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Hi, I'm Emi, welcome to week two of my four-week, full-body fat burning program. Today, we will focus on our weapons. This 15-minute workout is very intense, but no pain, no gain. These exercises will also work the core, back and chest. You can find all the details of the full weekly workout plan in the description box below, including all the videos for each day. And you can share your progress and results on Instagram and hashtag #emitransform. And speaking of workouts, thank you to Foreo Group for sponsoring this video. There's something really cool about the face I want to show you. I'm currently obsessed with this current little device from Foreo Sweden. He's as cute as a bear! like ? It's ergonomically shaped to fit the curves of your face, and how it works is that it uses a low-grade electrical current to train your facial muscles so that your face looks more lifted, tight and firm. You can pair it with the app to adjust the intensity. It has an anti-shock system to ensure maximum safety and best results. And you can use it with serum. T-Sonic pulsations gently massage your face so products are better absorbed. After using it for a while I personally feel like my face is brighter and firmer. Just like after exercise. Now, if you're ready for a 15-minute arm workout, let's go! We will do 11 exercises for 2 sessions. Each exercise is 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between. The first exercise is a side punch and a strong, powerful punch to the side. Warm up the arms to start the burn. Set your intention in clicking this video because you want to work on yourself and your goals so pledge your commitment to finish it strong and give your best every second rep. It is a plank punch. Hold your core firmly so that it is in one straight line from head to heel. Don't let your hips rise or sink too low. Alternate arm forward cardio punch Try not to swing your booty from side to side too much Third, plank with your toes Walk your arms forward into a high plank and then raise your opposite arms and legs as you press into your toes, slowly and controlled press your abs hard to maintain your balance Fourth It's a commando citation of the elbow plank Extend one arm followed by the other arm to push yourself up the plank and then press your hip and back into the elbow plank The burn builds up in your arms, and that's exactly what we're here for The fifth is to counter the pushup plank on your glutes to lift your hip up To keep your body in one straight line 10 seconds to go, you can do this. Sixth is to push your elbows. Try to minimize your hip movement. Hold your abs tight to focus on pushing ourselves up with our arms only more than halfway through this round. Seventh, slow shoulder taps suck in your abdomen to keep your body stable. Slowly press on your opposite shoulder. Our goal here is to do our best not to move our bodies from side to side too much. Eighth: Knee lift exercises. Knees on the floor slowly lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Then push yourself up The burn in our arms is so intense I know it and I feel it too But success doesn't come easily Our determination is what gets us to our goals The ninth is a triceps dip with reach Bend your elbow to lower your body and then push yourself up. Raise the opposite arm and leg and press into your foot with a tight core to keep you balanced. Your mind and body are stronger than you think the last two exercises of this round. Ten is the front and back plank in the headboard elbow to the heel in one straight line Roll your toes and move forward, shoulders passing your elbows, then roll back to the starting position We've come so far already Stay strong and in control The final exercise for your first round knee raise Knees on the floor Bend your elbows to lower Your torso until your arms are at a ninety degree angle and hold them here saving the best for last let's smash the surprise yourself just 15 seconds There's nothing we can't do as long as we put our hearts down and keep trying hold on for a few more seconds yeah, the first round shook your arms rest a little and let's challenge ourselves until the second round Better think about how great you will feel after that so we have to keep going The first punch on the second side is the plank punch It feels hard now but those who have achieved their goals and dreams are the ones who keep moving through all the difficulties. We are winners so let's project a winner's stance Third, the tablet worm with toes Fourth is the commando thigh Try tight core Not swaying from side to side With practice comes mastery. We're doing better and stronger on every rep Yes, fifth is facing plank Remind yourself to lift your hips up. Hold your abs tight and squeeze your booty together. This will help keep your board up using just our arms. Sixth is pushing with the elbows. Don't hate the burn, learn to love it. It does the work for us, trust the process Seventh, a slow tap on the shoulder focuses stay strong core. Most things in life are out of our control but now this movement of our body's devotion is all under our control. So let's achieve this. Eighth is to raise the temperature in the knee. Go down slowly and go up quickly. You're killing it The ninth is a triceps dip with reach The tenth is a front and back plank Nothing is impossible You can do and achieve anything in this world The first step to making your dreams a reality is just trying The fact that you are huge during this challenge and not giving up is a huge step already Believe in your abilities and possibilities Exercise The final final of this exercise – Knee Lift to Hold This is the devil of this exercise, but we are stronger and we will kill him the last 20 seconds. All I ask of you is that you give it 100% Let's keep it strong all the way to get our last buzz yeah and let's rest and stretch It's not a basic challenge if it ain't hard No pain no gain, but we did it I hope you can maintain and bring that sense of accomplishment

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