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Booty Burner 7 Mins – Toned and Lifted Butt (Summer Challenge 2.0)

hey guys and welcome to day two of the summit serious challenge today and you are focusing all on the booty with the seven-minute booty workout so make sure you guys follow along as best as you can and make sure you are really focusing on that minor connection or whether you're but okay guys so for the first move you're going to be on all fours and the first of you're going to go into is bring in one knee in towards your chest so crunch and then kick it out straight behind you so with this move you want to make sure that everything's nice and straight you want to punch in an exhale and then kick back with a nice point in time [Music] that's it guys make sure you're really squeezing that glue as your leg goes up [Music] fabulous work guys for the next move what you're gonna do is you're gonna bring that knee down on the floor your legs gonna touch the other knee you're gonna lean forward and then you're gonna keep it back so this is going to help to really engage all a lot of those muscles in your body [Music] [Music] keep that leg there and we just got a pulse at those 30 seconds so King up up [Music] excellent for the next move guys all you're gonna do is kick out to the side with a higher fire hydrant keep that leg at a 90 degree and all you're going to do is rotate are the weight guys it's a back round and down back round and down let's keep it there guys and we're just going to do donkey kicks up and down so with the donkey kick you want to kick up have that foot flexed and bring that knee down to floor nice and controlled here guys keep everything nice and tight the stomach's sucked in squeezing that glute muscle [Music] excellent guides now we're gonna do a hamstring curl so I want your leg to be straight and then you're gonna lock it in into that donkey kick so kick it out now I didn't keep that foot flexed make sure you're really squeezing those glutes on those sides as you bring that leg in excellent what guys keep going don't worry I know it's burning we're gonna do the other side in a moment [Music] excellent switch legs guys and you're going into that crunch kick now so make sure that you're breathing out as that leg comes into crunch in how as the leg goes back [Music] excellent next move guys is that lean and kick up so let's bring that leg in lean forward and kick it back remember kicking is quick and as high as we can we're leaning four with an entire body and kicking it out great work [Music] kick it up and down keep that leg sag guys and we're just going to post up and down up and down so guys keep going keep kicking now it burns don't worry buddy got a few more moves to do [Music] excellent let's go into that rotating fire hydrant so out to the side round and down sides round and down that's it keep going don't give up you guys have got this all the way now guys up round it down great work straight into those donkey kick guys see what that leg to be kicking up foot flexed bring it down and then kick it up make sure you keep that bend in that knee [Music] fabulous work guys keep going and I just keep pushing through I like to go into those hamstring curls to leg out in out in out really keep that foot flexed make sure you're really squeezing those glutes and those thighs as you bring it in [Music] that's it keep going and we have one ball move guys you're gonna be on the side and all I want you to do is pulse the leg kicking back up into a diagonal so this is gonna help to really burn out those glutes just get back back back back that's it keep going keep breathing really make sure you're kicking back as far as you can t can feel your glute muscles working I let's switch sides now guys straight away kick it back back back that's it keep going this is your last move to make sure you feel the burn [Music] [Music] and that's it guys as well as completing your booty burn of workout so guys that is the end of the booty workout I hope you really did enjoy this if you did don't forget to hit the subscribe button also give this video a big like for me now I want to hear from you guys what was your favorite workout was it the donkey kicks or was it the rotating with fire hydrants let me know in the comments below [Music]

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