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15 min NO JUMPING Full Body Fat Burning Workout | QUIET CARDIO HIIT

[Music] with me life goes by fastly so down we got older where did it go hi guys my name is Amy Wong and welcome back to my channel so you guys really liked my 10 minutes no jumping workout so far that you can do quietly at home without disturbing your neighbors or waking up your family so I thought it's time for us to do a longer version and so today we're on for a 15 minutes walk out if you're ready let's go let's start with toes that was reached to warm up our full body and at the same time train up the core for the end and also work on the arms shoulders back and balance in high plank position core tight we'll first have our left toes with a right arm as we push up but up into down dog then reach your right arm forward as you push back into high plank this is one breath repeat for 22 seconds on the same side and then switch side tapping your right toes with left [Music] good job guys hold it up and try not to move your body from side to side almost there [Music] restful 15 seconds and we'll get into our second exercise turn and punch starting in a sumo squat stance meaning your feet are wider apart and hip width distance my squatting down then turn your body to one side as your legs also turn to blend foam facing that side then turn back to front and punch forward one fist after another turn to the other side to form a lunch then turn back to middle to punch alternate between sides for 45 seconds the harder you punch the more calories you're burning off you should also be feeling a burn in your legs work it guys [Music] that one is half or full plank hole to train those abs back arms shoulders and chest I will show you two versions here first one is half plank hold which is the more advanced version starting in high plank like how you would do in a push-up lower your body and bend your elbows to 90 degrees and just hold it there remember to keep your elbows right next to your body I know this is extremely hard even I have trouble holding it for 45 seconds so here is an easier alternative that you can switch to an s full plank hole where it will hold a regular elbow plank your body forming a straight line from head to toe no matter which plank version you are holding in keep your core tight elbows in breathe in and breathe out we're not dropping down almost there guys stay strong [Music] done you guys are doing amazing let's get to our fourth exercise lunch pulses with me race clap well first start with our left leg hands on your waist take a big step back with your left leg into a reverse lunge here take two pulses and then drive it upwards to a knee race at the front while straightening your right leg and clapping your hands underneath your bent left knee then lunch your left leg back again for next rep repeat for 22 seconds and switch sides remember to keep your back straight eyes looking to the front your lick should form 90 degrees angle as you lunge back the key is to work our licks and maintain the balance here keep going we're almost done with this one [Music] another one down guys let's exercise let's work on our apps it's time for apps runner lie on your back hands behind your ears don't you have to raise your upper body up and twist your body to the left and at the same time lift both legs off the floor right leg straight and left leg bent so that your left knee is touching your right elbow and curl your abs to lower your body down to the floor but keeping your legs off the floor at all times this completes one rep alternate between sides for 45 seconds so it looks like you're running as you curl up and down to each side this is not an easy one but it's giving us the expect when we want on our abs remember guys no baby no game we're working for the flat belly and a sexy appliance don't give up we're not slowing down keep going keep going get a few more reps in and we're done with one third of this workout all right guys let's give up that's a break next one is squat with inchworm and followed by shoulder tap feet apart and squat stance hands together in front of your chest first squat down like how you would in a regular squat then instead of coming back up place your hands on the floor and begin to walk your hands forward into high plank then tap your opposite shoulder one by one with your hand and walk your hands back to your feet instead of standing all the way back up get into squat position to maintain the tension in your legs this completes one rep repeat for 45 seconds keep going if this feels easy go FAFSA give it more power in every single move [Music] guys get ready for next one commando with spider plank to workout abs and upper body to burn those arms shoulders and back fat as we train our cores at the same time not in high plank then get into elbow plank by releasing one hand and lowering into your forearm follow by doing the same with your other arm keep your abs tight so your hips are stable then here we'll do a spider plank as we bring our right knee forward to a – right elbow repeat on the other side and bring our left knee towards our left elbow after that release your right forearm and place your right hand firmly on the floor thigh brettly's below your right shoulder follow immediately by your left in the same pattern and get back into straight arm plank this is one rep repeat for 45 seconds you're starting to feel sore now I know I know I'm here doing it together with you every single rep it's just nice it's fun lunch with single leg Romanian deadlift sign back up hands on your waist and we'll first start with a front lunge by stepping a left foot forward and bend both knees to 90 degrees to sink that into lunge the way in your right heel as you push back to standing only on your right leg bend your hip and extend your left leg behind you for balance reach your arms in front of you to touch the floor so your upper body and your back leg are parallel to the floor try through your heels and push your hips forward as you stand back up and go straight into your front lunge again repeat for 22 seconds on this side before we switch to the other side here we're working our booty our lakes and our back stay focused to maintain your balance and try not to fall you're doing so good don't stop now we're more than halfway through this whole workout already [Music] nice exercise a sight playing touch get into an elbow side plank body forming one straight line from head to toe then your upper arm with your hand behind your ears then work your obliques the side of your abs and then your upper leg so that your elbow touches your knee this is one rep repeat for 22 seconds and we'll switch side this is an amazing exercise to train especially the obliques which we often look like in general ab exercises we're also working our core and our arms and shoulders here so push it through hold it up and squeeze those side ass [Music] work guys time flies and we're already getting ready for our tenth exercise single leg glute bridge to work on the booty fly fac – 15 min NO JUMPING Full Body Fat Burning Workout | QUIET CARDIO HIIT

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