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4 Holiday Treats You Need To Eat!

hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel so i'm so excited for this video today because we've got a special treat with a baking with holly christmas edition so today i'm going to be sharing with you four healthy holiday recipes that you guys can cook super quick and super easy in your kitchen so today i'm going to be showing you a hot chocolate recipe a low calorie christmas cookie truffles and i'm also going to be sharing with you strawberry santas so really simple recipes that you guys can enjoy it guilt free so let's get started and get cracking with recipe number one okay let's get into the first recipe which is my christmas cranberry and white chocolate cookies that guys are super low in calories so for this you need vanilla yogurt you need honey or date syrup and egg plain flour baking powder vanilla essence dried cranberries and some white chocolate okay so to begin my loves you want to heat your oven to 180 celsius then what you're going to do is you're going to grab a bowl and you're going to put your yogurt and your syrup in together and just give that a mix around with a fork or a spatula just so it comes together then what you're going to do is you're going to beat in your egg nice and slowly so crack that egg and get it in there and whip it together once you've done that everything's combined i want you to put your flour your baking powder vanilla essence and those cranberries in stick it all into that wet mixture and give it a good old stir and make sure you slowly mix it together into each other once you've done that all i want you to do then is get the white chocolate and mix it in between so make sure it's evenly distributed while you are mixing it together once you've done that make sure to get your baking tray with some baking paper on top and again you're just going to put some spoonfuls of the cookie mix onto a baking tray make sure that it's spaced out evenly and you should roughly get around 12 to 13 cookies depending on the size that you want to go obviously i decided to go big once you've done that i want you to pop it in the oven and all you need for these cookies is 10 minutes that's it so keep an eye on them because they do bake very quickly because of yogurt you want to make sure that on top it's a golden brown color so once you see that look turn the oven off leave them in there for a couple minutes and then pull out leave them on the side to dry and then you guys can enjoy these warm or you can enjoy them when they've cooled down a little bit more again with a nice cup of tea or a hot chocolate okay so for your next healthy holiday treat we have got a peppermint hot chocolate coming up so for this recipe all you're gonna need is a form of milk i'm using almond milk here you need hot chocolate of your choice or cocoa powder you need a little bit of honey and you need peppermint extract so for this i am using the nespresso frothy milk maker if you don't have one of these you could just do it over a hob that's absolutely fine so first thing you need to do is you're going to add a cup of your milk you're then going to add in your cocoa powder now depending obviously on what one you're using just use one two maybe even three depending on how sweet you want to go add a dash of honey and then add one top full of the peppermint extract then all you're going to do is you're going to pop the lid on you're going to click that magic button and that's going to heat it up for you or like i said if you're doing it over the stove just keep on stirring it until it starts to bubble and it's at a nice heat for you after that you're just going to put it in your cup you're going to sit down if you want to have one of those truffles or a different kind of chocolate with it be my guest and that is your healthy hot chocolate guys now let's get into one of the most tastiest and easiest travels that you can make over the holiday season so for this all you guys need is oreos or chocolate oats i have that gluten-free you need some light cream cheese or just normal cream cheese you need some mince for your topping you need dark chocolate and you also need peppermint extract so to begin all you're going to do is you're going to get those oreos and you're going to put them in a blender or a processor and all you're going to do is you're going to take your blender and you're just going to refine it all down into kind of like a light powder really easy to do it should take seconds so once you get that in the bowl use your spoon to just mash down those orange just a little bit more and any of the bigger chunks either smash them or like i did i kind of did eat one i'm not gonna lie to you the next thing you're gonna do is you're gonna take a spoon a tablespoon and you're just gonna get one big heap of the tablespoon and you're going to put it in to that oreo mix so just work it together start mixing and you'll see that a kind of little dough begins to form where it begins to stick to each other if you feel you need to add a little bit more cream cheese depending on how many oreos you've used you're totally more than welcome to do so so that's all you have to do for that the next part of the recipe that you will need to do is take the top off of your peppermint extract and you're just going to fill it and then pour it in to the mixture give that a good mix around with a spatula and you will begin to smell those christmas aromas coming in so once you've done that all i want you to do is grab a teaspoon and you're just going to get little parts out of the truffles roll them into balls in between your hands and then pop them on a plate once you've done that depending on how many oreos you use i did get around eight or so truffles you're then just going to pop that in the fridge and let them chill for a little while now i let mine chill for about 10-15 minutes and then what i also then did is i took that dark chocolate and i put it in the microwave and i just melted that chocolate down you don't need to use any oil in this either just literally melt the chocolate then you're gonna take those little dough truffles out of the fridge and you're simply gonna get two teaspoons and you're gonna roll it around in the chocolate mixture then pop them back on the same plate then all you need to do for your toppings my loves is take some mints crush them down the spoon or you know if you want to get a rolling pin whatever you want to do to crush them down and just sprinkle them on top of those truffles to give it an extra minty taste and then pop them back in the fridge let them chill for a little bit longer until that chocolate has gone nice and hard and then you guys can serve them afterwards now again this makes a perfect afternoon treat with a cup of tea or this is so good to serve after you've had dinner with a little coffee if you're having a little tea party or you want something sweet on christmas day you know if you can have a little bit more extra room after all those go

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