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20 MIN SLIM LEG & TONE BOOTY (+ Get Rid of Cellulite) | 21-Day Lower Body Transform Program

Hi, I'm Emi. Today let's get a 20 minute workout and booty workout to sculpt your lower body. This is also the third, final week of the 21 Day Leg Transformation Program. You can find the download link for the entire program in the description box below including links to all the workout videos for each day. Share this with 3 friends and family to encourage them to join you in this challenge so we can motivate each other on this journey and if you're ready to workout let's go. 30 exercises. 30 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between. The first exercise is a front kick with the left leg to warm up and activate our entire leg and glutes. Second stop. The third is one leg out to the side and back. Set hip down and back against chest tight up, bending left leg and putting all your weight on it. Extend your right leg out to the side and bend back. Squeeze your glutes throughout the entire exercise. Feel the burning burn in your left leg, especially your thigh and glutes. The fourth aspect of change. Fifth, squat with calf raises. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor plus your heels are on the floor to raise the leg. Squeeze your booty to push your hip forward as you stand back up. Don't slouch your back. Keep it flat with the chest lifted. He frowned tight. Six is the side of the crab. Place your hip down and return to a quarter squat. Walk from side to side as you squeeze your booty and feel the burn in your thigh muscles. Again, chest over eyes looking forward. Remind yourself to stay low even when the burning becomes intense. Seventh mode for frog pump. The soles of your feet together. Squeeze your glutes as you push your hip. Feel it in your booty. This means you are right. Eighth: Hip raise. Similar to a frog pump. But this time keep your feet flat on the floor. Squeeze your booty hard for each lift. IX – Glute Bridge Bridge. Just hold it here. Stay focused and keep squeezing your glutes together. Remind yourself from time to time to lift the hip up and don't let it fall. The tenth is the oyster. Get on the knee side plank. Present together. Open your knees to the side as far as possible and squeeze your booty tightly. You're killing it so far. We're 1/3 into this exercise already. The eleventh is the clam pulse. Similar to the clam pose, but instead of putting your feet together on the floor keep your legs apart. Swing your leg and squeeze your glutes on each breath The twelfth is forward leg lifts, working right leg first Right leg straight Rotate your thigh to bring it as forward as possible. Then extend it back as you squeeze the glutes. Switch the 14th leg is straight ass. Right leg first You know the drill here. Squeeze your gallbladder each time you lift your right leg. The key here is to keep your back flat. We're just lifting our leg by concentrating all the effort in the booty We're not using our backs Fifteenth leg Hold on, we're about halfway through The sixteenth is a classic donkey kick Hold on. Be careful of your appearance. Do your best not to move your back 17 on the other side 18 is a fire hydrant you should get the hang of it by now. Flat back with minimal movement. Place your leg to the side and when it reaches the top, squeeze your booty. The 19th leg 20th leg is a single-leg pulse. The last exercise is on the floor. Let's get it done. Your body is in one straight line. Swap one leg up and down without dropping it to the floor. Remember to squeeze your booty in every lift don't let your back come. Keep your body aligned. Work your abs here. no pain no gain. 21 The Other Side Hold your heart tight. This is challenging and works not only our legs but also our muscles and arms. You didn't come here to be easy. 22 We stand for good morning Keep your back flat. Push your hip back with a slight bend in your knees and then squeeze your booty to push your hip forward while standing 23 In and Out of Squats Make sure to squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor in each squat Embrace the burn. It's a body that tells us it's making progress toward our goals. The 24th is a rush and an applause. Both legs at a 90 degree angle as you step back into a reverse lunge then squeeze your glutes and push through the heel of your front leg to stand while lifting your back leg forward and clapping underneath Station 25. Only five more exercises to go. The twenty-sixth is a squat and clap floor tap. Sit down and press into the floor, keeping your chest up. Then jump right in and applaud. Fill yourself with energy and drive all the way to the finish line. What limits you now is your mind. You have to believe in yourself, even if no one else believes in you. You can do it. Push it through pretty. You smashed it! 27 is a leg lift Lift one leg back while squeezing the booty Focus on pressing and balance 28 Leg key. 29 One leg deadlift. Same focus – pressure and balance. Squeeze your glutes as you push through the heel off your front leg to stand back up. Alternate legs. The final exercise is a jump and lunge. The last 30 seconds of this exercise. It's celebration time! Make sure your legs are at a 90-degree angle every time you jump into a lunge. Chest up, eyes looking up. Yes, we'll all go here. Nothing holds us back. And you did it again good job. Celebrate yourself. The work you do for yourself is never wasted. If you still want more here's an additional exercise for you. Donkey Leg Curl that focuses on the back of your hamstrings and booty Thank you for taking this time yourself and clicking through this exercise Give this video a like and subscribe for more to come. See you again very soon! – 20 MIN SLIM LEG & TONE BOOTY (+ Get Rid of Cellulite) | 21-Day Lower Body Transformation Program

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