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20 min STANDING ABS Workout for Ab Lines, Small Waist & Flat Belly ~ Emi

[Music] you take my life for granted [Music] another one of you guys favorite 20-minute standing abs focusing all the burns in this belly area working the lower abs side abs upper abs with only standard exercises so no yoga mat needed you can do this anywhere anytime even with limited space or dirty floor but before we start the work out here [Music] there will be 24 exercises 40 seconds each 10 seconds rest there will also be longer rest between sets first toes touch exercise crunch your abs to lift one leg straight up and reach to touch the toes with opposite arms [Music] work the abs for every rep start the workout strong [Music] second other side [Music] every day is a fresh start a new opportunity to work towards your goals you can be whoever you want to be [Music] and squeeze the belly to focus the burn [Music] third torso twist [Music] exercise palms together arm straight tighten your midsection and twist your torso from side to side [Music] it may look easy but you will feel the burn every rep as you engage your side abs and core [Music] rest fourth side and opposite crunch [Music] exercise lift your knee up with side crunch to touch elbow from the same side then lift it across the touch opposite elbow [Music] again punch and squeeze your abs to work the target area [Music] [Music] mind body connection focus on using the apps [Music] foreign [Music] next sideband exercise reach your arm as you bend over to the side squeezing the side abs is [Music] feel the burn along the side of your torso keep it going [Music] seven elbow tape [Music] exercise one foot back bring your knee up as you twist your torso to tap it with opposite elbow [Music] get it push to maximize the bird [Music] [Music] exercise every rep every bit of effort you are putting in right now adds up make progress and not excuses [Music] we are almost done with one third off this workout 15 seconds [Music] rest knife round the world [Music] exercise feet wide apart arms up to the sky crunch the abs to bend to the side and down and work the abs to lift your torso up towards the other side making a big circle [Music] at the same time alternate sides squeeze in the belly for each lift [Music] rest 10 side twist exercise one foot forward one foot back twist your torso twist the side of your front leg really squeeze your abs every time you turn feeling a stretch along your side abs [Music] always side [Music] exercise back flat focus on the minimal movement to work the targeted spot around our waist [Music] [Music] stronger than i ever been [Music] [Music] honey or you can choose no jump option [Music] exercise hope your knee up to touch your palms at waist level no worries if you choose not to jump today i got you wipe your abs to bring each knee up [Music] challenge yourself we'll get 30 seconds rest after almost there [Music] cause you're wrong grab some water rest for 30 seconds because we are halfway done we'll start second half off the workout with side drop i just can't read you when you pass me by sometimes [Music] exercise legs apart slowly drop your body towards one side and squeeze your side abs to lift your torso back up [Music] give it a go [Music] rest 14th other side [Music] exercise we are not focusing on speed here we want the slow burn in the side of our ways stay focused make every rep worth it [Music] crunch to me [Music] exercise crunch and curl your torso as if you're a shrimp and lift one knee up alternate sides [Music] we are working both our upper and lower abs here 20 seconds it is [Music] knee taps [Music] arms up to the sky step one foot back squeeze your abs to bring knee up and tap with your hands [Music] go faster get that burn other side [Music] exercise your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it you got this [Music] [Music] is [Music] rest 18th like circle exercise hands on hips core tight slow and steady work the lower abs to bring one knee up then to the side making a circle squeeze your abs the whole time to keep the tension running right inside my head emotions keep coming they're keeping me from thinking straight thought it would be different when i got my things in place stuck in this commotion how can i pass this i wanna either be somebody else another me that doesn't need [Music] rest 19th other side try to make this better exercise slow and controlled work the abs to draw each circle with your leg giving it a slow but good burn [Music] [Music] we are back with torso twice [Music] exercise this time challenge yourself to squeeze your abs even more with each turn try to make right but this better same even though i changed really made an effort promise i would change but something stayed the same wanted to do better 20 seconds things [Music] side and opposite crunch [Music] exercise we have done it before practice makes perfect make this the best round yet [Music] 20 seconds other side [Music] exercise we are in the final lick of this workout so close to the finish line each rep stronger and better [Music] 23rd knee tab [Music] exercise last two exercises sweat it all out [Music] but really i don't give a damn 10 seconds [Music] rest final one other side [Music] exercise give it your all here push for that extra 20 i know you can we are almost done [Music] 15 seconds hold on team hold on a couple more reps [Applause] [Music] and we are done good job for finishing this 20 minutes standing at workout with me hope you had an awesome abs and belly burn it's all worth it i promise your body will thank you later stretch it out before you go and i'll see you again very soon – 20 min STANDING ABS Workout for Ab Lines, Small Waist & Flat Belly ~ Emi

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