10 Minute Standing Abs Workout: BURN BELLY FAT FOR SMALL WAIST | No Mat Required

Ten minutes, standing to train abdominal muscles 1. Czech jump 2. Standing and turning to the left for abdominal crunches 3. Standing and turning to the right for abdominal muscles 4. Kick from all sides 5. Touch the right elbow to the knee 6. Touch the left elbow to the knee 7. Touch the toes Head 8. Come down on the right side 9. Come down on the left side 10. Raise your knees Hi everyone, I am Emi. Welcome to my channel. I am not at home today. I came to the beautiful Sri Lanka with my boyfriend Chad. If you want to see My travel vlog, is the link here or here? I didn’t know that this morning I was going to do a 10-minute standing exercise to train abdominal muscles. This is an exercise that many people responded to and hoped that I could film it. I know that many people want to train their abdominal muscles, but maybe you don’t want to lie down because of space constraints. on the ground! In fact, this exercise was the most painful exercise for me! Especially the internal oblique muscles will be very sore. Chad's sneezing disturbed me. I have to sneeze again. The air conditioner should be turned down. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Do you hope your waist can be reduced? Then you have to work very hard. This time you have to pay great attention to the part that uses the abdominal muscles. The entire exercise must be done with abdominal curls, so that the abdominal muscles can be trained! Are you ready? let's start! Because we were traveling, we didn’t bring a big tripod. This is the tripod we created! The coffee table and then the chair on it, then my laptop, my book and my notebook, we put the camera on it with a small tripod, stand and do abdominal muscles for ten minutes, ten exercises, 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds. Okay, we Use Czech jumps to warm up the whole body. This will also speed up blood circulation and heartbeat, which will help the next exercise to burn fat better. First, stand with your feet together, hands on the sides of your body, and jump up. Moving outwards, raise your hands to your head and jump back to the center with your feet, and bring your hands down to the sides of your body. This counts as one time. Continue for 45 seconds. Jump higher and faster, and you will have better exercise effects. Your heartbeat will speed up, and your breathing will also become faster. You should start to sweat a little, come on! The next exercise is called standing crunches. We first practice the left foot with shoulder width, put the hands behind the head to tighten the abdominal muscles, then lift the left knee, and turn the upper body to the left at the same time, much like you want to make the left Your knee and right elbow touch (you don’t have to actually touch). This counts as one repetition. Repeat this action for 45 seconds. Be very focused on using your left abdominal muscles. Tighten your abdominal muscles in every action. You should feel a little bit. The next exercise is to do standing crunches, but we practice the right side so that both sides of the abdominal muscles will be trained. This time, the right knee should be raised and the upper body should be turned to the right as if the right knee is touching the left elbow (no need to really Encounter) The speed of this exercise is not important. The key point is that every time you lift your knees, you must tighten your abdominal muscles. This action will make your waist beautiful. Come on! You are really great. Let’s take a break and then let’s do the fourth exercise, the four-sided kick. The starting position is a squat. Stand with your feet a little wider than your shoulders, your toes pointed outwards, your hands on your chest, and your weight on the left side first. Tighten the abdominal muscles of the legs, kick the right leg forward, return the right foot to the ground first, and then kick to the right. Every time you kick, the abdominal muscles must tighten and put the weight of the body on the right leg. Now kick the left leg forward and then Kick your abdominal muscles to the left, tighten them, and kick them hard. This will burn more belly fat and make your abdominal muscles beautiful. I have completed another exercise. The fifth exercise is called elbow touching knees. This time we will start with the right side first. The posture is the same as in today's second exercise. Stand up straight, put your hands behind your head and lift your right knee to the right. At the same time, bend your upper body to the right and try to make your right elbow touch your right knee. At the same time, push your right abdomen very hard. Tightening the oblique muscles counts as one time. Repeat for 45 seconds. Continue to curl up the abdominal muscles. Soreness means that it is useful and it is half done. There are only five minutes left. Next, we repeat the same action, just switch to the left side! Remember, speed is not important, take your time. The most important thing is to control your body well. Make sure that the internal oblique muscles feel sore. Six are completed, and there are four exercises left! The seventh exercise is called touching your toes. The starting position is the same. Put your hands behind your head and tighten your abdominal muscles. Kick your left leg forward to 90 degrees. At the same time, lower your right hand so that your fingers touch your left toes. Try your best with your hands and legs. Keep it upright, bend your knees a little, and continue breathing from left to right for 45 seconds. Continue to use the muscles in the center. Come on, don't give up! Continue to train your abdominal muscles. Soreness means it is useful. The eighth exercise is called side down. We must especially let the internal oblique muscles burn slowly! The starting position is the same. With the hands behind the head, we will practice the right side first. Stand straight with the upper body and slowly bend to the right and return to standing. This counts as one time. You can see that my movements are very slow. I will count at least 2-3 every time. It takes me seconds to stand upright so that I can focus on training the internal oblique muscles and let these muscles burn slowly. Repeat for 45 seconds. There are only two minutes left. Don’t give up! Want to have a happy ending. The ninth exercise is the same as the eighth one, just change to the left side. Remember to count 2-3 seconds when bending your upper body before you can stand up straight. Come on, it’s almost over, don’t give up at this time! The ninth exercise is completed. The last knee raise will not only train the abdominal muscles, it is also a full-body aerobic exercise. Put your elbows on both sides of the body, palms down and start running on the spot. Raise the right knee to touch the right one. After the leg on the right side of the palm goes down, the left knee should come up to touch the left palm and continue running in place. Try to run as fast as possible. The faster you run, the harder your abdominal muscles are contracted and the more calories you burn, and the fat in your belly will also be burned. Burn more and don’t give up, it’s almost over, I can continue to represent you and so can you! Success! Thank you for staying with me until the end. We never gave up. You are great. You will feel sore tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but now you have to do Lajin. If you want to spend 10 minutes to do a complete Lajin, you can click on my Lajin video. I hope you can If you like this campaign, don't forget to like and subscribe, and be sure to press the button next to it so you don't miss my new video. See you next time!

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