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20 min Burn Inner & Outer Thighs Standing Workout (No Jumping Exercises) ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories do [Applause] hi i'm emmy today is a 20 minute thought workout with only standard exercises so no matter required we're targeting the inner and outer thighs for the best birth before we start the workout i want to thank noon for sponsoring this video a lot of times when we struggle with our fitness journey staying on track with exercising and healthy eating is all because of our mind how to find motivation and turn it into a sustainable lifestyle and this is where noom comes in it's a consumer-led digital health platform with psychology-based curriculum that helps people lead healthier lives and meet their goals through behavioral change one of my favorite favorite lessons is the first step to breaking the behavior chain it helps me so much to reach my goals of breaking bad habits for example snacking at night by addressing the triggers thoughts actions and consequences it allows me to take back control of my life and the best part is i can talk to my human coach lauren one on one and there's also a group chat as a support system where everyone shares about their goals how they're achieving it and cheering each other on i highly recommend you to click the link in the description to take your free gnome evaluation it's quick and easy and will help you create your own custom plan now if you're ready for the workout let's go there will be no jumping exercises each exercise 40 seconds with 10 seconds rest there will be three sets with longer rest in between each set first one lick lift right leg first exercise engage the thigh for each lift stay focused and balanced remember your goals let's get to what [Music] much better [Music] [Music] i want to be silly baby rest second lick front lips with the same legs exercise work the thigh to lift your leg to the front activate the birds [Music] [Music] you can do better left leg [Music] baby kick your shoe exercise focus the burn in the thigh mind body connection through my i know body it is here to stay it's like you're my personal illuminati i know that some might say that i am just a bad girl but if you treat me right i would be the best girl in this whole world no i'm not gonna fight i got my hands on your body so tell me to the front exercise if you feel like this is too easy or simple for now don't worry we're just getting started keep up the good work [Music] rest fifth courtesy lunch [Music] exercise take a big step back with your right leg crossing it behind your left bend your knees until your left side is almost parallel to the ground stand back up and alternate sides work the inner thighs for each reps [Music] tell me what you want me to do [Music] next sumo squat house to hold exercise legs wide apart in sumo squat stance squat down until the thighs are parallel to the ground pulse up and down for 20 seconds [Music] we are going to just hold it in three two one sit lower for more burn no pain no gain thighs on fire baby [Music] rest seven split squat right leg front left leg back [Music] exercise lunge until legs are a 90 degree angle repeat on the side until timer is up [Music] [Music] push through the burn we are unstoppable [Music] at the lake [Music] [Music] let's get this done [Music] hang in there almost done 15 seconds [Music] 20 seconds next we're starting with frog squad [Music] exercise bend at the hips back flat in 90 degree angles sit into low squat chest up and back to 90 degree bend [Music] feel the burn building up in the thighs this is the reason we're here so let's max out the bird lunch [Music] exercise bent left leg with right leg straight sit your hip down until left eye is almost parallel to the ground keep your chest up eyes looking forward we're not slouching our back here i always do squeeze your inner thighs as you stand back out [Music] rest 11 other side exercise sit lower to challenge yourself get that thigh burn [Music] [Music] 20 seconds keep the fire burning [Music] to heel raise [Music] exercise feet in sumo squat stand squat down until thighs are parallel to the ground we'll switch to hue race in 20 seconds [Music] three two one stay in sumo squat lift your heels up and reach your arms towards the sky tighten your core for balance [Music] 10 seconds [Music] rest 13 half leg lifts [Music] exercise right leg up kick your right foot out work your inner thigh with each cake we are changing legs in 20 seconds [Music] three two one at the leg core tight work both legs in order to balance and keep kicking we are more than halfway through in the set and the whole workout strong kicks till the end i know that we got connection i think about you you're on my mind rest 14 front and back lunge [Music] exercise plunge your right leg to the front likes a 90 degree angle then straight into back lunge also both legs in 90 degree angles [Music] this burns i know but that's why it works keep it up [Music] 15th left leg [Music] exercise almost at the end of our second set you are a beast the burn got nothing on us we are in control strong and powerful [Music] raps give me [Music] rest 16 wall squat lifts exercise back flat against a wall sit until thighs are parallel to the ground just hold it here hands off the thighs no cheating here hold it until the 20 seconds mark [Music] three two one shift your weight onto one leg and lift the other up alternate legs we're trembling our thighs are turning jelly but don't quit on me i'm here with you every single rep i don't want to do this alone keep going with me 20 seconds rest coming real soon rest enjoy your rest and get ready for the final set starting with curtsy lunch [Music] exercise let's make this last round the best round [Music] the yet sing along to the midnight radio [Music] 15 seconds [Music] rest 18 sumo swap house to hold [Music] exercise go lower for the houses [Music] [Applause] [Music] three two one hold we are not coming up until the timer ends we can do it i believe in us when there's a world there's a way [Music] 19 split squad exercise we are so close to the end give it your all in these last few minutes [Music] [Music] 20 seconds we're not giving up show my strong body [Music] at the lake exercise we are here for the thy burn it's exactly what we're getting so let it burn [Music] rest 25 frog squat [Music] exercise [Music] [Music] run away [Music] you have more in you than you think don't let the burn stop let your body surprise you [Music] 10 seconds [Music] rest 22nd front and back exercise final three exercises you did amazing so far keep pushing the finish line is right there [Music] everything we do [Music] 15 seconds [Music] rest 23rd change leg [Music] exercise less than two minutes of work go go go but don't forget about your form keep your torso upright legs and 90 degree [Music] a bunch of angles you never meet yet [Music] i think i need a minute to figure out my limits it costs more [Music] wall squat – 20 min Burn Inner & Outer Thighs Standing Workout (No Jumping Exercises) ~ Emi

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