides for 45 seconds I'm absolutely dying right here seriously guys I want to quit so badly but I'm not going to because we made a commitment to start this workout and we're going to get it done push your hardest and get a few more reps in giving up it's not an option you can do this I'm together with you every single rep [Music] Oh God that was tough I – 10 MIN GET RID OF SIDE BELLY FAT: LOVE HANDLES + MUFFIN TOP WORKOUT

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