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Hi, I'm Emi Today we're going to work on our legs and thighs for 20 minutes without jumping jacks. I know a lot of you hate jumping. There you go, but don't worry. It is a super killer and equally effective This is also the 4th week of the final week of my 4 week total body transformation program I have been loving all the progress pictures you have sent me already and I am so excited to see your final results after this week let's push it to the finish line you can find this link For the full program in the subscription box below including links to all the workout videos for each day Share your progress hastag Emi convert You can also tag Emi Wong on instagram so we can motivate and celebrate each other as a whole big family and if you are ready to workout let's go 15 Exercise for two rounds, each exercise 30 seconds with ten seconds of rest and meaning and we will rest for 30 seconds after the first exercise in the first round, which is a squat lift to raise the leg. Sit down until your thighs are at least parallel, squeezing the booty to stand. Lift your heels off the ground and flex your calves. Remember the reason for the tap. Above start, you are taking this time out of your day to improve yourself and work on your goals We will finish this workout fitter and stronger physically and mentally Rest for 10 seconds – Exercise 2 Standing Leg Raise Focus your weight on your left leg with a slight bend at the hip and knees Extend your right leg out to the side, lift it up Possible level while working your thigh you should feel the burn in your legs and thighs, and this is what makes us reach our goals so continue the third is the same movement, but this time raise the left leg keep your left toes and squeeze your buttocks and engage your inner thigh for each lift the fourth is Side Lunge and Reach Sit legs spread out in a side split as you twist your torso and reach one arm on the floor and the other toward the sky. Switch from side to side but don't stand all the way back. Stay in a half sumo squat when we get to the center so we can keep the tension and burn in The fifth is a single leg deadlift. Shift your weight to your left leg with a slight bend in the knee driving your right leg back as you lean forward and press into the floor with your arms, then push through your standing leg and press your booty to stand back up. The sixth is also a single leg deadlift but switch sides. Focus and feel. By burning your standing leg and glutes as you stand each seventh rep is a reverse lunge Take a big step back with your left leg and lower yourself down until both legs are at a 90 degree angle push through your front leg and squeeze your buttocks to stand back up Left leg taps slightly into the floor and quickly returns to Reverse lunge Eighth, we repeat the reverse lunge with the opposite leg Keep your chest looking forward Remember we're keeping the weight in our front leg the whole time We're just tapping the floor lightly with our right leg as we stand Then we'll immediately come back down for the reverse lunge Ninth is a frog squat to burn My favorite Sit in a squat with your elbows under it Extend your legs while keeping your elbows on your knees and lean forward Make sure your back is flat Sit in a squat with your chest up We can lie down after this exercise, so keep pushing Together as you engage your thighs and rotate your legs outward as far as you can in clam pose my legs and thighs are shaking here. I hope you have too Means we're getting the burn right The 11th is the inner leg kick for more inner thigh burn Sit on your left side bent and planting it on the right floor stretched straight out Exercise your inner thigh to lift it up and then bring it forward Focus on using your inner thigh for each movement Twelfth we switch legs and it was an inside leg kick Thirteenth is a frog pump the soles of your feet together and then squeeze your glutes and lift your hip really pause and squeeze your booty together and then slowly lower down fourteenth it's a leg lift the cartilage bridge of the right leg press your glutes to lift your hip Up then extend your right leg straight out and engage your thigh to lift it up and down without dropping it to the floor until the timer goes up Remind yourself to keep your hip up throughout the movement The final exercise for this movement is the same movement and sideways Rest for 30 seconds Coming soon – get the last leg and thigh burn in This round The first round lasted 30 seconds and we will start the second round – we have already learned the movement We have this, nothing and no one is stopping us from our goals. The first is the squat raise for the calf raise. Every time you rise and raise your heels you spread your arms like wings. We feel strong and powerful and we can achieve anything we want as long as we are willing to do the work. The second is the standing leg raise. Hold your core tight to maintain balance. Focus on using your thigh for each lift. Third, it's the same thing but on the opposite leg Fourth is the side lunge and reach This is similar to a yoga move but don't underestimate the burn in the thighs Keep lunging and keep reaching Stay in the sumo squat when you move from side to side Fifth is a single leg deadlift Keep your mind focused on Using the right part of your body for each rep push through your standing leg and squeeze your buttocks as you stand Sixth is also a one side leg lift dead shift Seventh is a reverse lunge – right front left leg Try to go a little faster this time Once you're up, press into the floor gently With your left leg without putting any weight on it lunges all the way down to the bottom really cool the eighth is the same, this time the front leg left the right leg right leg you're getting tired so you might feel a little uncomfortable now but this is how we push our bodies to make the progress that we want to We see it so learn to love

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