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A Week In Paris & Italy with Beauty Influencers From Around The World! ~ Emi

[Music] hi guys I'm Amy as you can see right now I'm in this beautiful hotel room in Paris France I'm here for the global influenza trip with Clara and the trip will be five days so today in Paris and then we'll be heading to Sardinia in Italy which super super excited because I've never been there come with me we just came out of Paris Airport and is so freaking cool you guys we're not having to the hotel freshen up and then what's next next next oh this is amazing let's see what's outside look at all the gifts that Clarence prepared for us for the flight actually but I didn't use them I was just sleeping the whole time and I'm most excited about this because this is my favorite favorite lip stain that I've been using for like over a year I love it you're excited [Music] first stop Clara stop in such a [Music] [Applause] now at the Eiffel Tower to take some photos before dinner [Music] we'll be eating outside with the view of the eyeball towel [Music] morning you guys so today is my second day in Paris let me show you guys that's a pretty nice day again [Music] my group ready for action [Music] everything that you guys use our clearance yep all our phones [Music] there's a heart my time with melon juice how it just tastes like lets up your okay you Judith [Music] today we are visiting the clients laboratory Emmys very own left coat how cute do I have a future in the hospital first we're done the ocean fireflies get any higher tonight we'll be having dinner at b5 they have one in Hong Kong actually as you love the food so much [Music] this morning were packing for our flight to Italy so I got room service for breakfast this healthy avocado toes and green juice very similar to ye at home flat just look Cynthia one reason I do this is my lunch French onion soup and some something help see influence it is a Brina delay because every single person who needs photo the infinite then skips back on the plan what do we have here hand cream super cute I'm ash and this is where we'll be staying for the next few days is beautiful everything is white like white [Music] I heard that you give this itinerary for these three days cry we feels like Santorini with all the white look at the ocean [Music] oh so we're getting ready for the cup perfection tonight my heart every clearance below Oh parents brand-new Sun care collection I'll be trying them on tomorrow on the boat [Music] remember me Wow Oh [Music] just go back to the room and look what I found more clearance products slip comfort oil mascara this is a base the next step is beauty and we're getting onto these fullness this is clearance beauty Beach how cool is that there's so much going on here on this Beach SOS bar it's all different types of skin care oh then I gotta go home let's see what we're having for it was [ __ ] Hanukkah lunch toy you I just got ready to go to the lipstick gala dinner tonight it will be our last night here on this trip tomorrow will be fine my superiors and then Hong Kong so I think everyone's gonna be really dressed up and this is my dress and I am trying the Neo clans lipstick it's so good normally I don't really like lipstick because they just make my lips really dry and the skin starts to come off and I always thought that color doesn't really suit me but on this trip I saw so many other influencers using red color so I thought I'll give it a try tuned is so moisturizing it doesn't make my lips feel dry at all and it is lovely I think this lipstick will be coming out and Hong Kong in July so stay tuned [Music] and today we also went for the boat trip and we use the clearance new Sun care products you guys it's a brand new collection it's so good this is the lotion spray which I love I normally love spray because I'm lazy and it's just much easier to spread but the Sun care gel to oil is also really really good I like that it's not sticky both me and chatty hate sticky sunscreens and so this one is really good and this one even higher protection and this one for the face and we were out in the sun's whole day but didn't get sunburned at all I only applied once I think so good stuff we are now heading to lipstick gala party I especially put red let's get going but it's not like okay [Music] [Music] o'keefe only a final gum [Music] we're getting one balloon each and I think we're gonna let them all go [Music] going to be our de novia crazy you lied if we ever come to Paris you have to the citrus place and it's really pretty the outdoor seating areas or main – I'm having good octopus so as all my friends here we know today's huge octopus build octopus-kun and cleared out – this your office why go – A Week In Paris & Italy with Beauty Influencers From Around The World! ~ Emi

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