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20 min Chair Sitting Down Full Body Burn | Beginners & Seniors Friendly, Home Workout, No Repeat

drinking at the botle not thinking back tomorrow hi guys I'm Emmy welcome to this 20 minutes chair setting full body workout I twisted my ankle I can't really do standing exercises right now so I thought this is the perfect time to film this very effective low impact workout for you guys it's beginner and elderly friendly and also injury friendly too not only does it help burn fed and lose weight it also improves your overall flexibility and Fitness all you need is a chair and an uncompromising will to better yourself and if you're ready let's go first exercise [Music] windmill exercise reach for your opposite foot feel the stretch on each side we're warming up our full body time so let's just pretend that it'll work out in the end and turn out fine yeah heav night crushes down on you like can ever opening up the deepest parts of all you second setting jock exercise lift your legs create the momentum every move is a step closer to your [Music] goals shoulders show them what you made of right here right now ain't no worries when you let [Music] loose third 90° in the past and is our time exercise bring the arms into 90° up and down lift the leg one at a time all of the Just disappears when you look at me nobody else around is tracking us and now you know there's one thing 10 seconds you're doing amazing your M leave that behind fourth legs extension exercise extend the legs feel the burn in the [Music] ABS [Music] 15 seconds you are unstoppable looking back just you and me here tonight we fifth open [Music] window exercise open up the arms and legs as you open the windows to a healthier brighter future right here right now ain't no worries when you let [Music] loose rest next single single leg good [Music] morning exercise one leg straight one leg bent hinge at the hips squeeze the glutes to come back to Center High we can start again laughing to the end screaming at the top Hing never stops we could do it all over is bringing us closer Superstar [Music] seventh at the [Music] lake exercise stay focused feel the stretch and your hamstring hey nothing could be better so in the 15 [Music] seconds down roller [Music] coaster yes eight [Music] butterfly exercise flutter your legs as you engage the lower abs get that [Music] burn 15 seconds hang in there super so one got to let it [Music] go knif shoulder [Music] press exercise press your arms and lift one knee up rise above challenges and build strength with every lift so high up in the CL make it forever down roll [Music] 10th setting [Music] Jack exercise last one in this set before 30 seconds rest move the legs pump the arms it's time to [Music] push so we keep moving along 10 [Music] seconds rest rest for 30 seconds take a deep breath you're doing fantastic next set we're starting with app crunch drinking at the botle not thinking about tomorrow don't worry that's a m so we keep exercise time to Target the ABS Crunch and bring opposite elbow and knee to touch that's so keep moving so we keep moving [Music] out 12th change [Music] side EX curl and work the side ABS we're building a core of strength I got an appetite let's bake ourselves a treat what you've been mixing serve it up the way you please I love the way you shake you stir you heat you squeeze so [Music] thick 13th elbow tap twist exercise we're continuing to hit the ABS embrace the flow keep rocking it can cook up we can syrup when we look up just you and me with that cream up like 5000 10 seconds [Music] we 14th toes [Music] reach exercise engage the lower abs to bring your leg up in each bre baby sweet on me baby sh we reach for your goals 15 seconds with that cream with that [Music] sh 15th punch and [Music] cake exercise punch and kick down any barriers you face unleash the Inner [Music] Warrior we can cook up we can stir up let me hook up just you each strike is a declaration of your strength and determination to [Music] win 16th arm [Music] [Applause] [Music] fly exercise feel the burn beating up in your arms we're halfway there we s up when we [Music] up spread the wings sort towards who you want to be why have we failed to see the heart of fre still bed 17th knee [Music] raise exercise raise the knees and sculpt a powerful [Music] core until we [Music] arise open up you got this 10 seconds 18th arm [Music] [Applause] swing exercise swing the arms extend one leg to the front sweep away the self-doubt we are creating our own path [Music] here 15 seconds feel the [Music] rhythm sing louder 19th back to [Music] 90° exercise the second time is where the magic happens you're getting stronger and healthier every [Music] second [Applause] [Music] 20th laks [Music] extension exercise this is your chance to reinforce that Mind Body Connection focus on the ABS feel the energy flow through Rise Up [Music] [Applause] singing we're getting 30 seconds rest real soon 10 [Music] seconds yes enjoy your 30 seconds rest before we Kickstart our final set diving right back in with open window wo W wo exercise imagine opening a window to a world of possibilities let the positivity flood in [Music] M [Music] another rest 22nd butterfly another day back on my [Music] feet exercise get that burn in the absent legs you are stronger than you think and Friday we go down Saturday we ride [Music] Sunday push through 10 seconds suy let's call it a perf weekend 20 thought shower press Wednesday exercise press with determination bring out your strength with it th I'm holding on for one more day I'm fting Every 15 seconds it all again and again Friday we go down Saturday 24th setting Jacks exercise we're bringing back the classics dance to the beat off your win you click Start to this workout and you're still here so this is already a big win of your [Music] day Friday we go dive Saturday we ride [Music] Sunday 25th elbow tap [Music] twist exercise raise the knees twist and tap with [Music] [Applause] purpose the perect weekend let's call it aect we're so close to the end lift your spirits higher with each [Music] [Applause] [Music] repay another we [Music] next um [Music] Fly excise fly high once again I can live it up and do it all again and again Friday we go satday we ride Sunday party ra the bur it is what we're here for 10 [Music] seconds 27 toes [Music] reach exercise engage the ABS feel the stretch in the back of your leg keep reaching for the best version of yourself you've been down this road for far too long he left your a little behind but still you keep on [Music] craw 28 arm swing exercise get the momentum in we're making growth and progress every second we decide to keep [Music] going you're tears they say a thousand words I've heard them more [Music] 29th knee [Music] raise exercise the burn is real I know but we didn't come this far just to come this far we're aiming for the Finish [Music] [Applause] Line cuz all that a want is for you to be happy give me a chance to show 10 seconds open your eyes and see the way I [Music] see final exercise punch and [Music] kick exerc – 20 min Chair Sitting Down Full Body Burn | Beginners & Seniors Friendly, Home Workout, No Repeat

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