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1ST SAFARI EXPERIENCE IN AFRICA! + The Maasai Tribe with 27 Wives & 100 Kids | TANZANIA VLOG

this is my boarding pass it's a tent from the masai tribe this guy he got more than 27 wives 100 children plus [Music] arriving to my room here for first night at darya salam where my friend just lives the room is actually really nice with a lot of space and it even has a kitchen super nice bathroom and in total i think it's only like 300 hong kong dollars super super cheap so i just met up with tim from land of africa hello my name is so glad that i'm gonna host her in africa in tanzania [Music] right here we are going to shop for some african outfits and dresses african high fashion outfits here so pretty crazy look at that so tim hey brought me to this place called um peninsula to buy more outfits and all these shops the clothes are really cheap very very colorful how much is this how much is this i'm with local travel content creator what's up what's up we just finished this awesome shoot thank you so much this place is called slipway and it's now my favorite favorite spot where they have amazing shopping and apparently there are a lot of restaurants as well and look at the sunset it's choosing whatever it's like sesame the next day so this the morning we're now on the ferry we'll be going to the stone town and spice tour i'm super excited arriving to zanzibar this time we'll be staying at the doubletree hilton the stone town and it's really pretty it looks like a very good vacation spot so a lot of cool restaurant and spa all the houses are white wow it's huge and we're gonna have breakfast at this place called stone town cafe and it's called spiced coffee because sansa bar is like a spice island people do spice to it it smells so good it's too bad i don't drink coffee how about they have spiced tea as well maybe i'll get a spice tea spanish omelette this sunset by crab coconut bread we have so many beautiful carving doughs as well so this is one i'm on the symbolized absenzee bar stone town this store is for royals when we travel we used to call ourselves princess we went to morocco we said we're prisoners of morocco so we have to take a photo here we're now here at the spice market this is the center of zanzibar market to everybody who come into stone town he must come to the market the market is divided into three party fish market fruit market and vegetable so this is the vegetable market fish market this is where we'll be getting our lunch so i'm picking octopus and also a jumbo pond so much seafood the beach so sun far is actually also very famous for their beaches yeah so people usually come to stone town for a day and then and then go to resort for a few days and here's the famous blue door i was looking for like good photos bought and on instagram like everyone at stonetown they're taking photos with this door and our awesome tour guide we showed him the photo and she has been asking me where can i see this beautiful dough here's the one i found a gelato shop that has non-dairy gelato [Music] made my day now we're at the spice tour this is what they used to make a turmeric and this is the spice farm this is cardamon oh it's used for lipstick [Applause] what is it called like what is it aromatic aromatic to put in the house to make it smell good color that he thinks i like i always wear yellow and she always wear purple thank you so much sunset and zanzibar so every night at the square this place called for danny like all these stalls will open up and there was a lot of different type of like local food it's really really cool a lot of people come here to just like eat so it's like a food market vega plants we have what you win [Laughter] chicken tikka tandoori chicken normal chicken this is that hello hello that's the pizza we mixed it with onion pepper carrot cheese tomato mayonnaise oh it's savory yeah but mr mango i do whatever you like he made it fresh and with music i've never had pizza like that for me you never had no never so nice so good it is very yummy yummy thank you according to my friend this is another really famous stall it's called like mix which i have no idea i guess it's just mixing different things together and now we're getting skewers some beef and chicken tomorrow we are now at the santa bar airport waiting for our domestic flight to arusha this is my boarding pass little plane that we're gonna get on we have now arrived to arusha where we'll be visiting the makai tribe but first we'll stop here for a quick brunch it's called the cultural heritage [Music] it's my favorite spice tea again the food here is actually really good spaghetti bolognese pizza a few inches later i never knew about tanzanite before so today is the first day i learned about it and now we're completely obsessed it's so pretty and the price is like really much cheaper than diamond so here comes one of the most exciting part for me we're going to visit the maasai tribe i actually don't know too much about them yet this is one of the biggest masai as you can see so many flies surrounding us this is because of the cow it's like he got almost seven thousand cows this guy he got more than 27 wives 100 children class every men here on average have ah average at least three three wise two to three wives even today yeah chad will not be part of the messiah tribe make sure of that yeah that's how they do you see all these houses around here are constructed by women okay women are engineers men do not build houses never touch they're interesting they just hunt they take care of cows we just found out that the maasai tribe they don't drink water at all like they only drink blood like blood from cow and also milk this is the masai hat and apparently they don't use lights here so they just leave it in the dark very comfortable this is a very local restaurant where we'll be having our lunch trying the local food here yeah this is how the traditional meals are cooked spice rice the beef is good the hotel that we'll be staying at tonight is called pamoja close to karuta town we'll just be staying here for one night it's a dance from the masai tribe wow it's so nice it's a very good location it's quite close to the gongoro forest as well as 30 minutes away from the lake manyara national park another national park and each room i think we have a personal butler which is a very luxurious surface holy crap it's so pretty wow [Music] so cute it's the new place and so it's a christmas tree [Music] day four we're having breakfast at the panmoja lodge the view is so nice and for breakfast we're having fruits sausages muffins banana beans bacon pancakes today we are driving through the garagora conservation area which is one of the seven natural wonders in the world this is the gorongorong creator and it's also what makes this park so special because basically there were like a big mountain and then the middle collapsed so all the animals would be like around this area so it's very easy to see animals here baboon funny face oh there's another one hello [Music] what a crazy lunch view s – 1ST SAFARI EXPERIENCE IN AFRICA! + The Maasai Tribe with 27 Wives & 100 Kids | TANZANIA VLOG

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