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hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel so today we're doing something a little bit different we are doing a hit boxing session which is going to help to burn fat now i'm very new to boxing i've literally just been doing like a bit of fun stuff on my own but seriously my arms are killing so today i'm going to take you through a little routine i've made and put together and i hope you all enjoy it as much as i do but make sure you're really giving you all obviously just follow along with what i'm doing as much as you can and have fun with it guys that's it okay guys so to begin we're going to be doing a warm-up so just follow along with me we're going to be doing a certain amount per one so for the first one we're doing 20 jumping jacks to keep the core engaged lift those arms up and move the feet as quick as you can [Music] excellent job guys let's go straight into 20 squats now you're welcome to do any kind of squat you like normal squat or sumo i'm loving sumo at the minute so follow along with me keep that core engaged again drop as low as you can squeeze the glutes on the way up [Music] [Music] the next one you're going into a lunge and you're just going to keep that back leg there and you're going to do 10 pulses up and down [Applause] [Music] switch over to the other leg ten of these i know the thigh begins to burn but we're just doing the warm-up here [Music] now we're gonna go into five walking burpees so you're gonna jump step back step in jump just five of these guys just get the heart rate up get that body warm go as quick as you can two more up one more excellent okay guys now we're going to repeat that all over again so back to those jumping jacks let's go as quick as you can get that heart rate up switch into those squats that's it keep the core engaged drop as low as you can squeeze those glutes [Music] think about that summer bod [Music] that's it keep going guys [Music] i'm so excited for this workout today let's go into those lunges 10. [Music] i know you're thinking what's going on with this warm up but we need to get the body ready for what is coming our way excellent switch sides guys 10 on this [Music] side excellent impose burpees up step back step in and jump that's it go as fast as you can jump as high as you can up excellent well done guys okay take a breather grab some water and before you know we're going into the boxing workout so for the first move guys all you're going to do is you're going to punch in front a jab and then you're going to hook round so you're going to go as quickly as you can jab hook jab hook keep the core engaged the entire time keep your feet at a nice stance keep the feet planted on the floor and make sure you're really using your arm to power through on that hook excellent job guys [Music] similar move now you're gonna jump hook hook same arm guys so jab jab hook hook hook hook keep the core engaged that's it make sure you're really using some force with these punches it's going to help to really engage the entire core the obliques everything i would be lost [Music] switch sides now guys so with the other arm you're going to jab hook jab exercise again make sure with the jab you're punching straight out in front with the hook you're bringing it round [Music] again make sure to drop your question straight up [Music] fantastic so jab jab hook hook jab jab hook hook that's it don't give up on me not long left few more seconds now i know i did say this is a boxing cardio so there are no rest during this workout but that's how we're going to burn those calories so let's get ready in a minute guys for a little active rest session let's go in 30 second star jump guys so i want you to go as fast as you can keep the core engaged arms as high as possible and move those feet [Music] now into squats again you may pick whatever you like you can do sumo or you can do regular or you can even do ski squats whatever you feel you want to work on i'm going for those sumo so drop it low come high squeeze the glutes keep everything neutral core engaged that's it guys and then let's get ready for the next set of boxing coming your way okay guys so for the next move you're going to do a jab hook and then you're going gonna so jab cross hook hook jab cross hook hook so when you're doing the hook guys you basically want to imagine that you're punching up so you're going to do the cross and with the same arm you're going to come up up sometimes again make sure you're really using force with these arm movements trust me your arms are going to be burning by tomorrow okay guys let's switch to the other side straight away so it's going to be the opposite arm to remember to what you were doing prior so it's going to be a jab cross hook hook jab cross hook hook that's it guys remember keep those feet at a nice wide stance core engaged using some [Music] excellent guys so power the next move you are literally just going to be doing quick jabs to the front so you want to make sure there's a little bend in your knees remember the core constantly engaged and i just want you to imagine that you're punching something really fast in front of you [Music] excellent guys keep going and now guys to finish off we're going to be going into quick hooks so all you want to do is imagine that you're kick punching something just slightly up hooking underneath bam bam bam core engaged [Music] now let's go into the active press now guys so into those jumping [Music] jacks [Music] that's it make sure you find as fast as you can we want to find as many calories as possible i know you are sweating out trust me in this sunlight i am sweating out [Music] excellent and now guys let's go into those squats so as low as you can and back up [Music] keep going not long left i know you're probably thinking seriously is there more but there is [Music] okay guys next round you're gonna go into uppercut and lower cuts same arm so high and low high and low again use full skies that's it keep going you're doing so well honestly you're burning calories you're getting stronger excellent let's switch side thighs so onto the opposite arm same movement high and low high and low keep going that's it make sure to keep checking in with yourself making sure you're using force that stomach's contracted don't give up keep pushing through [Music] yes yes okay guys next move you're going to go into a slight squat position and all you're going to do is have your palms facing out and you're going to quickly move your hands and punch punch punch in front but this is with an open hand using the palms this exercise is so good for the abs i literally love this and it also targets those arms abs butt and thighs excellent guys and for the final move i just want you to jab in front quick quick quick quick quick quick quick i want this to be as quickly as you can i want this to be the fastest jobs you've given me during the entire circuit that's it guys keep going lily there come on come on come on

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