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Welcome to my channel, be mentally prepared to do the most challenging stick pose today! But because Square Space sponsored this video, I want to thank them first! I will introduce more of their products at the end of the film. The reason why I love the stick pose is because it is simple and one of the most effective exercises for training abdominal muscles. It will train the innermost muscles, and it will also help the entire belly to make the waist slimmer. The younger ones can also train their hands, shoulders, chest, back, buttocks, and legs. To put it simply, although the stick pose is a way to train abdominal muscles, it can also train the whole body! Ballball also depends on our exercise. We will be very sore today, but we can do it together. There will be a total of ten stick exercises. This will be very fun. I specially added a minute of rest in the middle. I promise you will not regret it. The movement is really effective, we can do it! There are 10 stick exercises, each exercise lasts 45 seconds, and you can rest for 15 seconds. After completing 5 exercises, you can rest for one minute. The first one is Jindian’s elbow stick pose, which will make the body start to heat up. It will be especially practiced until the stomach and elbows are on the carpet. , directly under the shoulders, hands together, so there will be a triangle, the legs, spine, and neck should be in a straight line. Don’t raise your butt. You must use your abdominal muscles. The secret is to hold the center and suck in your belly to maintain this posture for 45 seconds. Reminder Tell us about your reasons and goals for exercising. Why did you watch this video today? What do you hope this exercise can help you achieve? Promise yourself that you will do your best to exercise to the end. Come on, let's maintain this posture! I succeeded. The second one is called mountain climbing. Start in the high stick position. Put your hands directly under the shoulders and then use the abdominal muscles to push the right knee to the right elbow. Then change sides. This counts as a 45-second turn. Remember, do it slowly, control your posture and balance well. Your abdominal muscles should feel a little sore from the inside out. Come on, I will exercise with you for another 10 seconds. I know it is difficult, but no effort, no gain. Next The exercise is called stick dolphin pose. It starts with the elbow stick pose. Push the floor hard with your elbows and use the power of your abdominal muscles to lift your waist up so that your body becomes an inverted V shape. The inverted V shape is dolphin pose, and then Lower your waist and return your body to a straight line. Repeat for 45 seconds. Your abdominal muscles, shoulders, back and arms should all feel a little sore. Even if the muscles feel like they are burning, we still don’t give up, inhale and exhale, and continue to the end to complete another fourth call. Single-leg stick pose, this is my favorite exercise. We have to train the waist, upper body and buttocks and elbow stick pose, but one leg needs to be raised. Maintain this position for 22 seconds and try not to let the leg that comes up touch the floor for three seconds. It's very difficult to change sides on the 2nd and 1st, come on! I suffer with you, but don't give up and surpass yourself! Come on, hold on, it’s great! The fifth exercise is called stick posture. After doing this, you can rest for one minute. Come on! Start from the elbow stick position and then use your abdominal muscles to control your waist. Move all the way to the right, gently touch the floor, then change sides and continue to rotate left and right for 45 seconds. The belly button should be sucked in, using all the abdominal muscles and center This exercise will make your waist smaller. Come on, don’t give up. I believe you can finish it! It was very intense just now, thank you for your hard work! Enjoy a minute of rest and get ready for the second half! Drink some water and shake your hands. You did a great job on the first half of the exercise. We can definitely finish it! The rest time is almost over. Let me introduce the sixth exercise. The side stick pose is good for the muscles in the inner center and the abdominal muscles on both sides. It will also make the waist smaller. One arm should be on the ground and the fingers should be forward. The elbows are directly under the shoulders, the two feet are stacked together, and the other hand is placed on the waist. The buttocks should be raised to make the body become a straight line. Use the abdominal muscles to maintain the body in this position. This way the hands will not be so tired, and it will also make you more comfortable. After training your abdominal muscles, switch sides after 22 seconds! Don't come down, come on. Let's take a look at my dog ​​to distract you. Six exercises have been successfully completed, and only four are left. The seventh one is called Spider Man Pose. Again, you need to start from the position of Elbow Stick Pose and use your abdominal muscles to bring one knee up to the same position. The direction of the elbow on one side is counted once. Alternate left and right for 45 seconds. This exercise will especially train the muscles in the center and the upper and lower abdominal muscles. It will also make the belly smaller and more compact. Come on, don’t stop. Do it a few more times and the exercise will be over. Difficult, but there are only 3 exercises left to prove to yourself how good you are. The eighth is called one-handed stick pose. It is very simple. Use the stick pose, and then place one hand next to your waist (other places can also be used) ) Hold it for 22 seconds, then switch sides and try to keep your body in a straight line. I know you want to come down, and so do I, but no! No matter how painful it is, I will finish it and get something for nothing! I promise it will be worth it, come on! Just finished training the abs, shoulders and arms. Come on, there are only 2 minutes left. The ninth exercise will be a mix of two. It starts with Commando, and then after 22 seconds it will change to the Up and Down Stick pose. It starts with the Elbow Stick pose and then pushes the body to the High Stick pose. The right hand goes up first and then the left hand comes down. The right hand is also in the position of the Elbow Stick pose and then the left hand follows the upper body. It's very sore, which means the exercise is effectively repeated for 22 seconds. Then we directly change to the up and down stick pose. Start in the elbow stick position, and then use the strength of the abdominal muscles to lower the waist and then raise it up. Although it may seem a little funny, you can also practice this exercise. Abs! The bigger the up and down motion, the better the movement. Well done! There is only one movement left. Come on, let's finish this movement! The tenth exercise is called Stick Jack. We will start with 22 seconds of High Stick Jack, and then do 22 seconds of Elbow Stick Jack. Start in the High Stick position, then jump your legs out and then jump back to the middle. The faster you jump, the better. The better the effect of the exercise, but don't forget to use the central muscles to keep the upper body in a stable posture. Repeat for 22 seconds. After 22 seconds, we will come down to the elbow stick position, and the legs will maintain the same movement of jumping out and in for less than 30 seconds. , jump faster, come on! Remember your goals and make your hard work more effective. Oh my god, I succeeded again! Scream, complain, give yourself a high5, it’s all good! Ballball also wants to give you a high5. Thank you for following me to exercise. Let’s make exercise effective together. Don’t forget to do Lajin. You can follow my simple movements, or go to my complete Lajin introduction. Before I say goodbye, I want to introduce Square again. Simply put, Space provides a beautiful and award-winning template, a platform that allows you to create your own website without installing software or updating your computer system. All functions are included. It is a unique service. It’s an easy to set up, very transparent platform. If you go to squarespace.com now, you can try it for free. You can also enjoy a 10% discount on your first transaction. The link is below. That’s it for today. You guys continue to stretch, take a rest, and we’ll be there soon. See you soon!

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