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hello ex hitters you and I are doing a sweet Core workout today it's only going to be about 7even minutes which means I know you have time to do this so let's get on the floor and get this party started all right we're here and you guys should be so happy cuz it's going to rock all right so we're going to start like this we're going to bring it down and bring it up so your heels literally going to brush the floor or the mat or the whatever you're on or wherever you are I'm kind of curious where are you so you're going to push it all the way through this looks totally ridiculous if you're just watching but you know the drill here on X hit we don't like Watchers we like doers so make sure you're participating keep it moving and of course we're going to switch it after and you guys should feel this through the hip flexors and the quads cuz it's all connected boom go ahead and switch it over other side notice I'm kind of bent at the elbow here so like a Wann toe static uh tricep dip push through out the leg and bring it back nice work Yep looks totally weird but if you were doing it you would know that is [Music] working you got this mind and muscle connection so think about that right oblique that lower core shortening Contracting pulling that leg up y yep yep yep yep one more bam okay now rest it let's move it around shake it shake it and bring it back and guess what we're doing the same thing but with both legs pretty sweet Yep looks funny but it's [Music] working keep [Music] goingo yeah it's burning and um because we adjusted that right leg feeling a little over there a little more than the left it's totally cool straighten those legs out want you to lock your knees just straighten them out as you come down should feel that in the lower core you need to take a quick break it's not a big deal you got this and say no to drugs and do be nice you know all kind of stuff yep Ninja Turtles keep going all right almost done with these push through that's how I feel about these they're buring that's the whole point let's keep going all right done with those number two number do here we go we're going to start out here and bring it in we're going to squeeze we're going to Exhale and lock it down in our core could be a wrap song here we go 60 seconds squeeze hold it bring it out so not a giant range of motion here we're basically just tightening our ABS as we exhale holding ourselves up we got this 60 seconds squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze a lot of you know that I coach High School cheer one of the exercises they do like this just wanted to share that with you really quick have to hold it for like a whole minute pretty awesome you got it what the I hate my job today I'm being tortured hey you want to know something else that's really cool I definitely realize that laughing can absolutely be a great form of exercise like yes we all know it engages your core but here's the thing if you laugh really hard and really loud not only is it super obnoxious and annoying to the people around you which is super cool but it's also good ab workout yeah here we go we're moving on he's so excited I know all right this mat is crazy and Bunchy so what we're doing itching my nose first and then we'll get to it all right bicycles a little hold Jump On In take your time slow it down so really the range of motion is your legs and you're barely folding it over getting their shoulders up off off the floor yep that's what's happening you go ahead and lightly keep your fingers behind your head but please do not pull on your neck you got it R control nothing crazy keep going exhale on the way up you got it f it over burning keep moving good burn can feeling in my neck more than anything from having to hold it up exhale fold it in call it good all right bring it up this next one we are going to do like a really sweet rushan twist that you should be super excited about so make some space feel like I'm Cinemax right now you guys can't hear it but things are like vibrating and the sounds okay so break as we were bring it out bring it in russan twist bring it out bring it in yes and twist hey that's a song so nice and slow you're barely even coming back with upper body mostly extending those legs you got this you could totally use a medicine ball if you wanted but I'm not using one myself today keep going How does it go bring it out bring it in and rush and twist you guys should totally make a song do video reply yep be pretty awesome keep going and of course B fails Ninja Turtles oh my goodness feel the burn it's working it's doing what it's supposed to and that's why we're here keep going L core should be activated that's where you should feel the most and call it good you're almost done don't go anywhere here we go pop it up into your Bridge activate those triceps boom bring that leg out point the toe little circles just like that you're going to feel that hamstring and that standing leg oh my gosho keep going triceps should be supporting you yep and hamstring on that standing leg should be burning keep going point the toe elongate the leg you got it you got it we're going to switch legs after this and then do it all over but going the opposite direction take a little rest active stretch bring it back all right other side here we go work those triceps straighten out those arms oh man lower core feeling it it's good keep going teenage mutant mutant mutant Mutant Ninja Turtles for some reason feel dyslexic today just say no to drugs and yes to Pizza all right call that good active stretch bring it in guess what other direction here we go pop it up to the inside elongate that leg don't let that behind touch the floor you got it keep going it's the last exercise believe it or not so uh has anyone out there ever uh dead noted drugs and then turned around and CS to Pizza if you have we want to hear from you leave a commento burning little stretch bring it back as you can see my triceps are burning that's why I did that all right to the inside here we go so get your heart rate up if you're talking and doing this at the same time keep going my knee is popping triceps on fire oh yeah they're burning keep it going few more seconds oh my goodness straight leg boom active stretch you're done way to go you survived a sweet workout today 7 Minutes ABS I'll give or take a couple seconds and of course we have our amazing support team the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right there in the wall so thank you for watching exit and participating as well I'm sure make sure you subscribe get involved with our email newsletter leave a comment find me on Twitter and Facebook Kelsey le.com

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