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Burn Arm Flab, Back Fat & Bra Bulge | 4 Week Get Fit Challenge ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories [Music] upper body burn working not just the arm flap right here but also our back giving the breath out to good burn and also helping to firm and lift the chest area this is also week 3 of our get fit and 4 week challenge the complete program and all the other workout videos are in the description box below and if you're ready for the workout let's go each exercise 35 seconds with five seconds rest in between first one hit and fly exercise hit your fist to the side followed by five reps of up and down flying i really need to tell you something [Music] work the arms activate the burn second wall air push-up exercise stand away from the wall so that your hands cannot touch it then lean towards the wall and bend your elbows push yourself back to starting position hands off the wall [Music] i feel [Music] third is knee push up hold exercise knees on ground bend your elbows next to your body until their 90 degree angle head to hip in one straight line hold it here for a few seconds until pushing yourself back up [Music] feel the burn building up in the arms this is what we're here for fourth single arm hold and fly exercise in high plank lift one arm to the side and fly up and down core tight head to heel in one straight line try your best to stay balanced and centered [Music] we're switching arms in three two one the other arm it burns we're trembling but no pain no gain we're here to get it done fifth dolphin to plank left exercise from elbow plank hip up and push your arms into an upside down v come back to plank core tight lift one leg up at a time [Music] we'll get 15 seconds rest after this push it through rest for 15 seconds and get ready for the second set face down on floor for lying arm circle [Music] exercise head and chest up squeeze your back rotate your arms and circle switch direction after 17 seconds [Music] [Applause] [Music] three two one switch keep lifting your torso feeling the back and armbar rest seventh v push up exercise and down dog like an upside down v bend your elbows and lower your torso towards the floor push yourself back up [Music] believe in yourself keep pushing your limits [Music] [Music] rest eighth back squeeze exercise bring your elbows to the back lift your chest up and squeeze your shoulder blades together [Music] [Applause] [Music] squeeze harder get that back burn rest knife single arm push-up exercise lie down sideways push yourself up with one arm will be switching on cause it will ricochet i won't let it bite three two one other um exercise push yourself up into a plank keep your hip lifted raise one leg at a time then lower your bum to lightly tap the ground before pushing back up we'll get a long 20 seconds rest after this stay strong we're almost halfway through rest enjoy your 20 seconds rest before we begin our third set we're at the halfway mark now we got the practice for every exercise so it's time to push for our best in the second half of this workout back to hit and fly [Music] exercise head to side fly for five reps [Music] this time around challenge yourself to walk your feet even further away from the wall keep your core tight you're killing it [Applause] [Music] knee push up hold exercise hold for a bit longer each wrap keep your hip at the same level as your head when you lower yourself we're not popping our booty up [Applause] you can achieve anything you want to as long as you're willing to put in the work [Applause] [Music] rest 14 single arm hold and fly exercise this is one of the toughest but that's why it works keep that on burn going i've been trying [Music] but somehow three two one switch arm hang in there [Music] dolphin to plank left 15 seconds press after this you got this 20 seconds keep up the great work [Music] rest rest for 15 seconds and it's already a final set in this workout sixteenth lying arm circle [Music] exercise let's make this the best round [Music] we did not come so far to start slacking now we'll finish a strong 15 seconds i do [Music] to anyone who ever doubted us we're only getting stronger we're not doing this for anybody else but ourselves let your future self thank you [Music] i think that we need a guiding light right now we're running around a circle but if you don't even wanna try i need to know eighteenth back squeeze exercise [Music] [Applause] [Music] is [Music] rest 19th single arm push-up exercise we're so close to the end it's time to give it one hundred percent three two one switch get that burn [Applause] [Music] rest final exercise in this workout tricep dip and lick raise exercise hip up lift the legs get that dip in stay focused last 20 seconds drive us all the way to the finish line [Applause] rest and we're done amazing work today i'm so proud of you rest well and i'll see you again very soon – Burn Arm Flab, Back Fat & Bra Bulge | 4 Week Get Fit Challenge ~ Emi

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