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10 Min Standing Abs Workout – No Planks!

Hey everyone! We have a 10 minute standing ab workout today. The end of the sport is a little different and the end is very good. Please click like and leave me comments and let's get into the exercises, and let's get started! We have 13 standing abdominal exercises, 40 seconds of exercise, and five to 10 seconds of rest in between. Stop straight and we will start with knee to elbow. Raise your right knee, touching the reverse elbow. Try to engage and contract your abdominal muscles well and work them in the correct condition. There is no rest here, we move to the top of the knees. Raise your knee to hip level as quickly as possible. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles as well. 10 seconds of rest now, and we have the next movement, which is the wood chipper. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted and your back straight. Get into a squat position and then rotate your hands to the right side. When you come back up, rotate your torso to the other side while raising your hands above. Short rest. Here we will do the same thing on the other side. Great job my friends! 10 seconds of rest and we have single leg raises and sprints. Bend alone from the knee with one leg extended, bring the extended leg to your chest level and engage your abdominal muscles well. A short break here and we will move to the second leg. Take a short break to rest. And finger touching is next. We are in the middle of the exercise, my friends! Raise one of your legs and try to touch your foot with your hand and try to keep your abdominal muscles contracted. A short break here and we have the twisting jumps. Rotate your torso to the sides as you move your legs back and forth. For a low-impact movement, just consider it and do it nice and slow. 10 seconds of rest and balancing movement. The warrior is next. Push your hips back while you raise your leg. Try to engage your abdominal muscles and keep your back straight. And try to keep a little bend on your knee. Then come back and repeat the short break, and we will do the same thing on the second leg. Just three more exercises after this, my friends, you are capable and keep exercising. Great work, my dears. Take a break and rest. We have leg raises and bends. Next, lift one leg to touch the elbow. Take it nice and slow and focus on your abdominal muscles. Short break and we will move to the second leg. Rest. We have one. Another exercise. The last exercise for this sport is the knee to the elbow. Lift your knee, touch the opposite elbow and we're done! This is the exercise, guys! I hope you enjoyed this quick exercise. Please send me comments, say hello, and write me comments so I know what you want from the following videos. Click like and I will see you in the next exercise. Goodbye!

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