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15 min No Jumping Booty Workout! Get Rid of Cellulite + Toning

we're supposed to be writing with me life goes by fastly slow down we got older where did it go now back in time hi guys welcome back to my channel so today it's another super highly requested video you guys want to grow your booty without growing your thigh you want no equipment no jumping and sub same minutes long so here you go this is actually one of my personal favorite workout because my main goal right now is actually to grow my booty I have the Asians flat booty Jean my butt was non-existent before and even now it's not like a Kim Kardashian but still I'm very happy with my progress and I thought I would share my workout routine with you guys and this workout you would hear me keep repeating squeeze booty squeeze hard because that's actually the key to target the glute muscles in this exercises there will be 15 exercises in this workout but I'll also show you guys two more advanced move by the end of this video if you're interested all right if you're ready let's go like chess head let's get ready to work our booty we're first starting with my favorite and also the classic booty exercise good bridge [Music] lie on the mat knees bent and feet flat on the ground your arms at the side with palms down engaging the glute muscles lift your hips off the ground as high as you can squeeze your booty hard for a few seconds at the top but remember to keep your abs drawn and so you don't overextend your back then lower your butt back down to lightly touch the floor and immediately lift it back up to the bridge position to keep the tension in the muscles if you're not feeling the burn squeeze your booty harder let's set a goal to make this workout count [Music] first exercise done second one will stand back up for slow squat down with pouce feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart hands together in front of your chest squat down slowly coming two seconds until your thighs are parallel to the floor with your head and chest up then come up to half of the squat without standing up all the way and squat back down this is the pose and stand back up to complete the rep the key here is to squat down slowly then do the past quick to give the maximum burn to your booty again squeeze it hard throughout the whole movement we want to grow that booty we gotta put in the work [Music] third exercise and not the one of my absolute favorite booty exercise donkey kick hands I read the under your shoulders and your knees I read the under your hips will first that on the right side with your right knee off the floor still bending then raise it behind you and extend it towards the sky as you squeeze your booty lower it down but have it off the floor to keep the tension in the muscle you should feel the right side of your butt getting sore that's where we're working on try to keep your back and spine neutral switch to the left leg after 22 seconds keep it nice and controlled be mindful that we're using the booty muscles to do the work not our back or the momentum [Music] [Applause] [Music] good job guys I hope you like this one as much as me next send backup for reverse lunge houses hands in front of your chest take a big step back with one leg into reverse lunge so that both legs are in 90 degree angle here do two pulses before stopping your lick back together and switch side will all turn aside for 45 seconds squeeze the booty during the houses this exercise always makes my butt so sore the next day but no pain no gain keep it moving no stopping [Music] when I wanna [Music] and recipe we're moving on to our fifth exercise good bridge hold this is exactly the same as our first exercise but once we lift up on up we're not coming down we're holding our booty up in the air for 45 seconds straight squeezing your booty together the whole time you should be forming one straight line from your knees hip and shoulders keep it up don't drop I'm staying here together with you every second let's enjoy the burn and remind ourselves our goals and why we started this workout we're finishing one third of this workout [Music] finally bummed down enjoy this 15 seconds rest and we'll sign up for a side lunge we'll first work on the right side first legs together with your hands in front off your chest then step right leg to the side shifting your body weight to it and bending the knee until it reaches a 90 degree angle and other leg is straight your butt is pressing back behind you then push through your heel and booty working it to return to Center standing position repeat on the side for 22 seconds before we switch to lastly this is perfect for going the booty and slimming the thighs at the same time don't give up you're doing great so far [Music] that's a good one next let's come down to all four four fire hydrants same starting position as donkey kick again we're starting with right side keeping the right knee bent at 90 degrees angle squeeze your booty and lift your right leg up until it is parallel to the floor here squeeze your booty together and you should be feeling the burn lower your leg back down but still keeping it off the floor this is one breath repeat on the side for 22 seconds and switch sides the key here is to keep your body stable so we're lifting the leg using our booty not swinging it up with our body and back [Music] [Music] okay guys stand up and let's get onto a eight exercise pack walk [Music] hands in front of your chest lower your bum to half squat position and squeeze your booty to lift one leg up – ass aside and then the other up so you're moving sideways after three steps on each leg we'll stand back up and squat down again to go in the opposite direction don't stop guys once you stand up go back down immediately and keep moving to keep the intense burn in the booty I'm facing you just to show you how it looks you can just face one side the whole exercise this is hard I know but trust me this works no pain no gain push it through to the very last second [Music] yeah we're halfway through this workout let's lie back down we deserve it ix is brought pump [Music] this is pretty similar to clip bridge but here we're targeting different angles off the booty by having our feet together facing each other and our thighs apart this helps us to squeeze the booty even more and worked a little glutes muscles that we normally neglect pump up and down and lightly tap the floor without resting your bum on the mat keep squeezing the booty the burn is real because we're doing it right [Music] now let's get into a plank position for single lick plank with poses this is not just for going the booty but also slimming the thighs and working out core for slimming the waist starting in regular plank elbows on the ground shoulder width apart hands together body in one straight line with the booty to lift right leg off the floor and start pulsing up and down for 23 seconds before we switch to left leg meaning there's no dropping right leg to the floor at the whole 22 seconds keep pulsing keep workin – 15 min No Jumping Booty Workout! Get Rid of Cellulite + Toning

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