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Best Food in Seoul, Korea! (+ Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Procedures) ◆ Emi & Chad ◆

Thank You Seoul looking for our names o our names thank you the CEO give us a card a welcoming card is that the flowers will make our Valentine's night taxi ride it so close here is OA three degrees would never have three degrees in Hong Kong huge car driving us to the hotel thank you the hotel we're just gonna sleep we need to wake up really early tomorrow day two it's snowing outside look at the snow on the ground don't know if you guys can see the snow falling ok check other ad Hong Kong oh my god the snowing Oh we are working with uvaca care and we're here to do three things first one is a pre-wedding comprehensive medical check-up right the second one is teeth whitening which I had done before in Hong Kong but chat has never had never had that before and then the third thing is facials so basically jimbacca care they help foreigners who want to do medical treatments in Seoul and in Korea everyone thinks that it's always just like plastic surgery and operation stuff but it's not they actually reach out to us because they watch our video on YouTube saying that we don't want to do plastic surgery and they said they offer so many different services they provide all the English translations they gave us like options we could have chosen English or Chinese say we pick English forever just because chats English is better he knows more about medical stuff just I mean to a romantic okay oh I got no stop no need to we we are now trying to find the cows and top you go Union hajjali go bodycheck komlang oh I hung on your polish happily pay phones hang of you Oct 9 2014 1 oz okay and you're hoping video king cake while she okay bye [Music] Oh Finch macho ultrasound and I'm Joey and your body type in shyla you know you act pinata sparking saying I'm sorry my body checks team go back I don't buy I'm sorry okay go y'all heard your massage I know you got Hawaii skin anti-aging okay good well done it before yeah the spa I told Jen rich water as he sang out to kick why come on there you go that's okay Walla pure fire whole but it comes you're gonna do massage toe thank you okay Amontillado go de Bourgogne Calais to hurt Henry yeah seeing Hegel and Chico hey beef carpaccio maleficent Bodhisattva heard a while or the Hitler or your sector D the vineyards your chats are kind of half okay clams [Music] okay you gotta sell their ie good oh thank you Wow [Music] hoping good nurse oh I think you're not yeah hey Dad I got the job you know [Music] mo her pants they could add hyewon our humanity echo ha 5 light 10 different types my son they send Joe DiMaggio the hello SEC for now oh yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah my sector come on go thank you generally it's a kill house in the whole five you know you yeah sorry yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we go by Osamu Joe facial a few moments later okay yeah that's a high be happy let's go wow the celebrity Hugo hi sound get back [Music] goddamn that's crazy would you with the hand hose it all Sangha [Music] you can buy both of that higher yo-yo I'm a father your son get young doing sir oh my gosh atomic their champion he other hand Europe you got a little souvenir phone so how are they come on a dozen how to pay it had it done happy empire you watch Rho that you government team K oh man [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] cookie bang thank you gotta get dessert yeah team yeah they know about your missing plans but issues he might go girl a meal [Music] you [Music] – Best Food in Seoul, Korea! (+ Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Procedures) ◆ Emi & Chad ◆

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