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15 MIN BODY COMBAT FAT BURN WORKOUT ft. Thai Kickboxing Champion Tin Yu

hi guys i'm emmy and today's workout we're adding in some muay thai elements for a great pepper and i have invited my guests with us today the hong kong champion hello foreign there will be 30 exercises 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between there will be longer rests and between sets first we're starting with a little warm-up punches exercise one leg in front twist your torso to punch your arm out alternate arms [Music] second left push kick [Music] exercise put your weight on the right leg kick your left leg out for each wrap as you swing your left arm down [Music] [Applause] [Music] third other side [Music] exercise this time put the weight on your left foot kick forward with your right leg swinging the right arm down stay focused you got this circus but you don't get that courage [Music] fourth hop and punch left side first [Music] exercise legs apart left foot pointing to the left side and right foot towards the front punch left arm out as you hop towards the left right fist defending yourself in front off your chin keep the same energy work on being better [Music] this time we're punching and hopping to the right there will be 20 seconds rest after this [Music] rest rest for 20 seconds next we're back to punches i seem to get it right another heart attack once that we can take back we exercise we have done this before we got the practice this round we're doing it better and stronger [Applause] rest seventh left push kick [Music] exercise remind yourself of your goals nothing is impossible with hard work and determination let's go [Applause] [Music] rest right push kick [Music] exercise other side each cake strong and powerful [Music] [Music] laptop and punch [Music] exercise punch out all the negative energy frustration and stress it's you against yourself in this combat [Music] [Music] last one in the set hang in there we're here with you every single rep there will be 30 seconds rest after this [Music] rest for 30 seconds and get ready for a brand new set starting with me up [Music] exercise lean slightly backward punching your abs to lift right knee up as you swing your right arm down [Music] at the lake [Music] exercise lift left knee up as you swing your left arm down lean slightly backward core tight [Music] [Music] burpee punch exercise jump your feet back into high plank core tight jump forward towards your hands stand up for four punches [Music] cross hook and cake exercise left foot forward right foot back left punch right punch followed by left hook with elbow in 90 degree angle then kick your right leg out as you bring right arm down [Music] 15 left cross hook and kick [Music] exercise right punch left hook right punch again followed by left cake with left arm down last one in this set before 20 seconds rest give your best try rest rest for 20 seconds 16 we're back to right knee up [Music] great job you're killing us so far [Music] oh [Music] rest 17 other side [Music] exercise keep it up we're more than halfway through this workout [Music] [Applause] [Music] rest 18 burpee punch [Music] the best full body fat burn once you get the hang of it you can go faster [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] cross hook and cake [Music] exercise punch left punch right forward left hook kick your right leg out right arm down we're getting better and closer to our goals with each wrap [Music] left cross hook and kick this requires focus balance and strength stay strong till the timer rings and we'll get 30 seconds rest [Music] enjoy your long rest before we begin the last third of our workout get down onto the floor for sit up punch [Music] careful don't pull the cord all away no time [Music] crunch your abs to sit up followed by four punches lie down and get back up for another rep keep going [Music] mountain climber [Music] exercise in high plank tighten your core and bring your knee in one at a time towards your chest go faster imagine you're climbing up a mountain and it's time to race [Music] rest 23rd get up for punch and elbow [Music] exercise punch left arm out then right followed by a left elbow strike then right but you don't [Music] 24th left hop cake [Music] [Applause] exercise this is similar to the push cake that we did before but this time we're adding in a hulk with the right leg for every left leg kick remember to also bring your left arm down [Music] rest 25th right hop cake [Music] exercise this is tough i know but we're not quitters keep pushing till the end 20 seconds rest coming real soon [Music] rest rest and get ready for final set back to set up punch next set a [Music] another punch attack words that we can't take back we are the reason opposites attract exercise engage your core focus on crunching your abs for each setup don't forget to punch [Music] [Applause] [Music] rest 27 mountain climbers [Music] exercise you're feeling the fatigue us too but this is how we challenge ourselves [Applause] [Music] punch an elbow [Music] exercise punch heart maximize the burn [Music] let's hop cake [Music] we did not come this far to start slacking now imagine your opponent in front let's aim for the wind [Music] final exercise right hotcake [Music] exercise we are so so close to the end pop and cake all the way to the finish line [Applause] [Music] and we are done you absolutely killed it today you are 100 champion in this combat take this win with you for more wins throughout the day come back again any time for a good full body burn with us and i'll see you again very soon – 15 MIN BODY COMBAT FAT BURN WORKOUT ft. Thai Kickboxing Champion Tin Yu

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