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20 min Full Body Workout In Bed (Abs, Arms, Back, Thighs & Booty Burn) ~ Emi

[Music] hi i'm emmy if you have been feeling too lazy to get out of bed especially during winter right now or you had a long day of work but you still want to squeeze in a good burn while watching netflix in bed well this is the perfect workout for you a brand new 20 minute workout in bed for full body burn targeting the abs core arms legs thighs calves you are going to feel the burn all over today's video is in collaboration with metafluence many of you recently might have heard a lot more about the metaverse and nft whether we like it or not this is the new feature the next chapter for the internet maybe very soon we'll even get to work out together side by side in the metaverse so today i want to show you something really really cool my new home enter metaphors the meta hut and matafluence mata fluence is an influence to earn platform and mata huts are influencers homes which are personalized spaces where we can design our own virtual rooms host events collaborate with brands sell our own merchandise showcase nft collections we can even build new rooms so definitely a very very exciting experience check out the link below if you're interested and please note that this is not financial advice do your own research before any investment and purchase online and now if you're ready for the workout let's go 20 exercises 40 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between first air bike [Music] exercise sit with forearms on bed supporting your torso work the lower abs to extend one leg at a time the lower your straight leg goal the more burn you get keep both legs off the bed the whole time [Music] thank you for clicking start do this for yourself and your goals [Music] second lick scissors [Music] exercise legs pointing towards the sky engage the inner and outer thighs to crisscross in small motions for 20 seconds [Music] we are changing into white split in three two one [Music] really focus on working the thighs for each wrap [Music] listen to the midnight rest third cross crunch [Music] [Applause] [Music] exercise crunch the abs to lift one knee up to touch opposite elbow alternate sides [Music] press your belly down to the bed squeezing the abs [Music] [Applause] [Music] rest fourth elbow plank [Music] exercise tighten your core head to heel in one straight line [Music] this is definitely tougher to balance than a regular plank on floor we need to use our abs even more keep squeezing [Music] fifth lion kickback [Music] exercise lie on your side bend your top leg to the front then kick it straight towards the back [Music] let the thighs [Music] next other side [Music] exercise [Music] [Applause] together [Music] seven side push-ups [Music] [Applause] exercise again lie on your side push yourself up with one arm [Music] change side in three two one even when i kept [Music] the [Music] circles crunch your abs to curl up like a shrimp then move in a circular motion so that we get the belly burn in all angles [Music] change direction in three two one [Music] ninth plank step to spider [Music] exercise an elbow plank step one leg out to the side at a time core tight [Music] going into spiderman plank in three two one bring your knee in towards your elbow squeezing the side abs [Music] 10 russian twists [Music] exercise set in v-shape twist your torso left and right as you tap the back on each side you can also grab a pillow like me [Music] keep working the side abs we are not dropping our legs until timer is up we will get a long rest after this [Music] rest for 45 seconds we are halfway done already awesome job so far we're going to crush it all the way to the finish line next is lick cake two ways almost like i don't know if it's real cause when we're doing our thing where the wheels won't stop turning [Music] city lights [Music] exercise kick your upper leg to the front and straight up to the sides focus the burn in the thigh for each wrap [Music] [Music] rest twelfth other side [Music] exercise kick hard work the inner and outer thighs [Music] [Music] just go a little crazy [Music] heel touch to punch exercise for the first 20 seconds crunch up and squeeze the side abs to tap your heel on each side be mindful to use the abs and not the neck [Music] deep connection [Music] change to regular crunch in three two one curled up and squeeze the abs simple but effective [Music] 14th bear call to planck [Music] exercise in all fours lift both knee ups core tight this is the bare position then extend both legs into plank still tightening the abs legs back into bare position what's your weakness [Music] no pain no gain we have come this far already keep pushing [Music] superman fly and squeeze [Music] exercise lie face down bring your legs and arms up at the same time engaging the back [Music] change the back squeeze in three two one [Music] chest up with elbows back bring your shoulder blades together and really squeeze the back [Music] fly [Applause] [Music] exercise press your belly down to the bed legs up arms flying up and down at the side [Music] abs and legs are burning yes i'm here with you too hang in there 15 seconds only [Music] one leg hip lifts to hold [Music] one leg up to the sky lift your hips and squeeze the thigh and booty at the top [Music] we are just going to hold it in three two one keep squeezing let it burn it's what we're here for [Music] 18 other leg [Applause] [Music] exercise last three exercises finish strong [Music] three two one hold so i had to change [Music] torso dropped [Music] slowly drop your torso backwards without touching the bed holding the appetite with a slight twist to tap elbows on the bed punch the abs to sit back up [Music] [Applause] [Music] ten seconds [Applause] [Music] rest 20th table top left [Music] exercise push yourself up into tabletop position arms and knees in 90 degree hip up and straight line like a table then drop back down and up again we are so close to the end get in a few more reps [Music] 20 exercises done here's one optional bonus challenge if you feel like more burn today but no pressure you can also try this another time or after a longer rest we extend exercise from sitting in v-shape lower your torso as you extend one leg at a time challenge yourself to see what you can achieve [Music] we are just holding it in three two one [Music] hold it guys 10 more seconds and we are done [Music] rest great job for choosing to use this 20 minutes to do this for yourself the effort that you put in will not be wasted hope you had an awesome start or end of the day stretch it out before you rest amazing work and i'll see you again very soon [Music] don't stop in your eyes – 20 min Full Body Workout In Bed (Abs, Arms, Back, Thighs & Booty Burn) ~ Emi

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