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BEST 10 MIN BACK PAIN STRETCH (relieve lower back ache, stress & tightness) ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories do many of you have requested a back pain stretch and so today i'd love to share with you my go-to back care routine which really helps to relieve the stress and ache in the whole back area especially for myself with scoliosis these stretchers not only help with reducing the tension and pain but they also strengthen the muscle to hold up our spine and protect our back better and to improve posture so that we can feel better and look better in the long run and if you're ready for the stretch let's go first stretch cat and cow three two one start in all fours breathe in and arch your back drop your belly looking up then breathe out and round your spine drawing your navel end towards your spine do three two one rest next is table top three two one start keep your spine neutral lift and extend opposite arm and leg maintain a straight line from fingertips to toes stay on the side for 25 seconds switch side in three two one abs tight stay in balance three two one rest third is back extension three two one start forearms on the ground lift your torso up back slightly arch keep your neck neutral you can stay here for a gentle stretch or you can push your hands into the ground to increase the extension only go for a steeper stretch if your body allows you can look back towards your feet for a side stretch and the torso three two one rest fourth is down dog three two one start press through your hands with hip up into upside down v moving your chest gently towards your thighs and heels towards the floor bend one leg while pressing the heel off the other straight leg onto the ground alternate leg for a few steps here and just hold we are stretching the lower back while strengthening the upper back three two one rest fifth seated twist three two one start one leg straight the other bend crossing it over reach opposite arm and twist your torso as you hook your arm around the bent knee three two one switch side keep breathing as you twist further sit tall and not round your back imagine someone is pulling up from the top of your head three two one rest next stand up for around the world three two one start feet wide apart stand tall inhale and reach high then bend down and exhale so gently and slowly feeling the stretch we're more than halfway through three two one rest seventh is high lunge bend three two one start right leg bend in front left leg straight at the back left arm up and bend your torso sideways to the right keep your hips squared 3 two one other side three two one rest eighth wall bend three two one start both hands on the wall and bend from the hips walk your feet back until you're in 90 degree angle keep pressing down to feel the stretch three two one rest lie on the floor for bridge three two one start feet hip width apart heels below your knees lift your hips towards the sky roll your shoulders back with hands together under your hips so keep breathing open up your heart stretch the spine allow more space in three two one rest final one to relieve back pain child pose three two one start knees wide apart toes together lower your torso between your knees arms extended and rest your forehead on the floor reconnect with your breath and yourself in this gentle stretch and just rest here three two one and we're done with the stretch hope you're feeling better both mind and body you can repeat this daily to take better care of your back and i'll see you again very soon you

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