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15 min TOTAL BODY & ABS PILATES WORKOUT ft. @AmberTang (Slow Intense Burn, Beginner & Knee Friendly

foreign [Music] and today we have a special guest Amber hi I'm Amber I'm a Pilates instructor in Hong Kong I teach math and equipment so today we're going to do a 15 minute full body pilates workout it's beginner friendly and you've got to feel the burn in your abs all the moves are very slow but keep yourself in control if you like this workout video you can also check out Amber's channel for more Pilates content we also do a recipe video in my channel so go and check out my channel for more healthy recipe videos too and if you're ready for the workout let's go there will be 18 exercises 40 seconds each with 10 seconds rest for transition first exercise pelvic curl [Music] line on your back feet hip width apart exhale as you engage your core bring the hips up engaging hamstrings and glutes chest Open Arms press strong on the mat pause on the top inhale and bring your pelvis down as you exhale [Music] second spine twists of pine exercise bring your legs together to tabletop position inhale slowly as you rotate your legs to one side exhale as you engage your obliques bringing legs back to the middle [Music] keep both shoulders on mat the whole time try to visualize turning your spine for each rep [Music] third chest lift [Music] exercise fit hip width apart exhale lengthen the spine and curl up inhale pause on the top squeezing the ABS pressing the lower back onto the mat exhale drop slowly keep your neck neutral don't arch your back [Music] fourth chest lifts width rotation thank you exercise this time as you curl up to the top exhale and rotate your torso to one side inhale back to Center exhale to the other side engaging your side abs [Music] [Music] [Music] double leg stretch [Music] exercise inhale stretch out both arms and legs working the lower abs exhale bring your arms and draw your knees in [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign stretch [Music] exercise exhale extend one leg out then switch keep your lower back on the mat at all times [Music] [Applause] [Music] feeling the burn in the ABS keep it going [Music] thank you [Music] sevens crisscross [Music] exercise similar to the last exercise this time inhale as you rotate your torso bringing elbow to the opposite knee exhale bring to Center [Music] [Applause] keep working the ABS and oblige you are doing amazing [Music] [Applause] [Music] if we're working on the ABS with leg circles exercise arms pressing on the mat draw small circles with your leg be mindful we're working the lower abs with each movement and not the legs [Music] three two one change direction [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] three two one other direction [Music] thank you yes 10th hamstring pull [Music] exercise exhale as you bring your straight leg in towards your upper body pump twice inhale switch thank you focus on using your legs and core not your arms [Music] yes elevens show the bridge prep [Music] exercise lift the hips up exhale as you bring one leg off the mat inhale and drop it down to lightly tap on the mat keep your core and glute tight pelvis stable [Music] three two one change leg [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] support prep [Music] exercise in high plank core tight shoulder stable exhale as you bring one leg in exhale and switch [Music] thank you [Music] yes 13. front support [Music] from high plank exhale as you lift one leg up twice inhale and switch [Music] again core tight keep your body stable [Music] dress 14th side plank exercise elbow on the mat both legs straight and keep your spine in one straight line keep engaging your side abs [Music] three two one change side [Music] [Music] foreign sideband [Music] exercise start with your hand Three Palms distance from your hip exhale and lift your body to a side plank inhale and lower your body to your hips just above the mat other side in three two one [Music] thank you rest sixteenth back support [Music] exercise both legs together pressing down exhale and lift the body up to a straight line squeezing your glutes then inhale and lower your hips without touching the floor [Music] thank you we are so close to the end we got this [Music] 17th back extension [Music] facing down on mat inhale extend your spine lifting upper torso off the mat exhale release down [Music] engage your back for each wrap [Music] foreign [Music] last one in our workout swimming [Music] arms overhead engage your hamstrings to lift the legs off the ground pouch with alternate arm and leg we're working the entire back muscles [Music] almost there swim all the way to the Finish Line 10 seconds [Music] and we did it great work for getting this done with me and Amber enjoy the burn and I'll see you again very soon [Music] – 15 min TOTAL BODY & ABS PILATES WORKOUT ft. @AmberTang (Slow Intense Burn, Beginner & Knee Friendly)

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