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20 min Killer HIIT for Full Body Fat Burn *Super Sweaty* ~ Emi

hi guys I'm Emmy today we're going to get super sweaty with a 20 minute killer hit it will be an intense cardio to burn fat and calories and if you're ready let's go back in my bag and I gotta brag I do this for real when we was down and we had nothing we had to share first exercise jump Jack exercise [Music] we're starting strong 20 seconds [Music] in the movie second squat to me steady going up like a travel plan Homer Simpson face get the word if it's a city love again still have emotion dog so why would I slow it make it rain on them bust the band then you throw it we were steady having it even that I love it with high speed Road Runner keep my motor going hey people fell away but don't show it gotta watch the people that surround you as you grow it they be coming around you with some plans to steal your moment as soon as I 15 seconds enough to go around yeah you probably know it's them but really you don't know it's not bloody show and tell but all might know me well who is either Chase or dream or go to jail third skater hop back again so highly just that back in my back lord we back to change the climbing they step back in my back exercise [Music] challenge yourself hop further and faster you know what I came for I see the real you should let it ride that cage more I'll be playing it cool because [Music] fourth front and back lunge [Music] right leg first [Music] 20 seconds make sure both legs are in 90 degree angles [Music] right now [Music] fifth switch lick [Music] I got it exercise [Music] keep going 15 seconds [Music] oh [Music] exercise [Music] go faster jump higher you got this [Music] but I need you to say it to me I've been to myself just me ladies [Music] seventh ski fan at the hips back flat squeeze the glutes and thrust your hips forward to stand back up [Music] to myself [Music] you should pray for set lower no pain no gain you got this [Music] [Music] just me lately [Music] ninth side lunge lasting after Pleasures I become addicted to this feeling under pressure exercise [Music] attempted to right wrongs I carry a light load I travel the right roads I see how the dice [Music] it pops outside the church [Music] hate the fact that I wasn't surprised tiny for 20 seconds [Music] going into butt cake in three two one foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] chest 12th floor Buffy I'll never put my brakes for the legal gas got my eyes look losing dripping like the wheel spinning at the sunshine this time we're going all the way down to the floor and we'll jump to standing foreign [Music] [Music] a few more I need [Music] a free in a few days [Music] 13th walking skater [Music] we are more than halfway through but you're running away baby [Music] I attract 14th inch warm to shoulder taped exercise core tired as you get into high plank stay balanced and stable doing shoulder tap [Music] has done the devil steady testing me tease me gently like expensive trees like it's your expertise touched by V you know it's blessed and baby we gotta run away but you're running away [Music] tonight all night all night [Music] fifth elbow plank hold [Music] on make sure head to heel is in one straight line keep tightening the ABS you hold it down just like the piece that's on your back we argue that's love from Petty games that you play put you through the same thing 20 seconds [Music] 16th sit up punch [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] jacks [Music] it's tough we're feeling the fatigue but don't quit on me I'm here with you every rap [Music] [Music] they tried to count me out yeah fill out my bank account now I got something [Music] 10 seconds fill up my bank account [Music] 18th toast touch crunch [Music] keep your legs slightly lower than 90 degree angle to increase the range of the Crunch and hence more burn [Music] they tried to knock me out they tried to count my wins they tried to show miles they tried to make me yeah they tried the wedding now all of these battles of me feeling blessed yes I want stretch beat the eyes they tried to count me out 19th mountain climber [Applause] [Music] exercise core tight slow and controlled [Music] we're speeding up in three two one [Music] ten seconds go go [Music] 20 Iron Butterfly [Music] let's work our ABS off steel or iron we're stronger than we think [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm falling on baby that's a place [Music] [Applause] stop playing with me 10 seconds we're so close to the end I'll be here when they pay me [Music] 21st Fair cross [Music] tightening the inner core like an elastic band around your waist [Music] full of minerals [Music] 20 seconds stay strong baby that's a pipe dream everybody win when they ball for the right team [Applause] [Music] thank you 20 seconds side plank to hip dip [Music] exercise keep your torso lifted by working your side abs in case they get too big baby don't stress Don't sweaty put it all on my dick in three two one if you got beef don't come out [Music] as long as 23rd other side I'm trying to start some businesses work those side UPS [Music] can't tell what they doing lately and I'm way too clean I'm Listerine I thought they didn't know it I'm in my lungs I got my record three two one hip dips [Music] ten seconds straight out of that country thick ass Human air and I need not mentioned final exercise grinder [Music] exercise finish this workout with a bang give it all you got it [Music] down 15 seconds come on all the way to the finish line [Music] a flight [Music] and we are done amazing work today I'm proud of you and me take this win with you into the rest of your day and life we can do whatever we put our mind into and I'll see you again very soon down down down – 20 min Killer HIIT for Full Body Fat Burn *Super Sweaty* ~ Emi

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