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20 min Ab + Leg Workout In Bed! BURN BELLY & THIGH FAT ◆ Emi ◆

20 minutes of abdominal muscle and leg training on the bed 1. Stick pose 2. Glute bridge 3. Abdominal crunch 4. Reverse bicycle 5. Touch the internal obliques 6. Draw legs outward in circles 7. Stick pose 8. Crunch circles 9. Leg straight 10. Inner thigh raise 11. Core kick 12. Pillow Russian twist 13. Donkey kick 14. Pillow to and fro 15. Kneel to squat 16. Leg circles 17. Simple hip raise Get up 18. Stick pose waist down 19. V line hold 20. Touch toes on the table Hello everyone, I am Emi. We are finally back to do an exercise on the bed. This time we are going to exercise the entire belly, including the top, sides, and bottom. Inner side, center thigh and legs. Because sometimes we are too lazy to get up, so you responded that you particularly liked the bed exercise video we shot last time. Being too lazy to get up is not an excuse. I have always believed that you can exercise anywhere and at any time as long as you are willing. ! This exercise is very suitable before going to bed or before getting up. You don’t even need shoes or a yoga blanket. You can do it in your own bed in your pajamas. It’s very comfortable. The duration of this exercise is 20 minutes, but don’t worry. I promise because this exercise is fun. So 20 minutes will go by quickly, are you ready? Go to bed first and start. 20 minutes of bed training for abdominal muscles and legs. 20 exercises. 45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest. We start with the classic stick pose. This will train the inner abdominal muscles, which are the muscles that will make the waist smaller. To form a triangle, your stomach should be tightened so that your body becomes a straight line from head to toe. Do not raise your buttocks. Use the muscles in the center to keep your body in this position. Doing this exercise in bed is actually a bit more difficult than doing it on the ground, so the effect of this exercise is better in bed. Come on, the second exercise is called Glute Bridge. You can lie down. This exercise requires you to bend your thighs and buttocks, bend your knees, and raise your waist to the highest point on the bed with the soles of your feet parallel. Your buttocks must be tightened, and your abdominal muscles must be sucked in to maintain this posture. You will feel a little soreness in your thighs and buttocks. The third exercise is called abdominal crunches because it will burn belly fat and build abdominal muscles, so I like this exercise very much. Put your hands behind your head, tighten your abdominal muscles, and then bend your upper body up and take your time. , when you reach the top, stop for two seconds to let your abdominal muscles feel burning and lie down slowly. This is considered a slow-down exercise to really train your belly. The fourth exercise is called the reverse bicycle, which exercises the abdominal muscles and thighs below. Use the strength of the abdominal muscles below to lift the leg up. Pull the knee on one side towards the chest, and straighten the other leg (not touching the floor). Take turns to the left and right, much like the reverse movement of a bicycle. Wait until 45 seconds to lift the leg. Put it down, come on, there is nothing for nothing. The fifth exercise is called touching the internal oblique muscles. Lie on your side, put your hands behind your head and use the strength of the internal oblique muscles to bend the upper knee upward to touch the upper elbow. Repeat for 22 seconds and then change sides 3, 2, 1. When changing sides, be careful. You must use the strength of the internal oblique muscles. You can't just let the legs swing back and forth. You are great. Come on, remind yourself what your goal is to make your belly better. The sixth exercise to burn fat is to draw circles with the legs outward. This will especially train the thighs. We will practice the right leg first, lie on the left side, with the upper body leaning on the left hand and the left leg on the bed. Bend the right leg at 90 degrees and start drawing. Circle (in any direction) for 22 seconds and then switch sides 3, 2, 1. The legs on the other side should not touch the bed! Enjoy the soreness in your thighs, exercise will help! The seventh exercise is called stick boxing. This exercise is really fun to create, come on! Start with the elbow stick posture, and then take turns hitting the bed with your left and right hands. Hit the bed harder and harder, and the more calories will be burned. This exercise is also very relaxing. Hit hard to release the pressure. Don’t forget that the abdominal muscles still need to be stable, so as to maintain the stick. You guys are great at this pose. The eighth exercise is called abdominal crunch circles. This will be practiced from all directions until you lie down on your stomach, bend your knees, and put your hands behind your head. The starting position is actually the same as the abdominal crunches we did before. Come up until you feel your stomach muscles tightening. Slowly start to circle your upper body in one direction for 22 seconds and then change to the other direction. 3, 2, 1. Your abdominal muscles should feel sore when you change directions. This is good. Come on. The next exercise is called leg extension, which will make the abdominal muscles below feel even more burning! Lie down with your upper body leaning on your elbows and knees toward your chest. Then use your abdominal muscles to straighten your legs forward so that your legs cannot touch the bed. Use your abdominal muscles to bring your knees back to your chest. Repeat for 45 seconds without stopping. Do not let your legs touch. In bed, let the exercise work! Soreness means it’s working, keep up the good work! We have reached the tenth exercise of lifting the thighs. This will especially train the thighs. First practice the right leg, lie on the right side, cross the left leg over the right leg, and put the left foot on the bed next to the right thigh, especially using the muscles of the inner thigh. Let your right leg move up and down for 22 seconds and then change sides 3, 2, 1. Your inner thigh should feel burning when you change sides, don't slow down, come on! Exercise is already halfway there! The eleventh exercise is called core kicking. It will train the area under the belly. Lie flat on the bed. In order to help the body's balance, put your hands under the buttocks and use the strength of the muscles under the abdominal muscles to lift the legs up (about 35 degrees) and then lift the legs. Start moving up and down quickly (a bit like swimming movements). Keep your abdominal muscles tight. The lower the height of your legs, the more effective the exercise will be! Although this kind of exercise is not easy, only those who are willing to work hard will successfully achieve the goal. Don't give up when it is difficult. The twelfth exercise is very fun. Pillow Russian Turn: Grab a pillow, hold it in front of your chest, and use the strength of your abdominal muscles to lift your legs a little. Point, the muscles in the center of the knee bend at about 45 degrees should be stable to help balance your body. Turn your upper body left and right with the pillow. I know it hurts, but I am here to accompany you to exercise. Keep going, you can't give up at this time! The thirteenth exercise is called donkey kicking. It trains the legs and buttocks and also gives the abdominal muscles a little rest. Kneel down with your hands and knees on the bed. We first practice the right leg and use the muscles of the buttocks to kick the right leg back. , bring your right leg up to the highest point and slowly come down but don't touch the bed. Maintain the tension of the muscles and practice on the right side for 22 seconds. Then switch to the left leg. 3, 2, 1. Switch sides. You will feel a little soreness in your thighs and buttocks. This is That's right, we just have to practice these two areas and have good leg control to develop the right muscles. You can't just rock it back and forth and pick up the pillow again. The next exercise is very fun. It's called passing the pillow around while lying on the bed. Hold the pillow with both hands, hold it on your head, and use the strength of your abdominal muscles to lift your legs. Your hands also pass the pillow to the middle of your feet. Clamp the pillow with your feet, then slowly get down to the bed and then lift it up with your legs. , pass the pillow to your hands and repeat for 45 seconds. This should make the abdominal muscles burn. Continue to pass the pillow back and forth and almost complete this exercise! The fifteenth exercise is called Kneeling to Squat. It will train the legs, thighs and buttocks. Kneel on the bed first, then stand one leg at a time to squat position, and then return to the kneeling position. Don’t stand up, kneel down and then When you return to the squat position again, you need to maintain the tension in your thighs. Especially when squatting, remember to keep tightening your buttocks and tightening the muscles in the center. Your chest and upper body should be straight. Your legs will feel like jelly. This is good. It means Exercise helps! The sixteenth exercise is called leg circle drawing. You will practice the lower belly and thighs while lying on the bed. Put your hands under your buttocks and use the strength of your abdominal muscles to lift your legs up little by little. Start drawing circles with your legs clockwise, and then for 22 seconds. Then change the counterclockwise direction 3, 2, 1. Change the counterclockwise direction and don't let your legs fall on the bed and continue drawing circles. Just work hard for 10 seconds. Let's finish it together! Only 4 sports left! The seventeenth exercise is called single-leg hip raise. This exercise is very similar to the hip bridge, but this time there is only one foot on the bed. To lift the other foot, bend the knee to 90 degrees and lift the waist a little butt. Keep tightening your waist and slowly come down to the bed. Repeat for 22 seconds and then change legs 3, 2, 1. Switch sides. Don’t stay on the bed for too long. Touch your butt to the bed and then come up again. It’s the eighteenth exercise stick posture waist down session. To train the muscles around the center and stomach, start with the elbow stick pose. Then rock your waist to the side so that the side of your body almost touches the bed. Return to the elbow stick pose, then shake to the other side to tighten your stomach, and try to keep your butt free. There are only two movements left to lift it up! The nineteenth exercise is called V-shaped hold. You will sit on the bed with your stomach and legs, bend your knees, use the strength of your abdominal muscles to lift your legs, and then stretch your hands forward (this is to help the body's balance). Wait You can put your legs down after 45 seconds! It's almost over, we have to complete this bed exercise together and stick to it until the end! The last exercise is difficult, but also fun. Touching your toes on the table will train all the muscles in your body and will also help your balance and coordination of your hands and feet! Put your hands behind your buttocks, bend your knees, and put your feet up on your buttocks on the bed. Keep your body steady on the center of your hands and feet to maintain the balance of your body. Raise your right hand and left foot together, and then touch your left ankle with your right hand. Put your hands and feet down on the other side. It is more difficult to maintain the balance of this movement with your hands and feet on the bed than on the floor! I have to challenge myself, I'm about to fall but I won't give up! Come on, it's almost over! Success! I'm really proud of you for completing this 20-minute abs and leg workout in bed together! If someone asks you why you don't get up earlier. . . You can answer that you are not lazy but have done an intense exercise! You can do it in the morning or at night. The harder you work, the closer you will be to your goal. That’s how life is! Hope you have a great day or night ahead and see you next time! – 20 min Ab + Leg Workout In Bed! BURN BELLY & THIGH FAT ◆ Emi ◆

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