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15 DAYS INNER THIGH BURN (10 min No Jumping Workout) #EmiTransform

Hi, I'm Emi and I know you love thigh burners. Today, we will try to get an inner thigh burn. But we will do 10 effective exercises to focus burns in the stubborn area. And if you're ready, let's go through ten exercises 45 seconds each 15 seconds rest in between the first exercise we activate the burn with inner leg lifts working our right leg first lie on your right elbow to support your torso up across your left leg over your right plant it in front work your inner thigh to lift your right leg Up and down without dropping it on the floor keep passing your right leg and start feeling the burn in your right and thigh you get it right keep working for just 20 seconds The second exercise is to raise the inner thigh of the left leg the same movement this time. We focus the burns on the left and thigh and left 15 seconds from your sight began to feel pain. This means that this exercise works with no pain and no gain Yes, the third exercises go into all fours because the leg rainbow works our right leg first Extend the right leg straight out to the side and then draw a semicircle to bring it to the opposite side as much as possible Focus on using your inner thigh for the movement And continue on this side for 22 seconds and switch three two key one The fourth exercise is the fire hydrant pulse Keep your legs bent at a 90 degree angle Lift one leg to the side Pulse it up and down without touching the floor, making sure to work your inner thigh for each lift key after two seconds. Three Two One Key The fifth is the leg split It looks funny but it is very effective for the inner thigh Simple and straight Their legs towards the sky Keep them straight and slowly split them to the side as much as possible Bring them back together Everyone's flexibility is different. So don't worry about how wide your split is – your burn and inner thighs should be intensified halfway through. The next day, we're standing leg raises [Music] Shift your weight to one leg and lift the other as high as you can by working your inner thigh Hold to the side for 22 seconds and switch [Music] Three Two Key One Seven is a zigzag exercise that's one of the best exercises to target your thighs Step back and toward the opposite side so that your volume sinks by bending the knees. Return to standing on the side for 45 seconds. No need to lunge. Slow and fast. Make sure you feel your inner thigh for each rep. If you feel that burning is not enough. Don't worry the best is yet to come Seven down Three just more to go Eight is the pulse of the sumo squat to take your inner thigh burn to the next level and the sound [MUSIC] Legs wide apart with toes apart pointing to position your butt back and down until your thighs are parallel Tight floor core up to Pulse up and down without stopping up keep going. You should 100% feel the burn by now, let him do the work. That's what we're here for Hang on There's just ten more seconds to go get this done Nine is a side lunge. The legs are spaced just like the previous exercise this time they're sitting on one side by bending the leg and extending the other alternate sides We're almost done with the push out for maximum burn The tenth is the sumo squat, you know, we always save the best for last Same leg squat position Sumo squat wide So with the squat down so the size is parallel to the floor but this time instead of pulsing up and down, we're just holding it here to let our inner side burn we're not getting down to the floor and we're not standing up the last 20 seconds of this coming out do it yourself no one can take away the hot work What you do and the results you get Let your body surprise you with the power it can take as little as 10 seconds. Keep up the good work and we've extended it before you go Enjoy your inner pride until the next Subscribe and turn on notification for more effective home workouts in the future. see you soon!

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