Weight Loss at Home Easy


You can do all of these exercises while sitting on the sofa or chair. They are perfect for days when you feel lazy and just want to watch TV before we start. Subscribe to the channel for more fun exercises to come. Are you ready? To begin, there are 10 exercises, each exercise lasts 45 seconds, and there are 15 seconds between each exercise. As a rest, you can do it while sitting on the sofa while watching TV or in the office chair during a work break. I will talk less and let you enjoy your time… The first exercise is arm circle. Rotate your arms in External circles to the side and then change the direction of rotation while returning your arms to the center. The second exercise is to pray up and down. Bring your palms and forearms together. Raise it as high as possible while keeping your forearms together and lower them back to your chest. Third, arm fly movement: Extend the arms straight out to the side as if you were flying like a bird. Lower it slowly and then raise it quickly Fourth Punches Strike as far forward as possible – one arm followed by another, then to the side, to the center and to the other side. Powerful and powerful punches for maximum burning in the arms Fifth is 90 degree rotation Move your arm to the side at a 90 degree angle pointing towards the sky. Rotate it down and up while maintaining a 90 degree angle. Sixth is pushing to the side. Imagine that you are pushing two heavy doors open to the side. Push with as much force and force as possible. The seventh is the tricep chop. Bend the arms back and hands together and then forward. We're not slouching here. Challenge yourself to slice each round with greater force. Eighth: Elbow raises. Raise your elbows out to the side and as high as possible. The ninth exercise is called opening the curtain. Funny name, but we do exactly that hand in hand together, palms facing out, then push to the side in a semicircle as if you were opening a curtain Push until your arms can't move back, feeling pressure in your shoulder blades The final exercise is a tricep dip . You know, we always save the best burn for last. Place your hands on the edge of a chair or sofa. Lie up and then bend your arms to lower your body toward the floor. Exercise your triceps, behind your arms, to push yourself back. Try not to rely on your legs to push yourself up. We want to focus the burns in our arms almost finished, no pain no gain. Let's finish this strong and we're done. Shake your arms out, stretch them out Well done on getting this arm session done during TV or break time You can repeat it for more burn and come back here anytime you want Enjoy the rest of your TV show and I'll see you again soon

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