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10 MIN STANDING ABS WORKOUT | Get Ab Lines & Slim Waist ~ Emi

Hello, I'm Amy. Many of you have requested a standing exercise video since the last video I posted two years ago, so I decided it was the right time to make a new video. The best of these exercises target our muscles from all sides and sculpt our waist. All of these exercises are friendly to the back and neck, in addition to not needing equipment. And the yoga mat, and if you are ready to do the exercises, let's do 10 exercises with one rebound at the end. If you want a challenge, the first exercise is the “at-band”, which moves the upper body to the side and works to tighten the side abdominal muscles. It is a little difficult to lift the trunk up. Change direction after 30 seconds. Three, two, one. Change direction. Be very vigilant in using your muscles in the movements of these exercises. Mind-body connection. The second exercise is “torso twist,” or torso twisting. Twist your body to the side and feel a great stretch in the side of your abdomen. It also becomes energized. Your abdominal muscles: Tighten your abdominal muscles when you move your torso to the middle. Make sure you do the exercises in the correct area. It will make a big difference to the effectiveness of the exercises. The third exercise is “Knee Raise Twist Touch” or touching the elbow to the side. Exercise the lower abdominal muscles to raise one knee up, and squeeze the side abdominal muscles to twist your torso towards the side of the raised knee. Then raise your straight leg while hitting the muscles. The abdomen by touching your toes. After 30 seconds, three, two, one, change direction. The next exercise is “side to side chop.” Or move from one side to the other. Move down and tighten your abdominal muscles, then draw a large semicircle using your hands and feel a stretch in your side abdominal muscles. The next exercise, “Side Crunch To Leg Rise,” is the side abdominal press with leg lift. Tighten your side abdominal muscles, raise your elbow and knee up, and touch your hands to the side. Then contract your abdominal muscles again as you raise your body straight up, then switch legs after 30 seconds. Three, two. One, change direction. We are halfway through. The next exercise is “ab bike.” Tighten your muscles and imagine that someone punched you in the stomach. You are doing well. Keep working. The next exercise is “front cake” or the front kick. We target our lower abdominal muscles, which work to bring them to the front part of each kick other than the side. After 30 seconds, three, two, one, change the direction. The next exercise, “chair sit twist” or sitting from the side, tightens The muscles of the middle region and tighten the side abdominal muscles while rotating from side to side, in a slower manner. The next exercise is “leg back knee rais” or raise the foot back. The arms and legs are up so that your body is in one straight line. Hold your fist firmly to maintain balance, then use your lower abdominal muscles. To bring your knee forward as you stand back hold on that side for 30 seconds and then change direction three, two, one, change direction You guys didn't come this way to leave now. Be patient for the last exercise, “squat side crunch” or side squats. Open your feet in a squat position like a sumo, bend your torso to the side, squeeze the side abdominal muscles and return to the middle. You should feel the burn not only in the side abdominal muscles but also in our thighs, without pain. Win and we're done but if you still want more, here's an added bonus for the side jump Twist your torso by working your side abs and the rope on every lap Remember that cardio is also very important so the muscles are visible Let's smash it all the way to the finish line I'm so proud With you. If you are still here with me, give your best because you are the best What an achievement to remember Success is for those who are willing to work hard, be patient and never give up Thank you for working hard with me today Subscribe and share this with your friends and family so we can help and support each other in This trip. see you soon

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