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5 Min Warm Up Routine | Effective Warm Up Before ANY Workout 💪

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. Today's video was very much in demand. It is a routine to warm up the body for only five minutes. You can also add this at the beginning of any of your workouts. Before we start, click like, and follow my channel as well, and let's get started! | We have 12 full-body warm-up exercises, no rest, it's just a warm-up, the first seven exercises are 30 seconds each and the last five exercises are 20 seconds. Let's start with slow knee raises. Raise your knees high and do a crunch movement and engage your abdominal muscles. You can always speed up the exercise and do regular knee raises, and do not hurt yourself if you choose this version, because this is just a warm-up. Right away, right away, we're going to have our butt kicked. Start slow and in the middle of the workout, increase the speed to a jog. And for our jumping jacks, you can do regular jumping jacks, but if you prefer not to jump, you can do side jacks instead. Adjust it to how you feel. We have a worm-like descent into high and low planks. Start with legs shoulder-width apart, and walk with your hands forward into a high plank. Then lower yourself onto your elbow into a low plank and then come back up. Now we have the curve dog with the knee bent. Lift one leg behind you, then bring it to your chest. Then do the same on the other side. Let's do some shoulder circles. Make large circles with your arms in a clockwise motion for 15 seconds, then the same counterclockwise motion for 15 seconds. We have toe touches next. Touch your foot with your opposite hand, rotate your torso as you move, and be safe, guys. Now we have langs and kicks. Bring one leg back, lang down, come back up and do a front kick. This helps warm our legs. Now do the same on the other side. Now we have a low lang with twists. This helps warm up your upper body, and also your hip muscles. Do about four to five times for each side. Now to the other side. The final warm-up is a sumo squat with shoulder dips. Start in a sumo squat with your hands behind your head like this, then rotate your upper body. This is the warm-up, guys! Now you can move on to the next exercise. If you don't feel warm after this routine, do it again. Do not hesitate to do this warm-up routine at the beginning of each exercise session. You can do it before any of my programs and training. Also, forget to leave your likes, and I will see you in the next video. See you soon!

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