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15 min Slim Flabby Arm (NO PUSH UPS) | 10-Day Upper Body Challenge ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories [Music] hi guys today we are going to do a slim and tone flappy arm workout with no push-up i guarantee you that is still going to be a very very intense burn you can do this workout on its own or i'm also putting together a 10-day upper body challenge targeting the arms back and chest you can find the program download link and all the workout videos in the description box below and a lot of you asked what other exercises i do apart from these home workouts so i do love to go out on the ocean especially right now during summer time for some fun water sports and so today i'm going to bring you guys quick stuff with me before we start the [Music] workout [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign each exercise 40 seconds with 10 second stress there will be 16 exercises separated into four sets with 20 seconds rest between sets first exercise arm circle exercise let's warm up those arms and start activating the burn we'll switch direction after 20 seconds [Music] cause i got three two one switch [Music] second we're getting down to the floor with high plank reach exercise head to heel in one straight line f tight lift one arm up to front side and back alternate arms [Music] the key here is to suck in your belly to maintain the balance try your best to keep your body centered and not swaying from side to side third tabletop walk [Music] exercise push yourself up into tabletop position then walk your hands back until your body is in one straight line into a plank walk your hands towards your feet again until knees are a 90 degree angle [Music] pull tight and keep your hip lifted up throughout the whole movement [Music] fourth fourth commando down dog [Music] exercise from high plank get into elbow pack with commando then lift your hip up and push through the arms into upside down v core tight back to elbow plank push up to high plank hip up into down dog [Music] remember to keep your body in a straight line every time in plank position sucking in the belly [Music] last one in this first set keep going strong we'll get 20 seconds rest after this [Music] rest for 20 seconds before the next set starting with on fly [Music] exercise house your arms up and down for 20 seconds before we move on to big [Music] lifts [Music] we're flying our arms all the way up in three two one [Music] i gotta wake up rest next fair walk [Music] exercise in all fours lift your knees up then walk your feet forward into high plank body in straight line walk back again into bare position keeping knees off the ground shoulders hips and knees all in 90 degrees [Music] the key here is to keep tightening your abs and belly each step strong and in control [Music] seven single leg tricep dip [Music] exercise hip off the ground with one leg up bend your elbows for the dip and push yourself back up repeat for 20 seconds and switch legs [Music] i don't want to feel this good just cause you called last night three two one switch focus on using your arms instead of your hip for the movement i know the burn is crazy but you're stronger than you think go after your goals [Music] last one in this set side plank and lift exercise for the first 20 seconds rotate to each side for a side plank [Music] we'll challenge ourselves by lifting the top leg up at each side plank in three two one this is difficult for me as well but this is how we push ourselves to make progress [Music] all we gotta do is to try no success comes easy no excuses no limit [Music] enjoy your 20 seconds rest before we stand back up for arm circles [Music] [Music] we had the practice this is going to be an even better round three two one switch directions [Music] next high pine ridge [Music] exercise we're more than halfway through in this walkout you might feel the fatigue but we're not quitters we're only going stronger with more power and determination we're going to finish what we started [Music] summer [Applause] 11 table top walk [Music] exercise no pain no gain every change you want to make in your life you are the only person who can make it happen it is your decision [Music] we're not just training for our body but also for life as we toughen our [Music] mentality dog exercise last one in this set before 20 seconds rest [Music] nothing and no one can stop us from reaching our goals get back control and aim for the finish line [Applause] when you're with me let's get ready for the final set in this workout on fly [Music] exercise [Music] [Applause] [Music] three two one fly big fly all the way to the top [Music] 14th bear walk [Music] exercise walk those arms out we're so close to the end push through the burn it goes on [Music] cause i can feel the energy [Music] 15th single leg tricep exercise effort is a choice you're a legend and you're not settling for mediocrity you're pushing for excellency [Music] three two one switch legs hang in there ten more seconds finally is the last exercise in this workout side plank and lips side time rotation first stay focused work the abs to stay in balance we're adding in the lips in three two one you can do it hold in the belly for the balance let your body surprise you almost there last few lifts and we're done check out the arms you did amazing today so proud of you and me for pushing through take this win with you for more wins throughout the rest of your day and i'll see you again very soon nothing will ever be as real as this – 15 min Slim Flabby Arm (NO PUSH UPS) | 10-Day Upper Body Challenge ~ Emi

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