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Best V-Face Lift Massage & Stretch for Slimming, Depuffing & Anti-Aging ~ Emi

there is only one of you only one of me there's a million of those who won't let us be hi I'm Emmy today's face lifting stretch and massage video has been highly requested by you guys and it's been part of my regular routine for the past year as I got more into Beauty and anti-aging I do it three to four times a week this will help scope and lift your face the puff the eyes prevent wrinkles and drain the toxins out in your lymphatic system and if you're ready let's go this eight minute face stretch and massage has 12 exercises 30 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between first exercise region bend your fingers into a hook shape and swipe up firmly along your jawline [Music] interest second under eye exercise be gentle as the under eye area is very sensitive [Music] foreign [Music] third nose to brow [Music] s feel the bridge off your nose and your brow bone as you press [Music] thank you fourth forehead lift [Music] use your third and fourth fingers which are the most gentle [Music] foreign [Music] follow your natural cheekbone structure and press in the hollows below [Music] foreign [Music] First Look up to the ceiling feeling a stretch from your chin all the way down to the front of your neck [Music] three two one look down [Music] thank you yes seventh side look [Music] exercise feel the stretch from your jaw down alongside of your neck [Music] three two one at the side [Music] yes eighth side lookup [Music] exercise make sure only your face is turning up and not your shoulders all body keep your shoulders down three two one switch side [Music] knife start look down [Music] three two one change side [Music] tenth V phase [Music] exercise slightly lift your chin and sweep up firmly you can also reapply a bit of moisturizer [Music] 11 chin to ear foreign [Music] keep your chin up and follow your jawline bone this is my favorite it works great to debuff [Music] final exercise wash it down [Music] really massage that Nook behind your ear and sweep down as you keep applying pressure to wash down the toxins [Music] foreign [Music] foreign and we are done great work I hope you enjoyed this face stretch and massage with me and I'll see you again very soon [Music] – Best V-Face Lift Massage & Stretch for Slimming, Depuffing & Anti-Aging ~ Emi

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