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8 min standing beginner friendly flat belly workoutšŸ”„ NO JUMPING, NO EQUIPMENT

I have to say that April Han's exercises are very effective for everyone, take a look at my waist and stomach after the exercise, the left side of the screen is from before! Hello everyone today, I am here to share a set of waist and tummy slimming exercises that I often do, as you know I am a mother of three children, so if I can slim my waist and tummy, you can too, these exercises only take 8 minutes. Minutes a day and it not only helps you get a flat stomach and a smaller waist but also strengthens your waist and abdominal muscles to maintain good posture and reduce discomfort in your waist and back Okay, so let's start our exercise now First, let's do a standing leg lift exercise The main point of this exercise is to keep the leg stable Upper body during leg raises. Engage your core muscles. The higher you lift your leg out to the side, the more stable your upper body is and the better the effect. This exercise is similar to the warm-up exercise and is a great way to activate our core muscles. When you raise your leg, exhale forcefully through your mouth and tighten your torso. Inhale through your nose as you lower your legs and relax your torso. Now, let's do toe touch kicks, engaging your core as well as your hands and feet touching. Exhale through your mouth and inhale through your nose as you lower your leg. Relax your torso. The key to this exercise is to keep your leg straight and raise it as high as possible towards the opposite hand while keeping your body stable. This requires the involvement of the waist, abdominal, leg, hip and foot muscles. When performing the exercise, keep these key points in mind to better engage the relevant muscles. This will enhance the effectiveness of your exercise leading to faster and better results. The connection between your mind and muscles during exercise. Exercise is crucial and will make your efforts more efficient. Now, let's take a short break and then move to the other side to do the same exercise. Exhale as you raise your leg and engage your torso and inhale through your nose as your leg lowers. Relax your torso When you lift your leg, you should engage your torso to lift your leg higher for a slimmer waist and abdomen. Waist and abdominal muscle strength are crucial. Once you get strong, it's like having a natural waist trainer that will tighten your waist well. Well, everyone else does a great job! Let's take a short break and prepare for the next exercise: Standing with one leg, raise the opposite hand to hip height, then use your knee to touch your palm, engage your core to maintain body stability when you raise your leg and try not to let your toes touch the ground when you lower your leg, this provides a greater challenge To stabilize the body, stimulating the engagement of the waist, abdomen, hip, leg and foot muscles for better exercise results. Exhale as you raise your leg, and inhale through your nose as your leg lowers. Take a short break Switch to the other side and perform the same exercise This exercise may seem slow and simple when I'm doing it but it's actually more effective when it's done slowly When it's done slowly Every movement depends on the contraction of the muscles themselves unlike fast movements that depend on the The momentum of the legs and it's less effective for the exercise. So, let's do the movements slowly and precisely. Okay, everyone, take a break. Next, we're going to do a squat with one heel off the ground for the squat pulse. Although this exercise seems to work, the hips and legs actually have benefits. Great for waist, abdomen and core muscles. I have received many messages from you saying that they often experience cramps and pain when doing exercises similar to heel lifts. There are two main reasons for this Firstly, the foot muscles may be very tense so you can try rolling a massage ball under your feet to loosen them Secondly, this may be due to a calcium deficiency which can be treated through dietary changes or calcium supplements Okay, let's move to the other side and do the same exercise Lift Heel slowly to avoid cramping. Pay attention to keeping your knees aligned with your toes to protect your knees. Well, everyone is doing great! Next is a relatively easy exercise which is leg raises while connecting the toes. Make sure your toes are connected, do not bend your knees, engage your torso to raise your leg as high as possible. Exhale while raising your leg, engaging your abdominal muscles. Inhale as you lower your leg and relax. This is the third to last exercise for today, we're almost done! Keep it up, everyone! Okay, let's take a break. Next, we will perform squats with heels raised. This is the second to last exercise for today and we are almost done. Stay strong, everyone! Lift your heels as far off the floor as possible and maintain a stable squat position. You can control the depth of the squat. If you feel tired, sit shallowly and if you have energy, sit deeper In addition to exercising your buttocks and leg muscles, this exercise also effectively stimulates the deep core muscles, activating our natural waist belt to make the waist circumference slimmer, and at the same time, it helps to increase Heart rate for better fat burning, great work for everyone! Next is our final exercise for the day, the front toe touch. The main point of this exercise is to engage the abdominal muscles to raise the legs as high as possible while keeping the body stable. Straighten the legs and connect the toes. This is an excellent exercise for slimming the waist and abdomen. Exhale while raising your legs and inhale while lowering them. This exercise isn't that difficult, right? Do you feel tired? We're almost there, just a few more seconds, keep it up! He goes! Okay, now the exercise is complete, let's do some stretching first, let's stretch the legs. Grasp your toes with both hands and bend your upper body downward as much as possible. Bend your toes towards your leg and you will feel…

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