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20 MIN VISIBLE ABS & CARDIO WORKOUT [15-Day Belly Fat Burn Program] #EmiTransform

hi I'm ma today we're on for 20 minutes full body cardio and after that we'll be burning fat all over while targeting the axe this is also Dave for about 15 Dave visible absent belly fat burning program you can find all the videos and calendar in the description box below I've sweat in my eyes and in my ears after this workout so sweaty dripping into my eyes remember to subscribe and turn on that notification button so you won't miss any of the new videos you can also share your results and progress on Instagram tik-tok facebook and hashtag any transform so we can motivate and support each other and if you're ready for the workout let's go so we'll do 10 exercises each exercise 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest we'll do these pen exercises for 3 rounds and there will be 20 seconds rest between each round it's much simpler than it sounds just follow along first exercise is back and front lunge twist I guess I call in math exercise make sure your knees are in 90-degree angle when you step into both back and front lunges we'll switch leg after 15 seconds three two one switch keep going and let our body warm up to get ready for the bone [Music] rest rest for ten seconds second exercise is crunch to toes for the apps exercise crunch your abs as if someone is punching a belly to the floor curl yourself up like a shrimp pause and squeeze your abs as you reach to try touch your toes cool to be bad too awesome to be I still appeal to us but run things don't talk dressed third exercise is elbow knee tap [Music] exercise in each rep tighten your a bank or to lift your knee up and twist your torso to tap your knee with opposite elbow switch side after 15 seconds three two one switch promise yourself to give 120% in this walk out for the best burn because this is what we're here for [Music] fourth exercise is ab circle to target our ABS from all angles [Music] exercise crunch your apps as you rotate your torso and draw a big circle with your arms alternate direction for each rep make sure you're squeezing your abs and curling up when you come back to the center we stay here [Music] dressed fifth is squat with tap jumps [Music] [Applause] exercise legs wide apart squat down until thighs are parallel to the floor jump up work your abs to raise one knee and tap it with your opposite elbow alternate sides only 15 seconds to go keep pushing you're stronger than you think [Music] SiC is mountain climber circle my favorite exercise in high plank hold your core tight punch your abs as you bring your knee in to draw a circle switch after 15 seconds three two one switch that's my wig on [Music] vii is jumped aside for the ultimate Hepburn especially the muffin top really crunch your abs as you jump your feet to the side and to us yourself and jump your feet back again as you tighten your core to hold your body in one straight line make sure you're working your abs right in each rep it's more important than the speed [Music] dressed eighth is crunch cake split [Music] exercise work your lower abs to extend your legs to the front as low as possible while you also lower your torso split your legs apart feel the burn in your lower abs let it do the work [Music] we're free yes ix is four points left [Music] exercise in all fours hold your core tight lift your knees off the ground then raise one hand and opposite foot up the key here is to squeeze your abs so tight that you're maintaining the balance and not move your body from side to side too much alternate sides [Music] dressed already – final exercise off the first round sit-up punch exercise work you're apt to sit up and punch as hard as you can to the front we'll rest for 20 seconds after this exercise so hang in there last 10 seconds [Music] [Music] rest rest for 20 seconds grab some water now that you're familiar with the moves challenge yourself to push at least 20% harder in the next round but so is there so nice first exercise is back in front lunge go faster but don't compromise your form you're doing amazing so far 3 2 1 switch [Music] yes second is crunch to toast exercise really try to squeeze and curl your abs in each grab feeling the burn [Music] [Music] first thought is elbow knee tap exercise effort is a choice you are the one who decide how much results you will get three two one switch [Music] [Applause] dressed forth is AB circle focus on the burn keep it going I'm waiting all the neon signs to me v is squat with tap jump [Music] I exercise I know we all hate jumping but no pain no gain we want to burn off the calories you've gotta work for it [Music] we're halfway through this workout already I'm right here with you let's work for out goals crazy-cool dressed sick is mountain climber sky [Music] three two one switch [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes seventh is jumped aside [Music] exercise remember your body is so much stronger than we ever think possible the ones who succeed are the ones who keep going even when they feel like giving up [Music] challenge your body challenge your mind we can get this done together [Music] it is crunch cake split I exercise the law your legs go the more burn you get but keep them off the floor until timer is up and my or am I dreaming so far gone and when I'm there ain't no stoppin me pushin me ninth is four points lift exercise hold your core tight the more you use your abs the less weight falls onto your arms and legs [Music] to push myself to victory [Music] [Applause] you can't be losing certainly afraid [Music] rs.10 is sit up punch I exercise go as fast and punch as hard as you can let your body surprise you enjoy the burn and sweat [Music] ten seconds left push for a few more reps [Music] yes second round done only one more round left let's make it the best one give it anything you got first it's back in front lunch exercise practice makes perfect let's kill it this round see someone sick for the win three two one switch 15 seconds go go go [Music] dressed second is crunch to toes [Music] your size [Music] to be bad to us dressed third is elbow knee tap I exercise we have come way too far to cut now we gotta finish this strong [Music] three two one switch trust me all the work you're put in now will be worth it when you see the results fourth is AB circle [Music] I exercise [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] dress v is squat with tap jump think about your goals what you want to achieve use that as your motivation and trust the process [Music] 10 seconds to go you can do this keep pushing SiC is mountain climber circle [Music] I exercise draw an even bigger circle with your knee bring it closer to your elbow as you crunch and squeeze your abs make every rep count three two one switch [Music] [Music] vii is jumped to side exercise only less than three minutes ago last jumping exercise you will thank yourself one day for the hot work and sweat you put in right now [Music] fifteen seconds we can get anything done as long as we put our mind into it I believe in you [Music] rest it is punch kick – 20 MIN VISIBLE ABS & CARDIO WORKOUT [15-Day Belly Fat Burn Program] #EmiTransform

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