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15 min Boob Lift Workout – Firm and Lift Your Chest Naturally ~ Emi

foreign exercises 50 seconds each with 10 seconds transition in between first exercise chest open and close [Music] exercise bring your arms out to the side as if drawing a half circle squeeze your shoulder blades together then arm together in front squeezing your chest together [Music] slow and controlled focus on the squeeze on each rep [Music] second exercise prayer up down exercise four arms together bringing them up and down keep squeezing the chest [Music] when I'm with you I feel so much [Music] 15 seconds [Music] third prayer open and close [Music] exercise [Music] [Music] like a perfect melody [Music] fourth High plank walk foreign core tight Pat to heel in one straight line walk your hands from side to side keep tightening the chest and back [Music] [Music] [Music] fifth single knee push-ups foreign engage your chest for each push-up we'll change legs in 25 seconds [Music] [Applause] [Music] three two one other [Music] [Applause] legs you are killing it keep up the great work [Music] [Music] rest next site plank rotation [Music] exercise rotate to each side bring one arm up open your chest for side plank just [Music] she's acting drama [Music] 10 seconds almost there [Music] seven back squeeze [Music] thank you exercise bring your elbows back chest up as you squeeze your shoulder blades together [Music] 20 seconds you got this down down [Music] eighth we're getting back out with square up down [Music] exercise hold your elbows to form a square bring them up and down as you feel the pull-up sensation in your chest foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] tap your elbows together on top and Below while squeezing and tightening the chest area [Music] baby can choose [Music] [Music] tenth overhead press the front [Music] exercise hands together behind your head bring your fist to the front keep squeezing the chest [Music] foreign [Music] I just wanna know what you're thinking [Music] choosing you and me [Music] eleventh chest squeeze [Music] exercise yep it's as simple as it looks come together just keep squeezing [Music] sounds [Music] 20 seconds [Music] [Music] contrast 12th plank walkout [Music] in your abs maintain a straight line from head to heel walk your hands out to the front and back Edge [Music] [Music] we have come too far to give up now hang in there [Music] [Music] 13th white knee push-up [Music] exercise hands wide apart to focus on engaging the chest area for every rep I've been fighting everything you say you're stronger than you think push it through [Music] cause everything you'll be is changing me and I can't seem to get you out of my head out of my head 14 dumbbell front raise [Music] dumbbells are optional you can also replace with water bottles or just use body weight Palms facing up bring the weight up to shoulder level engaging the chest area [Music] final exercise already dumbbell chest presses exercise what the chest every time you press up [Music] would you give me time [Music] foreign [Music] good job for getting this workout done stretch it out before you go and I'll see you again very soon [Music] – 15 min Boob Lift Workout – Firm and Lift Your Chest Naturally ~ Emi

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