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30 MIN FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT AT HOME (no equipment, no jumping)

Welcome to our 30 minutes pilates workout at home we're going to sculp our full body Target the core and abs tone the booty strengthen our muscles and improve balance posture and flexibility the controlled and focused movements also help with stress relief and mindfulness connecting our mind and body and if you're ready let's Dive Right In each exercise 40 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between believe in yourself and let's get started fast exercise knee in [Music] crunch exercise left leg fuzz engage your core as you bring your knee in sucking in your [Music] belly my best I don't like to be alone if you go just spray your slow and controlled balance is key am all [Music] the I am all [Music] the change leg feel the ABS and call [Music] working exercise picture goal and let that drive [Music] you let's go down the Val places I've never been WR with a top down for the scene if you want to join the ride will be perfect on the screen I never gave up my C your dreams now I am all the things I've done I am all the things [Music] I third prayer [Music] twist exercise core tight slowly twist to the right side oh [Music] oh stay focused and controlled with each W targeting the obliques [Music] Dre think about it dream find exercise fourth at the [Music] side exercise feel the power of your core and obliques balance is [Music] key visualize your journey to reaching all the goals you dream of and let that be your [Music] motivation fifth we're getting down to the floor to roll a [Music] boat exercise lower your body and twist to one side as you extend one arm to the [Music] back let the fire burn in the lower abs obliques and [Music] core [Music] rest next crunch to [Music] knee exercise engage your abs and roll up like a shrimp pause at the top and reach your arms to your knees each wrap is a step closer to your [Music] [Applause] [Music] goals 20 seconds rest before n set starting with donkey up hold up now do what [Music] you exercise left leg Bend lift up as you squeeze your glutes while keeping your back flat and stable anything you want tell everyone you remember we're using our gluts and not our back watch them all get wild get down to business tell everyone go out and get it you can everything you [Music] want eighth donkey [Music] extend exercise left leg up from bending to extending is straight targeting the hamstring and glue [Music] [Music] it keep breathing while staying focused on working the target [Music] area anything you [Music] want ninth fire [Music] hydrant exercise open up your hips as you bring your left leg to the side squeezing the [Music] GLS keeping your back and hip in line we're not swaying to one side know your lips a golden baby give me high touching me like lightning keeping it [Music] exciting exercise 10th donkey [Music] Circle exercise make a circle with your bent leg and again feel the burn in the glutes and keep your back and hip [Music] staple three 2 one switch Direction I never want to leave the the way you made me feel alive I was in the dark and baby you're the light you're from another plan and I never feel like this's I don't [Music] know 11th now we're changing leg starting with donkey [Music] up exercise let your determination lead you to success you're unstoppable fight if I wanted fly places that I never thought I could go you're a medor shower falling all over me and you're making me glow couldn't fight if I wanted fly into places that I never thought I could go sorry upside down spinning around want to taste the [Music] dance 12th fire hydrant [Music] around exercise squeeze the glute stay in Balance imagine your back is a table with glasses on top don't let them [Music] fallu [Music] 13th donkey [Music] extend exercise work it feel the burn in the thigh and hip core tight this is exactly what we're here [Music] for you're getting stronger with each rep just one single [Music] tou rest 14th donkey [Music] Circle exercise last one in this set before 30 seconds rest finish strong with circles Picture Your Inner Strength you have the power to overcome any challenge I'm feeling it every day 3 2 1 at the [Music] direction just one single touch rest 30 seconds rest before next set 15th wide arm set up all secret feel me in on your wildest moments color trees your yellow leaves move me dancing Roes your painted red shakes [Music] through exercise lower your body body to the ground engaging your abs spread your arms wide then sit up enjoy the burn in the ABS let me know let me know when I get closer you're mying got me when you head for your tra right out of this wi black into bright sand 16th side [Music] crunch exercise work the obliques and crunch to reach left elbow to right knee your belief in yourself is the key to achieving your goals CL win land whisper in my ear make my TRS all disappear where on this wicked black I'll feel the soft sck right [Music] under yes 17th switch side exercise keep the momentum going you are in control of your journey get closer when I get [Music] closer let me know when I get closer open up the SK for me when you say I'll dig much deeper I will shout let me know when I get closer open up the sky for me when you say I'll dig much deeper I will [Music] shout 18th Cobra [Music] up exercise push yourself up into Cobra strengthen your back and [Music] arms when I get closer will I get Clos keep it steady and keep going without a glimpse of the light run en tired and broken and scared but I swear I'll never give up the fight I see you [Music] broken 19th Mountain knee [Music] in exercise in all fours bring right knee in as you crunch the ABS then bring your leg to the back keeping it bent while squeezing the glutes open your heart spend L time in your head with we start we are born again oh open your heart spend time in your head rest 20th at the [Music] lake exercise keep it controlled and feel the activation you are the master of your progress without it but want to build up walls Lift Me Up in your branches we can watch the sunrise just a couple of bruised up Souls that believe that it was worth one more try with [Music] we 20 seconds rest and get ready for next set standing back up with lake front lift we start we are born [Music] [Applause] again exercise arms up work the side to lift your lick up to the [Music] front stay IM balance HTI you are doing amazing the forest through the trees forgot what I was chasing spend so many nights living out that sea that my heart is gone bacon 20 second like front [Music] extend exercise extend your leg keep up with a burn you have the power to stretch beyond your limits I want to stay right here right here ching with my for another I would walk away from the spotlight for the good light come on turn your hate into poetry pain in power 15 seconds for the good life for the good life my best friend and [Music] apologetic 23rd l s side lift dancing excise lift to the side engaging the hips till the morning let's never put the night on night never put the night on – 30 MIN FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT AT HOME (no equipment, no jumping)

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