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5 min Belly Fat Burning AB + CARDIO Home Workout (Results in 2 weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

Hello, I'm Emi! Before we get started first I want to celebrate some of the progress you've made since doing my workouts. I'm so proud of each and every one of you for how hard you've worked and for not giving up. So if you're feeling lazy or unmotivated right now, take a look at these transformations. If they can do it we can do it if we're willing to put in the effort. Today we're going to do a very intense five minute abdominal and full body fat burning workout. It's going to be a combination of full body cardio and abs exercises. Just follow me. You'll know what to do. This workout only takes five minutes. So I want you to do your best in every exercise. Really push yourself and challenge your body to see where your limits are. Now if you're ready Okay, let’s get started! My suggestion is to first go through all the exercises in this workout and try doing each exercise a few times so that you have a simple idea of ​​the flow of the workout. The first exercise is “Jumping Jacks” as a warm-up and The fat burning process begins by jumping with your feet apart and hanging your hands by your sides. Then jump back to the position where your feet are together. Raise your hands. You can feel your heartbeat speeding up. You can jump as fast and as high as you can. It’s just three seconds. Ten seconds. The next exercise we will do is lie down and do “Butterfly Sit Ups.” The second exercise will use the abdominal muscles. Put your feet together and stretch your hands above your head. Roll up your abdominal muscles to sit up and pat the front of your feet. of the ground again and touch the ground above your head. You can do it as fast as you can. Make this an explosive workout. Your abs will feel like this. That's perfect because that's the burn we're after. Next exercise. Stand up and perform fat-burning aerobics “High Knee”. The third exercise is to stretch out your hands with palms down and pull one knee toward the palm position to jump up. Then go to the other side. The faster you jump, the more energy you put into it. The more calories you burn, so push yourself the more. Challenge yourself to never stop. The next exercise is the “Mountain Climber” to engage our abs from multiple angles. The fourth exercise is to get into a high plank position and tighten your abs to Pull one knee to touch the elbow of the same side. Do this alternately on the left and right sides. It doesn't need to be fast. The key is to focus on using the abdominal muscles every time you do it and pay attention to really curling up the abdominal muscles and holding on until 30. Seconds are over and the next exercise is Crossfit “Burpees” We are ready for the fifth exercise “Burpees” The chest-to-the-ground version bends down with hands on the ground and kicks back with the feet to lower the body to the ground and then pushes the body up to jump Get up and clap your hands above your head. It's hard, but that's why it works. It's the most effective full-body exercise for burning fat, so give it your best effort and challenge yourself to see how fast you can do it. Next exercise we'll do it again. Lie down and perform “Leg Raises” Exercise 6. Place your hands under your hips and lift your feet off the floor. Use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs until they are level with the floor. Then lower them a few inches above the floor. We are more than halfway through. You are done. The next exercise is “Skaters” which is very good at focusing on burning the lower abdominal area. The seventh exercise is time for a little more aerobics. Jump to one side with the opposite foot behind you. Bend over and touch with the opposite hand. Keep the ground in front of your toes pulsing. Some people call this exercise “Speed ​​Skater” because the key is to hold on to the speed. The next exercise we will use “Plank” is to use the core muscles. The eighth exercise puts the elbows on the ground to form a triangle. Support your body forming a straight line from your head to your toes. Hold this position without raising your hips. Pull your lower abdomen in to tighten your core muscles. We are almost done. We only have one minute left. The next exercise is “Groiner” to continue the intensity. The ninth exercise of the fat-burning process is to jump into the high plank position with both feet. Place one foot in front next to the hand and the other foot behind to keep jumping. Alternate left and right sides. This is the last aerobic exercise that requires jumping. We're so close to the finish line and I'm not giving up. Hang in there with me. Don't give up. We can do this together. Next exercise, we can lie down and do “Sit Ups.” Exercise ten. You heard that right. Once again, it's “Butterfly Sit.” Ups” I do this all the time and it's my favorite ab exercise so let's go through this workout and push yourself to finish those last thirty seconds even though when you think you've put in 100% effort your body is actually at 70% To the extent that you can still put in more effort, it's just a matter of mentality. You can achieve something you have never imagined before. Well done! We got it done! Rest and stretch. You can go watch my stretching video to recover. The next time you watch this video, it can be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But promise me, promise you to push yourself a little more and finish more than this time. More reps. That's how we continue to progress in our fitness journey. Doing better. Really well done. I'll see you all again soon.

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