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Abs Workout For Women – Beginners At Home

– Two workouts in one day guys, this routine is all focused on the abs. And it's the perfect routine for beginners at home. When I first started my journey into getting abs, these are some of the moves that I incorporated into my workouts, and it really helped to tone and shape my abs to what they are today. You can do this at absolutely any level, even if you aren't a beginner. And as I welcome you into 2020, I wanna invite you to become a member of the unique app, Pink Dragon. We have designed this app to help transform your body in the shortest amount of time possible. With workouts that are 15 minutes or less. Research has shown at you do not need to workout for a long period of time, it's all about the intensity and effectiveness of your workouts. And I will teach you how to use your time effectively, for the best results. This app is unique and we've been working on it for a while to make it the best that we can to help you achieve your goals. This is more than just workouts and recipes, Pink Dragon offers you tips and tricks every single week, with mindset audios where I share with you my valuable insights, secrets and tips to being consistent and confident. So let's start 2020 off with the right program and app for you. For more information to become a member, click on the link below. (upbeat music) Okay guys, welcome to this 10 minute beginner ab workout, so you're gonna be working out for 40 seconds on, 20 second rest. The first move that you're going into is simple crunches. – Exercise. So you wanna lie all the way down on your back, nice and slow. Feet up and just crunch up and down. Now make sure that when you're doing your crunches, you're sucking the naval into the spine and I want you to make sure that you're contracting your abs when you come up and let go as you go down. Make sure to exhale, if you guys want a video on this, there is one on my channel showing exactly how to contract your ab muscles. (upbeat music) Make sure this is nice and controlled guys. (upbeat music) So keep going, nice and controlled, remember to breathe out. (timer pinging) – Rest. Fantastic work guys, 20 seconds rest before you guys begin the next exercise. The next move you're going into is a single leg crunch and you're just gonna bring the leg up, bend it in and down. (upbeat music) (timer pinging) And let's go, bring it up – Exercise. and down, up and down. Make sure to exhale as that leg comes up and you crunch in. (upbeat music) Other leg now guys, up and down, up and down. (upbeat music) (timer pinging) Fantastic, work guys. – Rest. Just take a breather here before we go into the next movement. (upbeat music) (timer pinging) So for the next move, all I want you to do is keep that crunch contract the entire time, and just move your feet over to the left and to the right. This is gonna be nice and controlled, make sure to keep those toes pointed. You wanna exhale every time you jump across and inhale as the feet come together. (upbeat music) That's it guys, keep that crunch the entire time, don't give up. (upbeat music) (timer pinging) Excellent work guys. (upbeat music) For the next move, what you're gonna do is you're gonna have your legs apart like so, and all I want you to do is bring that other leg towards it. You wanna crunch and then you wanna bring your leg in and kick it out. (timer pinging) (upbeat music) So crunch down. Crunch, up, down. So all you're doing is moving one leg as you can see, keep that toe nice and pointed and it's nice and controlled. This is gonna really help to target those obliques as well as the front of your stomach. (upbeat music) Other side guys. So crunch in, kick, down. Crunch in, kick and down. (upbeat music) – [App] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent job guys, we're now gonna keep it nice and simple and go into bicycles for the next bit. (upbeat music) (app pinging) Let's go guys. So what you can do here, is you can do exactly what I'm doing as a modification where you just bring those knees in to touch the elbow and breathe out. Or, if you really want to guys, you can get those feet off the floor and go into normal bicycles. (upbeat music) Just make sure with this move that you really are getting those elbows to touch the knee, you're exhaling as your knees and elbows touch and you're getting those shoulder blades off the floor. (upbeat music) (app pinging) – Rest. Fantastic work, let's take a break here guys. 20 seconds before we go into the next one. (upbeat music) The next move that you're going into guys, is a Russian twist. – Exercise. For this move, you're gonna keep your feet planted on the floor but again, if you wanna knock it up a level, you can just bring those feet up and just balance on your bum. (upbeat music) Now with this move, really make sure that you are twisting your entire body and you're getting those hands to touch the floor. Again, keep that core engaged, suck the navel in. (upbeat music) So guys, keep going, keep twisting. (timer pinging) And stop. – Rest. Fantastic work, for the next move, what you're gonna be doing is wood choppers, these are one of my absolute favorites, so again, feet planted on the floor, you wanna lift your hands up above your head and just literally act like you're chopping some wood down towards your side. (timer pinging) Position guys. – Exercise. And down, up, down, up. Make sure again that you're really contracting those abs as you're bringing your arms down and exhale when they do come down to the floor. Fantastic work guys, keep going. (upbeat music) Other side guys, same movement, so lift those arms up and bring them down. Again, keep that core contracted, I don't want you to be lazy with the stomach, suck it in. (upbeat music) (timer pinging) – [App] Rest. – [Holly] Wonderful job guys, let's come back down to the floor, come down nice and slowly, the next move that you're going into is crunches with a reach up. So all you wanna do is go into a crunch and you just wanna imagine that you're reaching up to grab something. (timer pinging) – [App] Exercise. – [Holly] Let's go, so reach up and down, with this move guys, I really need you to make sure that you are bringing those shoulder blades off of the floor. Really imagine that you're trying to grab something in front of you and I need you to use your hands as an action to grab. That's it guys, keep exhaling as you go up. (upbeat music) (timer pinging) – [App] Rest. – [Holly] Amazing job guys, take a breather here for 20 seconds before you go into your final two exercises. So the next move that you're going into is in out abs. Again, one of my absolutely favorites but what we're gonna do is we're gonna make sure that our feet touch the floor as we come out with our abs. (timer pinging) – [App] Exercise. – [Holly] So bring those knees towards your chest and then come down. So, when you're bringing your knees in, I need you to exhale and make sure again, that you're crunching in towards those knees and come down as your feet plant on the fl

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