3 Easy HEALTHY Snacks! Weight Loss and Delicious

hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today i'm going to be sharing with you three healthy snack recipes that you guys can use very easy to make and they're super delicious if you're interested in what they are keep on watching so guys as i said welcome back to cooking with holly i am so excited to be sharing these things with you today they're very easy to make and they're super delicious and most of them involve chocolate of course because it's my favorite thing so you're not going to need very many ingredients either and of course for some of them you can pick and choose the things that you want to add in and you'll see as we go along so let's start with the very first one which is nice and simple which is chia pudding so guys as i said this is super simple to do it's really delicious it's low in calories super high in fiber as well so i'm going to show you how we're going to make it we're going to pop it in the fridge and then you can top it with what you want at the end now what i will say is for your toppings actually let's just make the bloody thing and then we'll talk about that afterwards so what you need is chia seeds and milk of choice now my milk of choice is amendwa you probably say that wrong it's portuguese for almond milk and i have the one with less sugar so i actually don't like the ones that are super sugary i don't think they taste nice so literally all you need to do is just grab a bowl of your choice i'm not gonna lie again this is kind of eyeballing you know what i'm like with that then put in kind of what you want then again for the chia seeds open them up i'm not gonna lie i really want to eyeball it again but for the purpose of this i'm just gonna measure everything for you guys so one two three four so this is about four teaspoons and then literally all you want to do is mix it all in together now it does look like it's not really like integrating and whatnot but don't worry it will just keep mixing mixing mixing if you want to add a little bit of sweetness to this you're more than welcome to add in a little bit of honey you can add in vanilla extra egg of syrup whatever suits your preferences or what you can do at this stage is add in some frozen berries that is really nice as well i actually prefer to add it on later so what i will do is once this is ready and it's gelled together because basically what you're looking for is once it's been in the fridge for two hours you'll like a gel like consistency i actually then will put in my berries on top with a little bit of honey i added in them so that's all you want to do you want to mix it together you want it to kind of look let's get up nice and close you want it to look like this and then we are going to put some clean fill over it or foil whatever you guys like let's get that out i'm going to just grab some foil [Music] you want to cover that and like i said you want to pop it in the fridge and you want to leave it in there either overnight or if you guys want to have it as a snack soon up i'd probably say two hours so that my friends is snack number one [Music] let's sort out the lighting there and oh no we have a spillage of chicken seeds so next what we're going to do is we're going to make something that is really delicious like that i love again super quick and easy to do and it's basically like a kind of chocolate pudding dip so you can either eat it on its own or you can actually use it and put things in it like fruit and use that so you can use strawberries or you can use apples bananas whatever kind of cloves you go so for this again ladies and gents you need to grab yourself a bowl then this is so easy see what i mean i'm all about being easy especially as a new mom i don't have time to muck around you know even eats my attention so all you literally need for this is greek yogurt or yogurt of choice so if you guys want to use a plant-based sugar that's absolutely fine i actually really love greek yogurt and it's higher in protein so i love using this so basically all you want to do is you want to add in about two tablespoons maybe three depending on how long you want to get with it then what you want to do is you want to get some vanilla extract and you just want to add oh maybe two to three drops again it's all down to whatever floats your boat you can see i'm not very organized for this video then we want to get another tablespoon and you want to get chocolate protein of your choice now obviously i'm going to use mine because i find it delicious and i made sure it had delicious and healthy ingredients in it so mine is the chocolate protein here you can find it on my website if you want it so again for this you just want to grab a tablespoon literally like this sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle and then all you have to do then is mix it together [Music] now again if you want to add a little bit more sweetness you can add a little bit of honey but trust me i think once you have the fruit you don't need it at all but that's literally it you just mix it together super super easy and again if you want to increase the chocolate intensity you can either add some cocoa powder to it some dark chocolate or again you can actually just add in a little bit more protein powder so that's it super quick super easy and again i will just pop that in the fridge to chill and then i will have that with some snacks which you guys will see later so that's my snack number two for the final snack that i'm going to show you you guys all know that chocolate is the way to my heart so today i'm going to be making a energy sort of chocolate bark that i created and i absolutely love this again very easy to make and this is the part where you can actually add your own ingredients so what we're going to do is we're just going to melt some chocolate and then we're going to add some nuts so i'm going to show you what i have to add into mine so for this dish literally all you need is to get a tray that you can actually put in the fridge or the freezer whatever is suitable for the size that you want to use i just have this i'm not really going to act like i know the measurements because i don't i have this um it's not that big perfect size just to add in then i've actually got some cooking chocolate here and it is 70 i was going to go for 85 they didn't have it sadly otherwise i would go darker but for this we have this cooking chocolate again you can use anything and you can use lint chocolate or dairy-free dark chocolate whatever is suitable for you you're going to need a little bit of oil coconut oil oil of your choice just to add in when you're melting it so the consistency is nice and smooth now for the fun part what would you like to add into your energy bar now for me i am adding in some goji berries i'm gonna chop up some sunflower seeds i have some coconut shreds and i do have some chopped up almonds which i need to find two seconds and here they are so that's gonna be what i'm gonna put inside this ag

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