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20 min Intense Belly & Thigh (Inner + Outer) Workout Get Sexy Ab and Slim Legs!!! ~Emi

being with you life goes by fast we're so down we got older where did it go now oh hi guys I'm Amy today I'm putting together the two most popular requests from you guys working for the belly and workout for the thighs as you wish we'll target both of these areas and give them the best but before we get started I want to share a little skincare tip with you guys today there are some misconceptions when it comes to sunscreen first a lot of people think that it only need to apply it when the Sun is out or the higher SPFs the more protection actually you should always protect your skin from UV rays regardless of the weather if you just expose your skin to the UV every day even during your commute it will actually to more visible signs of aging skin the reason I like this new Olay aperture let screen so much as that it's very light and thin on skin it's not just a sunscreen with SPF 50 plus pa4 pluses it uses micro gel technology to form a high-density protective film with micro molecular layer on skin which can effectively and evenly block UV rates most most most important especially for girls like me who get pimples very easily when my pores block this is recommended by dermatologists yes we have alcohol increase and it is enriched with travel loss to lock in moisture with themselves so that my skin can stay hydrated the whole day and you can apply it every day before or without makeup all right that set off my little sharing and if you're ready let's go first exercise let's activate the burn in our size with outer thigh lifts we'll start on the left side first lie on your right side supporting it upper body with your right elbow bend at a 90 degree angle right leg bent on the floor left leg straight and start pulsing up and down don't drop it down to the floor until timer is up you'll begin to feel a burn and your left outer side enjoy it this is what we're here for [Music] next one is the same movement before the right leg switch side left elbow on the floor raise your right leg up and down we're not letting it touch the floor throughout the whole movement focus a burn in the right outer side use this time to remember your goal and what you want to achieve by clicking into this video then channel your determination into the workout [Music] don't help [Music] third exercise is Russian twist to target the lower ab and side ab focusing the burn especially in the muffin tops [Music] sit with knees bent crunching your belly to lift your legs off the floor then twist your torso from side to side again we're keeping our legs off the floor until timer rings hang in there when you feel the burn instead of hating it and wanting it to stop celebrate it because it means you're doing it right and the exercise is working for you pick your poison tell me what you wanna I'm destroyed [Music] everything you saw us right yes forth exercises ankle side to side touch to continue the site belly burn [Music] knees bent feet on the floor arms by your side crunch up to lift your head neck and shoulders off the floor then bend to one side as you squeeze that side of your waist and touch your ankle with your head alternate between sides for 45 seconds let's work on the love handles doing great so far [Music] [Applause] [Music] fifth is a nurse I'd like to work on our inner thighs starting with the right leg [Music] similar to outside left fly on your right side with right elbow bent at a 90 degree angle to support your upper body but this time right leg straight on the med cross your left leg over your right leg and turn it on the ground in front of your body work on your right hand aside to raise your leg off the floor and pulse it up and down our goal here is to feel the burn in the inner thigh if you do congratulations keep going [Music] next one is the same movement on the other side [Music] exercise keep pulsing your left leg give your inner thigh a good burn push it some more effort you put in now the more results you get [Music] you just don't know [Music] you catch don't know [Music] seven exercise is reversed Christ to focus a burn in the lower belly exercise lie on the floor and mix your bum palms down to stabilize your body lift your legs up to 90 degree angle use the power of your lower abs to lift your hip off the floor – it's the sky lower your hip back down and repeat for 45 seconds keep breathing be mindful to really crunch your lower belly in each rep return the starting position and dip to the opposite side alternate for 45 seconds [Music] [Music] eight is playing hip dip to the side [Music] start an elbow plank position hold in your belly to keep one straight line from head to heel then working your midsection rotate your hip to one side dip your body almost to the floor return to starting position and dip to the opposite side it's not easy but I know you can do this challenge yourself do it for the stubborn belly fat that you guys don't know Thank You poison nice a single lick circle for more thigh burn starting on the left leg [Music] same starting position as outer side left lie on your right side let last leg up and rotate it and small circles switch direction after 22 seconds [Music] okay tu-16 the burden is real you guys know what I'm going to say next no pain no gain do it for yourself [Music] and a single lick circle for right leg [Music] exercise we're halfway through this workout guys this is not the time to give up keep pushing and surprising yourself what your body can achieve [Music] [Music] today to launch [Music] amazing work elephant is set up to take a belly burn to the next level [Music] lie on the floor arms extended past your head hands together touching the floor soles of your feet facing one another punching your abs raise your upper torso to a sitting position as you reach forward with both hands to touch the floor in front of your ankles then lower back down and tap the floor with your hands for next reps here I want you to go faster really push yourself with mex effort for the most burn [Music] Tawes is plank jacks to work not only our belly area but also a full body and get a hot pumping to burn off the calories [Music] exercise an elbow plank position jump mere feet apart and back together repeat for 45 seconds jump as quickly and with as much power as possible no stopping no slacking you want to see results it's up to you how much work you're willing to put it [Music] you're stronger than you think let's get it done together take it sweet you guys don't know Brenda got a gig stepping Oh big 13th we're sitting back there for the late cake for exercise rest on your right side both quick straight work on your side to lift your left leg up as high as you can this is one rep repeat for 22 seconds then switch to a half a leg kick by pointing your thigh to the sky bending and kicking your foot up for every breath kick harder make every rep count HFS don't know [Music] 14th is the same movement by switching to the right leg so as 22 seconds full ballet ca – 20 min Intense Belly & Thigh (Inner + Outer) Workout Get Sexy Ab and Slim Legs!!! ~Emi

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