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BALI VLOG: Best 10-Days Girl Trip (before deciding to move to Bali!)

[Music] and our girls trip [Music] begins now we're checking into Ayana's Vali then my ti Tai cheers uh it's a 18 whole putting course uh with Ocean View so this Resort is huge and they have like 14 swimming pools and 22 restaurants first look at a villa W this is our living room because we are three so someone will sleep here there a bedroom is that our own pool oh my God thinking there's so many of them are our romantic in there and the it's huge a really nice bathtub welcome saying blessing thank you gratitude appreciate private dinner at the [Music] Villa look at all the candles they put around our dinner table cheers so this morning we woke up at like 700 a.m. and now we're here at the pool to take photos early in the morning thinking we'll get the best photo spot but look at what's happening there's like a line I don't even know what time is start but when we arrive at 8:00 a.m. people already lining up to take photo at this signature spot but I guess it's pretty worth it we are now going for breakfast alaka restaurant with the ni's pool view we're trying to eat healthy for this breakfast salad avocado toast spinach scramble smoothie Bowl we're now going to the kopo beach I think they say we need to take the lift to go down [Music] H we are having lunch at this restaurant called unique rooftop bar with a really pretty pool [Music] view we're now going to the Rock Bar for [Music] Sunset thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] wow [Music] M good good thank [Music] you floating breakfast [Music] oh my God come on get it's so [Music] pretty this morning we are going for for Balan massage ooh the color is matching with my kimono our lunch location it's this restaurant called semi semi and it's right by the ocean very good looking appetizers tuna our main I got lamb chop Sonia got be and that's Vicky's lobster pasta [Music] Island wow wow welcome to [Music] ayodo seafood soup I thought it's too dark and I cannot sea this is the S mat is balina sambal this is the da Dao and this is the soya sauce and this one the [Music] B so after Summa class we're now going to the gym to work out a bit mall I'm going to show you this gym is so pretty it has a really nice Sea [Music] View da [Music] a two [Music] cup pink Beach Dragon tour here ising stop from here more less 500 m to the top so we have [Music] 8 oh my God so cute [Music] you very very nice thank you very AER thank you so much tonight we are here having our last dinner at Ayana vas valali at campong it's a buffet dinner with um traditional per performance and there also some local shop let's go thank you thank [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Al [Music] wow – BALI VLOG: Best 10-Days Girl Trip (before deciding to move to Bali!)

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