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12 MIN Standing NO JUMP Full Body Workout | BEST Exercises on PERIOD!

Hello, hello, everyone~ Today to share a situation full of body fat burning exercise, no running, the jumping movement is simple and effective, our girls' physiology can do what we do first warm-up feet apart wide shoulder to chest and abdomen with toe for To turn the left and right sides of the body well again, look at the shoulder and arm activities clockwise at 12 (or so) well and then turn in the opposite direction at 12 (or so) well, let's stand up our leg and tighten the strength of the buttocks to maintain balance The body is in the knee, not only striving for speed of movement but working a little slower can lead to slowly changing to the other side to do the same action today we are practicing this sport there are two important points to consider which are the chest and the abdomen and the second is the first time the force of exhalation is reduced To relax when we do a good suction of the side leg note the bengzi toes knees fight straight but not hyperextend the legs as much as possible the tanto and abdomen should raise their strength together to keep the body balanced and good rest for 10 seconds to complete the movement move to the other side do the same chest and abdomen try to raise the legs You feel a sense of strength and this procedure can erase a slim tummy as well as improve the shape of your buttocks and rest for 15 seconds, the movement does not work and jump rope if your body allows it (not physiological) jumps can burn fat so the heels will be better should always touch the ground push a ball Your foot off the ground and then straighten your front leg you should feel some pain after this muscle strengthening improves our flat foot which enhances the stability of the ankle ability to jump and good rest for 15 seconds and then we do a step when you do the process of reducing the inhale from the clap, if your condition Physical allows (not physiological), there are certain sports foundations, then you can jump and do a jumping movement that will be more effective as the fat burning arm should be straight at the head above the clap clap when it starts to feel sore arm is not on hold Don't give up Come on! Okay, let's do the rest 15 seconds of the side arm to release the shoulder during the next stance, reducing the open arms and the recovery force when the knees of the elbows sit behind a folder to guide the toes when the squat pushes the hand movements and who can't squat notice the arm over the fingers when stepping back to the side from the elbow But not to force the body to cut this procedure in addition to the thin arm outside Tuntui can also correct the kyphosis Hanxiong good rest for 15 seconds and then we do the arm flexion and extension in Garden Hills the run the upper arm perpendicular to the ground to keep the center of gravity near the ear And the side of the lower body, feeling nervous to fall forefoot, toe heel, be fully aware of the process when raising the arm can be very thin thick flat feet in the ankles and improve leg edema problems, we come to insist on work to do some cutting can ensure the living Rest well for 15 seconds and then do a dip step before squatting Add a kick to the dip when some of these steps can be large for the front leg The knee does not go beyond the toe thus reducing knee pressure at the knee Protect the knee leg Squat dip Do not touch the ground 10 seconds of rest well for a change For the other side, notice that the same process is the buttocks are tightened and the abdomen is contracted forward. The kicking force that can help us maintain a good balance. From a good rest for 15 seconds, we return to do a high leg movement if physical conditions allow (other than menstruation), there are certain sports foundations , Then you can do a high jump Jumping leg movement will be more effective in burning fat Back straight and try to raise the legs and toes, pointed points to close the Tuntui Lift the legs to the ground while breathing hard To accomplish the action, let's clap the hand and rotate the foot around the movement before the foot of the body fat the foot With the hands clap the hands to the body when the body is restored on both sides of the chest and abdomen to the arms and legs straight and the toes should be tightened on the buttocks and legs with support force to maintain the balance of our body the legs should be kept either from the front or back plate of the body to the body plating of the body and then return to restore the precursors straight And forcing it to rest well for 10 seconds to change to the other side while doing the same attention in the legs at the circle should remain straight but not hyperextended knee and toes point to the action, are we coming there already completed more than half of the remaining three actions Come! A good rest for 15 seconds and then we exercise the back side and the arm straight to the point no need to hunch the lower abdomen to tighten the arms and legs you should always maintain a tense and forced state now if you are really tired then I can't squat, do arm movements like a good rest for 15 Second, then we make a punch distance between the outer legs and squat movement The squat arm circle is as large as some knee should be aligned to open the second and third toe at the same time do not exceed the toes so as not to hurt the squat knee remains unchanged Well, let's turn the opposite direction with a movement Good for the arm and final work today on the single leg dead lift we have to stick to get to the end of the upper body forward. Tighten diaphragmatic breathing while raising the back side of the leg If you are now in menstruation, the back side of the legs does not lift high so that it always keeps the pelvis above our legs to avoid tilting the pelvis down If you are standing still unstable, then we can hand over a chair to sit and restore your breathing again

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