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20 min Fat Burning HIIT Cardio (BURN UP TO 360 CALORIES!!) | Full Body TABATA At Home Workout

Hello everyone, my name is Emi, my name is Chad, welcome to Stay Fit and Travel. Some viewers hope that we can provide longer exercise videos. Currently, I have two 15-minute exercise videos, link It will be posted here. Today I decided to take it to the next level and provide you with a 20-minute exercise! This time we're going to do three rounds. Without the rounds, we're going to do four exercises. We're going to do three rounds. . . do not do that! Four exercises, 20 seconds to do, 10 seconds to rest, and we’ll rest for a minute between each round. Great! 20 minutes is a long time, and we will definitely need that minute of rest. Are you ready? Start now! Are you ready? Start now! Remember to stretch your muscles first! 20 minutes of full-body high-intensity interval exercise. Let’s get started. I want to encourage me and Chad too! The first one is squat plus knee lift and turn 3, 2, 1, 1. Start with a normal squat. When you come up, turn your body to the right, lift the left knee until it touches the right elbow, alternate left and right, this will After practicing the legs, center, and hands, the whole body will be warmed up. Rest for 10 seconds. The next step is sit-ups. First, lie on the carpet, put your hands together on top of your head, and start doing it with the strength of your abdominal muscles. But when you get up, use a cutting motion with your hands to cut into the air next to your legs. Take turns with the left and right sides for 20 seconds three two one. Rest starting from the high stick position. Next we will do the stick pose plus straightening the arms and legs five four three two one. , start with a stable center, straighten your right hand and left leg together, then switch to your left hand and right leg, balance well, and don't fall. This is a 20-second turn. Although it is difficult, it is a very effective whole-body exercise to complete! 21, rest. The fourth exercise is called forward lunge. 54321. Start by standing up straight, then take a big step forward. The heel of the front foot should touch the floor first. Slowly lower the body until both legs are bent. Return to the starting position at 90 degrees and then switch to the other leg and move forward. If you want to know more about the correct way to do the lunge, I will post the complete introduction link of my IG below the video. Rest in the first round. Once you have done it once, now you have to repeat the four exercises just now and do another squat plus knee lift and turn 321. If you are sweating and breathing a little at first, it means that you are building muscles and losing weight! Come on, come on, work harder to make this exercise more effective! Three two one, rest and then do sit-ups. Cut three two one. Start working on your abdominal muscles. Three two one. Rest in stick pose and straighten your arms and legs. Three two one. Start using your abdominal muscles to stabilize your body and prevent you from falling. Even if you fall, get up and continue! Come on, you can do it! Three two one, rest. The last exercise for the first time, forward lunge. Five four three two one, start. Remember to keep your chest and back upright. Three two one, rest. The second time is successful. If you do it again, the round is over! Let’s do another deep squat with knee lift and turn. Three two one, start. Think of the one-minute rest at the end of this time! Come on, you can! Three-two-one, rest. Sit-ups, come on. Three-two-one, start. Three-two-one, rest. Stick pose with straight arms and legs. Three-two-one, start. The balance is getting better and better. This is the last time to do this exercise. Come on! Three two one, rest. The last exercise of this round, forward lunge. Five four, three two one, start. Come on, we can rest for a minute after this! Three two one, have a good rest! One-third of the entire exercise is done. You can drink water, lie down, or watch us play a very childish clapping game. Enjoy your one-minute rest. The minute is almost over. Stand up again and prepare for the second round! The first exercise is called half burpee to squat 21. Start by doing a normal burpee with your feet jumping to the back (stick position), then jump to the front of your hands, and then get up and do a deep squat. This is one time, and you need to repeat 20 Seconds, I know everyone hates burpees, but burpees are one of the most effective exercises for building body muscles and losing weight. Come on, work hard! The next step to rest is called Starfish Crunch, which will train abdominal muscles three-two-one. Start lying on the carpet with your hands and feet outward (in the shape of a star). Raise your right hand and left leg to touch them in the air. Then switch sides and repeat this action in turn. 20 seconds to come on, well done. 321. After a break, the next step is to train your back, abdominal muscles, center, hips and hamstrings. 321. Start lying on the carpet, stretch your limbs forward and back, and straighten your neck. Bend, don’t bend your stomach, use your back muscles to lift all your limbs up to make your body become a U-shape, and then come down at once. The fourth exercise I am most afraid of is the triceps flexion and extension, but it is not laborious. Come on, come on, it’s only 20 seconds! 1. Start by sitting on the carpet. Keep your hands steady at the center of your back. Straighten your hands to lift your butt off the floor. Bend your elbows to let your butt come down and lightly touch the floor. Then immediately go up again. I feel like I’m going to die every time, but We don't stop! follow us! 1. Rest. The first round of the second round is over successfully. The four exercises for the second time are ready to go back to the half wave ratio to the squat. 321 starts well. The exercise is almost halfway to 321. Rest and come back to the starfish roll. Abdominal three-two-one, start three-two-one, rest and finish one! Next, do the superman jump. 321, start. Keep breathing. Although it is difficult, your exercise must be effective. Even if you are very sore, don’t give up! Come on, don’t stop. Three two one, rest. It’s already the fourth exercise of the second round. Time flies so fast. Tricep dips and extensions. To enjoy the soreness of your hands, we are not only burning fat but also building muscles! Start three two one, rest The second time of the second round is completed The last time of the second round, come on! Half burpee to squat 321, start with two minutes of hard work, and then you can rest for one minute! I'm looking forward to it. Three two one. Rest. Starfish crunches. Three two one. Start working hard. Use your abdominal muscles as much as possible. Three two one. Rest. Superman jump three two one. The start is about to end. Don't stop. Three two one. Rest and come back to triceps extensions. Three two one, the soreness is already severe at first, but after this is over, we can rest for a minute and come on, we can surpass ourselves. Three two one, rest and complete the second round successfully! Enjoy the one-minute rest and congratulate yourself. Our exercise time has exceeded 10 minutes, which is longer than my normal exercise time. If you haven’t given up yet, I admire your persistence and thank you for accompanying us to exercise. Best, come on! The third round of refueling makes exercise really effective! Ready for one last round? The first exercise is a bit high-intensity, but don’t be afraid, you can definitely do it! Five-four-three-two-one. Start by bending your arms at 90 degrees, with your elbows on both sides of your body, and your palms toward the floor. Jump up every time your knees touch your palms. It’s not easy to jump every time your knees touch your palms, but you don’t need momentum. reduce! Keep dancing, keep burning calories! Two one, rest is just a fun but difficult exercise. Next we can lie down and raise one leg. Three two one, start with your hands under your buttocks, lift your legs off the floor, lift one leg to 90 degrees and then come down ( Don’t touch the floor) This is a 20-second leg-switching rotation. Remember not to let your legs touch the floor. Three-two-one, the break is complete! The third exercise is called squat jump three-two-one. Start by squatting down like a normal squat, then come up to halfway and then squat down again. This is a ‘pulse'. Repeat this action three times and then you can stand up. This counts as one time and repeat this. The 20-second exercise will train your legs and buttocks. You should lie down to refuel and rest. The fourth exercise is called swimming! 321, it starts to look like a Superman jump, but this time our hands and legs need to imitate swimming movements. The right hand and left leg are raised together, and the left hand and right leg are lowered at the same time. Then switch sides and the body must be balanced, using the back and buttocks. Muscles to do this exercise. Two one rest. The first time of the third round is completed. Two more times and it is over. Then raise your knees and jump three two one. Start to come on. Jump with us. There are only 20 seconds left. Three two one. Take a rest. One is Starfish Crunch 321. At the beginning, you have to remind yourself that you need to use your abdominal muscles for this exercise, not the strength of your neck or back. Your spine should be kept parallel. 321. Rest and then squat and jump. 321. It’s a good start. Three 21, rest, the second and last exercise of the third round is swimming 321, don’t stop when you start, don’t give up on the ground, keep moving, continue swimming 321, rest, do it again and then the whole exercise can be over! Come on, raise your knees and jump. 21, start. Do this exercise for the last time, come on! Three two one, rest. Raise one leg. Three two one, start. Three two one, rest. It's easy! Let’s do the squat jump again. 321, start. It’s almost over. It’s almost over. 321, rest. The last exercise of the whole 20 minutes is swimming. 321, start. It’s really almost over. Don’t give up on yourself. Come on! Try not to let your whole body touch the floor. Three two one, it's over. It's over. The 20 minutes of exercise are completed! great! Thank you for exercising with me. Before I finish, I have to stretch my muscles first. This is the child's pose. Stay in this position for a while, take a few deep breaths, and finally do the cat-cow pose and then it's over! Like us and leave a message to let us know how you are doing this exercise. Don't forget to subscribe and share it with your family and friends. Let's exercise together every week to stay healthy! See you next week, bye! Hello everyone, Hello everyone Three rounds, each round. . . Hahaha, I want to see it. . . Don't believe her, she's naughty! – 20 min Fat Burning HIIT Cardio (BURN UP TO 360 CALORIES!!) | Full Body TABATA At Home Workout

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