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15-DAY BURN FULL BODY FAT | 20 min HIIT with No Jumping Options ~ Emi

Hi i'm Emi today we are on for a 20 minutes full body fat burning HIIT workout targeting every single part of our body there will also be no jumping options available So choose what works for you. what you'll get out from this workout is fun, sweat. burn And the feeling that you achieve something great for yourself and that you're another step closer to your goals Before we get started a lot of you asked what I eat or drink before and after my workout So today i'm going to show you guys one of my favorite favorite healthy choices. Nestle fitness high fibro snacks and smoothies They're all made with whole grains. So very rich in dietary fiber great for digestion I love a refreshing healthy smoothie before my morning workout. So these nestle fitness high fiber plant-based Smoothies are perfect two superfood flavors Depending on how you feel that day brown rice turmeric and red pearl barley walnut. Turmeric is very popular because of its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits well red pearl barley may help regulate appetite improve skin tone and reduce swelling both are super yummy great sources of calcium low in calories and sugar and with several percent cholesterol After a workout, I would reward myself with some guilt-free fitness toasties and nuts These phenotosis are made with four whole grains oat wheat corn and rice They're so crunchy But not oil fried which has much lower calories when compared to other chips And all are made with natural ingredients with three flavors in total, honey Mustard tomato and herbs and parmesan cheese and garlic each pack has less than 130 kilocalories Plus the same amount of fiber as one banana. My personal favorite is parmesan cheese and garlic must try My favorite is honey mustard Last but not least these fitness nut mixes are so convenient when you're on the go each pack has some salted almonds and salted peanuts oatmeal raisin cookies and crunchy quinoa coated with chocolate again Everything is not overfried and you get so many different tastes and textures in one pack Plus it makes you feel full for a longer period of time and therefore help with weight management You don't want to miss out on these delicious check healthy. Check. What more can you ask for? They have become my recent obsession and I definitely recommend you to try as well Alright i'm going to finish up my smoothie and let's get ready for the workout 24 exercises divided into three rounds Each exercise 40 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between first exercise is knee tap Three reps each side and switch I'm glad you came for a while. I thought you might be bailing. Is that the same yellow shirt you used to wear? But a thousand years seem like almost no time now This guitar right here, do you still remember how I played for you. I was crappy, but you sang along and i thought you knew Second is cross mountain climber or you can choose the no jump option Exercise no pain, no gain effort is a choice. It's up to you How much work you're putting in towards your goals if you want it bad get it Tonight we can get back agian Third is set up to hip raise It's 5 30 a.m Tonight we can get back Fourth exercise is fly squad with no jumping option available Yes, it burns it is through the struggle that we grow and become better, stronger give me time to give it all to you, give it all to you Fifth is four point commander leg lift Exercise tighten your core try your best to sway as little as possible from side to side Let me give it all to you I've been fighting everything you'll be Sixth exercise is scissors up out of my head Work your lower abs we're not dropping our legs to the ground until the timer is up why dont you give me time to give it all to you, give it all to you Let me give it up to you let me give it all to you Seventh is push up to superman give it all to you, yeah Between don't don't cry about it. Don't don't cry about it You want me to take you in my trust? Last exercise of this round before 20 seconds rest eight is knee up jog Exercise Keep smashing this workout make the most out of each rep cry about it. Don't go cry about it Rest for 20 seconds and get ready for the second round. We're starting with burpee and squad with no jumping options No success comes easy Most people only do what feels comfortable at the moment but those who are willing to push through the discomfort Are the few who make it in life your life your choice There's nothing new in this game 10th spider-man plank hip dip Stay focused keep your core and appetite Cause you eleventh is we up and down Embrace the burn in the belly appreciate it. We're earning it Keep trying keep challenging what your body can achieve every rep makes you greater than you already were 12th is gator with windmill squad as no jumping option Exercise We're halfway through this workout We did all that by ourselves and came so far already stay committed to finishing this workout stronger and better than when we started 13 back to knee tap Exercise we did this once already now. It's a time to push and excel Hoping that my heart would give me a sign Feels like we're both keeping secrets tonight Do you want me to stay or do you want me to go 14th cross mountain climber Trying to figure out Every drop of sweat is a victory towards a better version of yourself. Keep it going 15th is set up to hip raise Exercise keeping me safe and sound and when I fall You tied a rope to me You're blessing me every day I was down with an illusion Like a sparrow with broken wings But now I shine with your reflection on me i'm getting back Myself last one for this round fly squad Set me free You got this push your limits 20 seconds of rest coming real soon Rest and mentally prepare yourself to make the final round off this workout the best round yet starting with knee up jump Set me free Point commander leg left Exercise tighten your abs and core. You are in all this control I wanna show you Dress 19th is scissors up It's tough I know but i'm here with you every rep till the end We're so much stronger than we think keep the fire going maximize your potential that you yourself might not even be aware Is of the same yellow shirt you used to wear But a thousand years seem like almost no time now This guitar right here do you still remember Twentieth is push up to superman I don't need to go over old and useless words What you said what I said that might have made it worse We're here again at the same spot where we kissed the first time I swear my 21st is gatorade Oh Visualize your goals and push all the excuses and complaints out of your head 20 seconds spiderman plank hip dip. I don't need to go over old and useless Exercise Though we haven't spoken to get me to open 23rd be up and down We're so close to the end this is the time to pull out whatever we got and give it our all Um Final exercise burpee and squat I know you got more challenge yourself to go faster ask yourself How many percent of effort you're giving right now? Pu – 15-DAY BURN FULL BODY FAT | 20 min HIIT with No Jumping Options ~ Emi

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