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BEST FULL BODY FAT BURN IN 30 DAYS!!!! 10 min Home Cardio | Week 4 ~ Emi

Hello everyone, my name is Emi, my name is Chad, and this is ballball. Congratulations everyone, our one-month fat burning plan has reached the fourth week! yeah! Congratulations! Nothing comes for nothing. Seeing your progress in the past few weeks makes me very happy. I am proud of you! It’s really amazing that you have made so much progress in 20 days. This also proves that hard exercise will have good results! It is true that nothing comes without hard work. This is the last week of the plan, and we must work hard to the end! This time we are going to do full-body high-intensity interval exercise. This exercise will make your whole body sore, and it is also very effective! Challenge yourself by doing this exercise 3 to 5 times this week. You must devote 100 points to each exercise. There are 15 exercises in total. Each exercise is 30 seconds, with a 10-second rest. Each exercise is only 30 seconds. We must be able to do it. We must watch this time. Are you ready to see how effective a month of exercise can be? start! Week 4 of the one-month fat-burning plan: 10 minutes of full-body high-intensity interval exercise, 15 exercises, 30 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest. The first exercise is called jogging and boxing. This will warm us up and prepare the body to start burning fat in place. Jog, hold a fist in front of your chest and punch forward with one hand every time you run two steps. Take turns punching with your left and right hands and punch hard. Run faster and use more strength. Promise yourself that you will try your best to exercise today. It is only 10 minutes! come on! Great start! The second exercise is called Burpees without push-ups and will get you started burning fat! Squat down, put your hands on the floor and jump back with both feet. Shake down and jump back to the original point. Then stand up and jump again. When jumping up, pat your head once with your hands. Don't be lazy and do it seriously. Jump faster and higher with each movement. This is really one of the most useful exercises for burning fat. Come on! The third exercise is called sumo squats and side crunches. This exercise will specifically train the legs on both sides of the thighs and belly. The feet should be wider than the shoulders. Move the butt back so that the thighs are parallel to the floor. Stop in this position with your hands on your head. Bend your upper body to the side from the back, and tighten the muscles on the side of your stomach to burn fat in your belly. You should feel a little soreness when you bend your thigh to the other side. This is good. The fourth exercise is called Cross Jacks, and it is another good at burning. For fat exercise, jump your feet to the left and right, use your hands to reach out to the left and right sides of the net at the same time and jump back. The arms should be staggered in front of your chest and continue to work for 30 seconds. Jump faster and move harder, and the effect of the exercise will be greater. great, good luck! The fifth exercise is to lie on the ground. Start with the elbow stick posture on the left and right sides. The arms should form a triangle on the ground. The muscles in the center of the straight line of the body should stabilize one foot. Take a step to the side and then return. Go to the middle and alternate your left and right feet. This exercise will train the innermost muscles in the center. It is this muscle that will make your waist smaller. Come on, don’t give up! One third of the campaign completed! The sixth sport is kicking, it’s so fun! Make fists with both hands, stand on one foot in front of the chest, use the strength of the abdominal muscles to lift the other foot and kick it hard to the side. This counts as one kick. Take turns to kick with the left and right feet. Each time you kick, you must tighten the abdominal muscles next to it. It will help burn fat on your waist. You should also kick hard, so that your exercise will be more effective! The seventh exercise is called Knee Raise High Pat, which will burn a lot of fat! It's like running in place, but with your knees raised high and then the other hand pats your knees as quickly as possible. Take turns running left and right. Run faster and jump harder. This will burn more fat. Nothing comes for nothing. Although it's not easy, I won't give up, and neither will you. Give up, stay with me until the end. Let's work hard to complete this exercise. The eighth exercise is called the inchworm. This inchworm is a little different. Move your hands forward on the floor, but don't stop in the high stick position. Keep moving your hands. Walk forward until your whole body lies on the ground. Bring your back up first, then your waist and knees. Slowly walk your hands back to the position in front of your feet. This exercise trains your arms, chest, back, abdominal muscles and legs. It will also help you stretch and prepare. Enter the second half of the campaign! More than half of the campaign is done! The ninth exercise is called touching the toes with the hands. You will concentrate on training the abdominal muscles and legs. Place the hands behind the head. Tighten the abdominal muscles and then raise one leg to 90 degrees. The other hand should touch the toes and heels. Try not to bend your legs, take turns to the left and right, continue breathing, and concentrate on tightening your abdominal muscles to make the exercise effective! We have reached the tenth exercise. Jump to the left when skating. Jump with your right foot behind your left foot. Bend your upper body forward and touch your right hand to the floor (turn left and right). This counts as one time. Continue jumping left and right. Once you get used to this action, you can challenge yourself to do it. Hurry up, there is only one third of the exercise left, go for it! The eleventh exercise is called raising hands and feet. This is a whole-body exercise. It will especially train the muscles in the center and also help your balance. Kneel on the ground and then raise your right hand and left foot together until your right hand and left foot are parallel to the floor. , let the hands touch the knees, and the hands and feet cannot touch the floor. Continue repeating this action for 15 seconds, then switch to the left hand and the right foot. 3, 2, 1. The muscles in the center of the switching sides should be tightened. This will help your balance. Tenth The second exercise is aerobic exercise, chest touching the floor burpee, continue to burn fat! It's very similar to the previous Poppy, but this time after jumping back, you have to lie on the ground with your whole body and then push yourself up. Jump forward with your feet, stand up straight, jump up, and at the same time clap your hands on the head. I know you hate Poppy. , everyone hates it! But Bobby is good at burning fat! Don't give up because of difficulties, move faster, jump higher, come on! The thirteenth exercise is called Kongkong Hold. This exercise is very good at training your stomach and abdominal muscles until you lie on the floor, stretch your hands above your head, lift your shoulders and legs, and keep your back on the floor. The body becomes very tight. Try to straighten the wide U-shaped legs. The closer to the floor, the better the exercise effect will be. Come on, try the side stick clam. This is a fun new exercise that will train the stomach, legs, arms and buttocks. ! Start in a kneeling side elbow stick position with your body on your side elbow and knee (on the floor). Move your top leg up and down, a bit like a clam opening and closing. Do this for 15 seconds and then switch sides 3, 2 , 1. Every time you change sides, raise your knees and tighten your hips at the same time, and your body must be well balanced! The last exercise is very difficult, groin training! The most difficult exercise must be done at the end to prevent you from feeling too tired halfway through the exercise and giving up! Start with a high stick position. The center of your hands should be very stable just below your shoulders. Your feet should start to jump. One foot forward and one foot back. Take turns to move left and right for 30 seconds. This is another very effective aerobic exercise and very good at burning. Fatty acid pain means it’s useful, come on, there are only ten seconds left, we have to fight until the end! finished! This is the end of the 30-day plan, and you have greatly succeeded! Your efforts this month should make you proud of yourself. Congratulations on your progress! You can repeat this 30-day plan, or you can try any other exercises on my channel. You can train different parts of the body, or exercise for different lengths of time. There are also post-exercise stretching videos! Any sports videos are on my channel! Have a great day (or evening) and see you next time! – BEST FULL BODY FAT BURN IN 30 DAYS!!!! 10 min Home Cardio | Week 4 ~ Emi

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