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Burn Back Fat & Fix Posture FAST! Effective Beginner Back workout, No Equipment!

Hello there, I'm April Let's first start with some warm-up Move your shoulders and arms this way You can do it slowly and move them in big circles until you feel a stretch in your back Okay, please raise your hands above your head like this Rotate your shoulders back and then lower your elbows so they go behind your back and press You can imagine that there A thin piece of paper between your arm and your body that you need to hold by pressing it. Please remember to point your elbows behind your back and then press hard. Okay, let's take a 10-second break. The second exercise, please extend your arms out to the side. Roll your shoulders back and press your back. Point your elbows behind your back. Don't swing. Your arms to do this. It is the pressure on the back that pushes the arms back. These five-minute exercises can not only burn fat but also adjust your back posture very effectively, such as the hunchback posture, the forward head bent posture, the rounded shoulder and the narrow upper traps. Well Let's take a break for 10 seconds, then we will pull the towel up and down. If you cannot pull it down behind your back, you can pull it in front of your chest as well. Keep the towel straight throughout the process. When you pull the towel all the way down behind your back, please press the shoulder blade area firmly. Why are some of you having problems? In the back position? Mainly because your back muscles, the middle and lower trapezius, the aorta and the erector spinae, are weak. Today's exercises will train these muscles very well and will effectively control these back posture problems. Okay, rest for 15 seconds and then let's move to the exercise mat and do the following exercises. Girls can place a pillow under their abdomen to get extra chest space. At first, extend your arms straight out in front of you and lift them off the floor, then extend them back to either side of your hips. Make sure to press your shoulder blades without lifting them. Your toes should be perpendicular to the floor. This can help with training. The lower back area is better. If the toes are pointed, the focus will be distributed on your legs. You can try and then you will know. You can place your forehead on the towel, which can keep your neck relaxed. Well, rest for 15 seconds. The next exercise is an exercise known as “Blasters” for the back and buttocks. This is a useful exercise. For the hips, legs, and back, especially the lower back. Lie flat on your stomach and extend your hands behind your back. Move your hands toward your heels. Lift your chest up and arch your back. Continue to squeeze your shoulder blades and engage your glutes. The main function of the erector spinae muscle is in the lower back. The next exercise is the Superman exercise. Stretch your arms and legs, tighten your glutes and lower back Lift your upper body and legs off the floor Toes should be perpendicular to the floor and not pointed Can train your lower back better Do not hold your breath When you raise your arms, exhale like you would blow out a candle and pull your belly in Inhale when you put your arms and legs down. Do the exercises with the rhythm of your breathing. You can do the exercises slowly and control them, and do not rush. Okay, rest for 15 seconds. Please wait and do not give up. The next exercise will be the last exercise. Place your hands on either side of your chest like this. Raise your upper body. Hold for two seconds. Then return to the starting position. Do not raise your shoulders when you push yourself up. Keep directing your shoulders back and pulling your elbows. Then the shoulder blade will be naturally pressed and this will prevent you from raising your shoulders. I know you are very tired now but these exercises will not only burn fat but will also correct posture problems. Your back so please hang in there and don't give up Okay, the workout is over, you did it! Now let's do some cool-down exercises First, extend your arm for about 10 seconds Okay, switch to the other side and then tighten your shoulder Please pull it gently Okay, switch to the other shoulder Okay, please bend over and tighten your back muscles Stretch as far as you can comfortably Take deep breaths Slowly, relax. You can feel the stretch in your back. Okay, that's all for today. See you soon in the next video. Bye

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