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[Music] [Music] Hello everybody welcome back today I'm leading you through a 15minute toned arms workout without any equipment all you need is yourself and something soft beneath you make sure you can see your screen so you can follow along with me and without further Ado let's get to it all right we are going to begin standing up doing different exercises in 30 second intervals so starting off hands are out to the sides we're going to try and keep our arms lifted the entire time you're going to draw little tiny C's so coming up and circling down up and down make sure your chest is open shoulders are down the back arms are nice and strong slight Bend in your elbows I'm falling I'm fall [Music] down next up your arms are doing they're coming straight out from your shoulders and we're going to make tiny circles backwards so you're engaging all those muscles in your back again arms have a slight Bend in them Palms are facing the floor [Music] try to keep your upper body still here so engage that core stay nice and grounded into those [Music] feet and we're going to do the same thing but we're going to circle forwards this [Music] time feeling away oh you like a fanty I know this can't be I'm falling falling falling down all cuz feeling dreaming fing cuz I can't believe next St you're going to bring your forearms and Palms together in front of you into this prayer position you're going to press into each arm so you're really feeling that resistance and then you're going to drop the elbows close to your chest and then bring them back up so you're pressing actively into your forearms and Palms the entire [Music] time good Palms are out to the side facing forward you're going to feel that resistance bring those Palms together and then press them back backwards flipping the hands as you press the hands backwards you're squeezing that back shoulders are down the back chest is [Music] open keeping those arms lifted you're going to come to a goalpost position so everything's nice and straight you're going to extend the arms up and down so we're not dropping our elbows down we're coming down to this 90° position try to press those shoulder blades down your back standing up nice and Tall good similar to our last exercise Palms facing forward this time you're going to press back trying to squeeze those Palms together squeezing the back and then flip it around coming to the side back and side so keep those arms lifted as you come to the side coming straight up from the [Music] shoulders good last 30 seconds you're going to hold this position here keep those arms lifted and you're going to pulse squeezing those arms together so trying to touch those fingertips together a but not alone here night lose control do it for you let me show you a place where you good drop those arms we are going to head to the ground now these next exercises are going to be 40 seconds on with a 20 second rest so we're going to sit on our bums you're going to come to a reverse Bridge position you're going to do some tricep dips so fingertips are facing forward or slightly angled outward you're going to come up you're going to press your weight into the heels of your hands lifting that booty you're going to sit back into those El Bend and then coming up you're going to squeeze those triceps here we go 40 [Music] seconds can also shift your weight into your heels I like to lift my toes to make sure that I'm doing that that way we're putting most of our weight into the heels of our hands and squeezing our [Music] triceps good 20 seconds rest we're going to flip it over next up we're going to do a two-way push-up you can do these on your toes or on your knees you're going to first take a narrow push-up so your elbows are going to be tucked towards your sides fingertips pointing forward come down lower yourself down drop it down and then you're going to widen those hands and press it up stay here control lower down bring the hands into the side and press it up [Music] nice job next up we're going to come into a high plank in your high plank you're going to shift your weight to one side lift one arm up you're going to flip the Palm to the ceiling bring the thumb to touch your bum and then bring it down other side so we're swimming those arms around squeezing our backs here we go make sure your bum's nice and low [Applause] nice job we're going to come down onto one side choose a side we're going to do some one arm push-ups so you're going to use this front arm on your side you're going to again wait into the heel of your hands so lean it forward and from here you're going to press it up and control lower yourself down so you'll feel this in your tricep and also a little bit in your chest not spending too much time at the bottom of your [Music] push-up [Music] [Applause] nice job Shake It Out nice 20 second rest before we do the other side so find that [Music] position really control yourself on the way [Music] [Music] down [Music] nice job next upep nice and simple we're going to do some shoulder Taps so coming into a high plank if you need to modify you can come down to your knees just make sure your body is nice and straight and as we're tapping the shoulders we're keeping everything still so we're not swaying from side to [Music] side [Music] [Music] soul [Music] good last exercise down here on the ground we're going to come to a low Planks on our forearms you're going to Rock It Forward in this low plank bring it back to Center and then stick the bum up into a pike position stretching out those shoulders and back to Center here we go [Music] make sure you're coming back down into this straight low plank every single [Music] time [Music] nice job all right we're going to stand it up we are going to repeat that whole beginning section starting off with our C rotations we're going to really burn out those shoulders the entire time I want you to keep those arms lifted nice strong shoulders chest is open here we [Music] go next up we're circling [Music] backwards stop look your what do you do to me you make it hard to breath I'm tired of the people and circling forwards keep those arms up I leave this [Music] [Music] place's end next up are our chest presses so forearms and Palms together really press into each [Music] [Music] other [Music] arms out to the side feel that resistance coming forward and back to the [Music] side nice and Tall shoulders down all I think about I'm tired of the people that talk about and I'm bringing those arms to 90° Crossing them up and [Music] down no one's going to steal our time again we don't have the [Music] [Applause] and arms extended out to the sides Palms forward you're going to sweep it around to the back squeeze that back and back to [Music] Center as you come around to the side press those shoulders [Music] down and last 30 seconds hold the arms here pulse those hands [Music] together squeeze that back [Music] [Music] good drop those arms give them a shake great job guys I h

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