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20 min SLIM INNER & OUTER THIGH (Lying Down Exercises Only) ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories do [Applause] today we are focusing on the thighs these exercises are designed specifically to target the inner and outer thighs and if you're feeling lazy today well no excuses when it comes to this workout because these are all lying down exercises you can do them on the med or if you're still in bed watching this video no need to get up you can get straight into it [Music] each exercise 40 seconds with 10 seconds rest there will be no repetitive exercises three sets in total with longer 20 seconds rest in between sets first exercise is air pump [Music] exercise feet together up towards the sky bend your knees pointing out then squeeze your inner thighs to pump your feet up [Music] activate the birds [Music] second lake fan pals exercise pouch your legs up and down like a fan engaging the thighs [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] feel the burn building up great work [Applause] [Music] third row to your right side for full leg lifts [Music] lift your left leg up as high as possible focus on using your thighs [Music] it's too much to calm me down [Music] leg circle with the same length [Music] exercise rotate your upper leg and circles will switch direction after 20 seconds [Music] yes the burn is real no pain no gain change direction in three two one we're almost halfway through the first set [Music] fifth half leg kick [Music] exercise point your knee towards the sky kick your foot up as you tighten your thighs [Music] last one before we switch like push it through [Music] rest six full leg lifts for right leg [Music] exercise mind body connection focus on engaging your thigh for each lips i've tried sometimes but you're making me nervous now i've realized that i can't live without your [Music] the only reason i keep sneaking out at night [Music] seven lick circles [Music] exercise we are continuing the burn on this lake so stay focused eyes on the price [Music] three two one switch directions [Music] out at night last one in the first set half lick cake [Music] exercise strong kicks all the way till the timer ends 20 seconds long rest is waiting for us [Music] coming [Music] rest rest for 20 seconds before our second set starting with cross leg fan cross your legs then open to the sides like a fan [Music] so good [Music] work the inner and outer sides we're here for the bird [Music] baby [Music] [Music] rest 10th frog pop [Music] exercise souls together squeeze your glutes and tighten the thighs to pump your hip up as long [Music] [Applause] squeeze heart for each rap [Music] side squeeze hip lift to target the inner thighs [Music] exercise knees together with feet apart squeeze the inner thighs as you lift your hip up squeezing the glitch [Music] everything tight and controlled in each lift [Music] kickback [Music] exercise lie on your right side bend your left leg to the front and extend it to the back feeling the burn in your left thigh [Music] keep it going do it for yourself and i don't really break too easily but i'm worth it cause i'll slip into your dreams tonight [Music] rest 13 front cake with the same leg [Music] exercise left leg straight bring it forward foot pointing to the front as much as possible then back [Music] we are halfway through the workout and the set 10 seconds left [Music] rest 14th lake left pals [Music] exercise forearm on the ground supporting your torso up house your left leg up and down and small lifts really targeting the different spots in the thigh [Music] hang in there we're switching side and the next exercise [Music] kickback for the right leg this time [Music] rest 16 fried cake [Music] exercise hard work and determination will get you to your goals hang in there [Music] something about you gives me [Music] [Music] 17th lake left pals [Music] exercise last one in the set before 20 seconds rest push all the way to the end [Music] and as the ocean is surrounding me baby i'm sure we lost track of time [Music] rest rest for 20 seconds and get ready for our final set starting with inner thigh lift right leg first [Music] exercise lying on the right side left leg bend and grounded on the floor in front house your right leg up and down engage your inner thighs [Music] ten seconds left [Music] inner thigh shift with the same leg [Music] exercise bring your right leg back and forth again focus on working the inner thigh for each shift [Music] and you know i'm broken but you're not the kind [Music] and too much twentieth swish lake for inner thigh lifts [Music] exercise keep challenging yourself believe in what you can achieve [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] 25 inner thighs [Applause] i don't usually like exercise we're almost halfway through the final sets [Music] and too much [Music] face down squeeze [Music] exercise lying on your belly squeeze the glutes and thighs to lift your knees up as high as possible just hold it here [Music] keep squeezing keep lifting [Music] 23rd single leg up down right leg first [Music] exercise right leg up towards the sky lift your hip up as you squeeze your glutes for 20 seconds [Music] three two one keep your hip raised and lift your right leg up and down [Music] 24th at the lake [Music] exercise we are so close to the end keep the bird going till the last second [Music] three two one hip-hop lifting only the [Music] without legs all my friends [Music] rest last exercise in this workout hip lift walk [Music] exercise hip up as high as possible walk your feet out and back in keep tightening the thighs and lifting the hips [Music] it burns i know but we're almost there push for a little bit more 15 more seconds [Music] and we're done good job for today don't forget to stretch and remember hard work is key to see progress the sky is your element you can achieve any goals you put your mind into and i'll see you again very [Music] – 20 min SLIM INNER & OUTER THIGH (Lying Down Exercises Only) ~ Emi

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