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Asking Him *JUICY* Questions Girls Are Too Afraid to Ask ~ Emi & Chad

favorite position oh do you have any sexual fantasies towards my friends do you want srisan if yes then who would be the third person hi i'm emmy and i'm chad and so today we're going to film a family five week exciting video are you excited i'm excited it's asking my husband juicy questions that girls are too afraid to ask nice i think most guys are scared oh no i'm just like it's a trap okay i'm definitely scared if there's any trapped questions that's going to make my wife angry at me oh but oh okay we're very hungry so we're going to be eating a hot dog lunch while we're answering the questions so we're gonna start easy okay booped or oh great question i think i've changed over the years since i was a young boy i think i've always been a boobs guy and i still i mean obviously who doesn't like foods like you but i have really come to appreciate butts a lot more since my wife has such a nice butt what he's trying to say i used to like both so i met me and i don't have food so unfortunately you have to change and now i'm a very big legs guy i like legs above it i don't have food her legs are [ __ ] amazing does he have any fantasies that you would not be a willing participant of yeah a hundred percent so many emotions most not even she's so vanilla i'm like very yeah i don't think she would be down for a lot of this stuff do you wipe after you pee why what the guys don't wipe we're standing at the urinals you know there's no tissue we pee then we shake don't shake too much or else you're playing with it and then you're finished like shake and i'm thinking you shake forward do you ever wish that your other half has bigger boobs if we have children in the future and her boobs will automatically get bigger because she's pregnant and milk and that sort of thing i'm sure i will not not like it i'm sure i'll be super excited and it's going to be great but if you've been following us for a while now a couple of years ago we did a a cosmetic surgery uh video where she was actually invited to go get sort of like a boob job done i was totally against it i thought that she doesn't need it it's not a good thing to do for a body i mean so you don't want me to go through the surgery have you ever wish that i had bigger boobs what like if you could we magically like click a button and your boobs go to like a d or something sure i think we would both press that button you also wanted to what is boy's opinion about the hair under there oh great question i love about this i think if you look at the history of the style and the fashion of hair down there for females over the years you've gone from like the 70s with a big like playboy bush style and it went like the 90s in the 2000s where it was supposed to be like all bear and everything he's very familiar with the history yes i do a lot of research on this topic as you can see so i think currently hair down there is coming back into fashion if you come from like a more asian background in the asian culture i think it's all it has never left it has always been there something more like a western culture thing where um you know like the brazilian wax and now there's laser removal for me personally i'm okay with whatever hair there no problem no hair there's no problem as well it's a simple question you're going into the whole history i gave them a lecture the girls would be very interested to see the opinion so yeah it's a bit dark let me change this hair or no hair he likes the area i like that area a lot all favorite position oh that's a tough one i think most guys if you ask them to probably say doggy but that's not really my favorite because [Laughter] my legs are really long so it doesn't match up the angle do you have any sexual fantasies towards my friends let me think for your friends first [Music] i don't think so i'm not um [Laughter] who can you even think of one that you would think would even be one of the big boobs we don't have a live detector no but i'm not sick what's wrong with high five no but don't get me wrong i'm not saying i'm some sort of [ __ ] saint or something he's just not the end of my friend yeah if if her friends were like victoria's secret models or something then like wow it's difficult have you ever imagined any other girl during the act oh wow no i don't think so really yeah how could that be working together for seven years i think it's very strange that um you're very much in the present i'm very visual i like to look at everything so when i'm looking i can't like i can't phase out okay if you see me while you're doing it closing my eyes yeah okay maybe but i've never done that before okay favorite porn genre wow i do a rotation so maybe one day is japanese one day like western goodies like do lots of different cultural trip around the world you know i never search by genre i usually search by um who the actors are so you're like certain people certain girls yeah sometimes the guys are really good too you guys know who i'm talking about they don't know the guy who who can be also he's a he's a plumber he's an electrician he's a doctor he's a lawyer he's a fireman what women do you dream to be with and why my wife honest answer that's so difficult though like okay if you say who did i always think was the most beautiful beautiful woman that i've ever seen ever in the whole i've always said yeah adriana lima from like victoria's secretary but like uh if you look at maybe her personality or like her the way she i don't know talks or something it's very it's completely different and like i don't know if i could get along with her or something i don't think she speaks english i think she's making this but not a girl but wanna ask check what's his body tell oh i don't think that's appropriate to say on the videos not that high what is body count how many people be sexual oh i thought it's about like your your weight check do you want threesome if yes then who would be the third person i'm not opposed to the idea if she suggested it and she's like i want to do it i'm like okay baby i guess we'll do one for you it seems like there's a lot gonna be going on like i don't think i have the skills to uh handle all that and one tutorial yeah one enough is is good enough for me and i think you need to be super careful like it's like jealousy and people get hurt and also it seems very messy i don't know i let her pick anyone that she would be comfortable with she would do the picking do you ever have sexual fantasies with the same sex no you know sometimes when you're looking at uh nothing against like whatever floats your boat like totally cool but like just myself if you're like on the internet anymore and then you see like the thumbnail like the recommended videos guy on guy it's a well it's uh i can't do it so so that's why i know that i'm probably not that way opinions on parrots fine no problem whatsoever totally cool a real pirate sails the red sea no problem it's natural bodily functions that no one should – Asking Him *JUICY* Questions Girls Are Too Afraid to Ask ~ Emi & Chad

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